How to Create Low and No Content Amazon KDP Books

Learn the Important Steps to Create a Long-Term Passive Income Publishing Low Content Books using Amazon KDP

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What you will learn

The Simple Steps to Create KDP Books For Free Using the Global Distribution Giant of Amazon

How to Get Started with Free Software to Become a Self-Publisher

How to Create a Global Business Using the Largest Online Bookstore in the World Regardless of Your Location

The Best Strategy to Find High Need but Low Competition Niches for the Highest Sales

Strategies and Tips to Scale Your Self-Publishing Business to leave Your 9 to 5 job.

Free KDP Software That Will Save You Time and Money


In late 2019, I commenced my Amazon KDP journey, and I could see the amazing opportunity this business model could provide. Fast Forward  2 years, and I've now sold over 30,000 No and Low Content Books on Amazon KDP, creating a passive income stream of over $7,000 p/month. Books I created in my first few months of 2020, continue to bring in between $300 - $500 p/mth, and I haven’t touched them for almost 18 months! These books will continue to sell well into the future, generating a long-term passive income.

I started my career as a school teacher, but I had always dreamed of starting and running my own business. It took me several years to figure out precisely what it was, but now I couldn’t be happier working online from any location I choose and doing something I am passionate about. The positive impact you can have by creating gift books, education resources or even daily journals is a great way to be inspired each day you publish.

So why is Amazon KDP Publishing such a great business model?

Firstly, there is no barrier to entry. You can create everything for free, including your account, book covers, interiors with little or no experience at all. Remember, I was a school teacher, and I have no design skills; therefore, there is no pre-requisite for you to have any too! KDP Low and No Content Books are Quick and Easy to create, and Amazon does all the heavy lifting, including Printing, Distribution, Customer Service and Processing payments. As the author and creator, you receive a royalty payment for your book creation from Amazon. No longer do you have to store piles of books pre-printed, hoping they will eventually sell. With Amazon KDP Print on Demand (POD), your book is only printed and distributed by Amazon when a customer places an order on Amazon via their online platform. When the order is made by the customer, Amazon takes care of the rest!

Is KDP Publishing Right for Me?

Suppose you would like the opportunity to create your own business using the worlds largest distributor of books and have complete control over the design and creation without the hassles of taking email and phone orders, managing customer enquiries, and like the idea of a passive income. In that case, KDP is perfect for you.

Why Choose This Course?

Having created and published over 380 books on KDP, including 7 Best Selling Books in the US, UK and Canada, I have a considerable amount of experience, skills and knowledge to share. Having also come from an education background in teaching for over 10 years, I can break down the steps into a simple and easy process that you can learn without prior experience. If you want to see first-hand how I can help, watch a PREVIEW of the Introduction or one of the Modules and determine if my teaching methods are suitable for you.

In this course, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to start your journey and begin creating in a matter of hours.

What exactly are Low and No Content Books?

Low and No Content books are books with little or no writing. A few common examples are journals, drawing scrapbooks, composition notebooks, logbooks, and Learn to Write practice books. In the course, I even show you a way of downloading interiors for FREE without creating them if you choose not to design them. Once created and loaded to KDP, my books continue to sell daily across marketplaces, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany.

How much time p/week does KDP Publishing take?

As much time as you wish to invest! I started when I had a full-time, 9-5 job and did a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon. That’s the beauty of KDP. You can work whenever and wherever you like.

Starting Your KDP Journey

I have been able to turn my publishing business into a global brand in less than 2 years, and with online shopping increasing at such a rapid rate, there is no better time than NOW to start your KDP Publishing journey to create a long-term passive income. If that resonates with you, take a look inside the course and start your self-publishing business today.


