Create Real Multiplayer Game with Unity and Java

Bring your games to Online world with Unity and Java

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Game Development
Create Real Multiplayer Game with Unity and Java
3 hours
Jan 2018
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What you will learn

Developing own game server from scratch

How data transfering between clients and server

Serializing data structures and preparing for transfer over the network

Reading and deserializing data from network

Java threading

Learn game server architecture design

Why take this course?

šŸŽ® **Create Real Multiplayer Game with Unity and Java** --- ### **Course Headline:** #### *Bring your games to the Online world with Unity and Java* --- **IMPORTANT!** Please note that this course is no longer supported by me and will not be updated in the future. If you need the full source code for the Java server and client for Unity, feel free to contact me at --- ### **Course Description:** Are you eager to turn your single-player game into a multiplayer sensation but overwhelmed by the complexity of networking? You're not alone. Creating online games can be daunting, especially when trying to find an affordable and versatile solution that fits your needs. That's where this course steps in! **Why Unity + Java for Multiplayer Games?** šŸŒŸ - **Accessibility:** With the widespread availability of CPU resources, Java emerges as a powerful choice for client-server applications and multithreaded network programming. - **Flexibility:** Learn to create a real-time, concurrent game server using Java that interacts seamlessly with Unity clients programmed in C#. - **Real-World Skills:** Gain hands-on experience with event-driven and service-oriented applications, nonblocking IO, serialization, and multithreaded programming within Unity. **What You'll Achieve:** - A complete, production-ready Java game server that you can modify and use in your projects. - A Unity Game Engine client that sends and receives data to/from the Java server. - A deep understanding of how to structure and maintain real online games. **Course Content Breakdown:** - **Java Game Server:** Develop a robust, multithreaded game server that handles real-time interactions. - **Unity Client:** Create a Unity client that communicates with the Java server using C# scripts. - **Data Serialization and Transfer:** Learn how to serialize data efficiently for network transmission. - **Nonblocking IO:** Understand the principles of nonblocking I/O operations in network programming. - **Event-Driven & Service-Oriented Architecture:** Explore the fundamentals of these architectures in the context of multiplayer games. **Important Notes:** - This course covers topics that are crucial for understanding multiplayer game development, but it may not exhaust every detail due to the complexity and depth of the subject matter. - I am committed to continuously improving this course based on your feedback and questions. If you find any aspect unclear or incomplete, let me know, and I will address those areas in future video lectures. **Your Learning Journey:** - **Interactive Learning:** Focus on the source code and learn by doing. - **Ongoing Support:** I'm here to assist you throughout your learning process and beyond. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, reach out, and I will provide the necessary guidance. - **Community Engagement:** Your feedback is invaluable. Share your progress, challenges, and victories with me and fellow learners. Together, we'll create something extraordinary! **Join me on this exciting journey to bring your game ideas to life in the multiplayer realm.** Good luck, and let's embark on this coding adventure together! šŸš€ --- ### **Key Takeaways:** - **Hands-On Experience:** Build a real Java game server and Unity client. - **Comprehensive Understanding:** Learn the ins and outs of multiplayer game development with Unity and Java. - **Real-World Application:** Utilize your newfound knowledge to develop online games that can be expanded upon for future projects. **Remember:** Your satisfaction is my priority. If you have suggestions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out before providing a rating or review. Your input is crucial for the continuous improvement of this course! šŸŒ± --- Enroll now and let's create something unforgettable together! šŸŽ“šŸš€


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May 27, 2018
The professor seems have a good Knowledge, but.... There is a lot of questions with no responses and some methods without implementations... There's no approach about unity client and professor running the code one time in last 2 minutes of the course and, to make more bad, the course stopped in the midle of nowhere... The professor promisse a second part of the course but this is a lie. I trying to make contact to receive a source code but after 2 week i have no response... I will try to get my money back with Udemy In short, if you don't wanna lost you money, dont buy this course



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