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Course Introduction and Welcome


An Introduction to KDP Self-Publishing on KDP

An Overview of the Course
An Introduction to KDP
What to Expect on Your KDP Journey - The first 12 months
Protect Your KDP Account
Quality Vs Quantity

KDP Account Creation and Tools to Use

Creating a KDP Account
Free Software for Low and No Content Book Creation, Keywords and Niche Research

KDP Niche Research

KDP Niche Research Exposed

Book Cover Creation

Book Cover Creation - For FREE
The 4 Key Elements of a Great Cover Design

Low and No Content Interior Creation - For FREE

Low and No Content Interiors - Step by Step

Creating Your Title and Subtitle

The Art of Title and Subtitle Creation

Creating Book Description that STAND OUT!

The Art of Creating a Great Book Description

7 KEYWORDS for KDP Upload - Locating the 7 Important Keywords For Your Book

7 Keywords for KDP Upload

KDP Book Categories

Category Selection for KDP

KDP Upload Process

The Steps to UPLOAD your book to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

Marketing - How to Lift the Profile of Your Book

Introduction to the Basics of Book Marketing
How to Find Keywords For Amazon Advertising

An Introduction to Amazon Advertising (AMS)

The Mindset of Amazon Advertising
Introduction to AUTO and KEYWORD Campaigns
How to Create an AUTOMATIC (AUTO) Campaign
Keyword Campaign Creation

Advanced Strategies to Scale

Advanced Strategies to Scale Introduction
Publisher Rocket - Overview
Book Bolt Overview
Diversification of Income for Publishers

KDP Publishing Summary

Summary of Lessons and Key Information

BONUS Lecture



July 7, 2022
I appreciate the honesty and transparency. I like that the instructor is open to sharing his personal experience and results.
July 3, 2022
This course has been n taught as I expected and I shall indeed implement whatever that has been taught and come back for more feedback, thank you.
July 1, 2022
Very comprehensive and helpful course. The bonus contents alone are worth the whole cost of the course. Well done!
June 22, 2022
Not only do you receive a lot of helpful information, but you are also shown good ways to use it. I would recommend this to anyone who is just getting started, or who needs a refresher.
June 20, 2022
This course if a very good fit for me. I am new to the KDP publishing process and wanted to learn more. Some questions that I was concerned about has already been answered by this instructor. This has helped to put my mind at ease. I thank God!
June 7, 2022
Thank You. Just about a month ago, i purchased this course and began listening to your tutorials. Not quite sure what to expect, as this is a totally strange and new territory for me. Amazingly, it was an interesting and exciting journey. Yesterday, the proof copy for my first book creation was delivered to my doorsteps. Today, I ordered my author's copies. Hopefully, in a few days/weeks time it will be available on Amazon. In other words, i have learnt the basic steps from beginning to end, on how to create a low and no content book. This outcome has given me enough confidence and encouragement to continue. So, thank you for the new skill i gained in just a month. God Bless.
April 19, 2022
Exactly what I needed, basic directions and steps I need to take to start my journey without getting it jumbled with misc ideas and thoughts. Thumbs up!
March 27, 2022
Romney's course is excellent! I started this journey with grave doubts that I would get anywhere. But today I published a composition notebook that KDP is now reviewing. It was an amazingly smooth operation thanks to Romney's detailed instructions, pitfall alerts, links to free software, and an Excel spreadsheet that organized my chaotic brain. I am now confident that with practice I will, in time, start to earn a dollar or two. Thank you, Romney!
March 21, 2022
This course is honest and very informative. It provided all the tools to not only publish on KDP, but excellent meathods and plans to follow. Love his honesty about what to expect, and his encouragment to endure during dry seasons!
February 26, 2022
Generous with his Knowledge , really give information to help you start your own KDP journey . Lots of tips and freebies . I recommend this course.
February 22, 2022
I like your course very much. It is very easy to understand and given a lot of detail and information to help start KDP business.
February 16, 2022
This has been an excellent course. Romney makes the point a few times that he focuses on the long term and the customer experience which will keep people coming back for more. He takes the same care in this course to take care of us as his students. I appreciated that he very clearly explained the steps to take to be successful and also why he takes those steps. He shows many of the tools he uses with a focus on free first for us beginners but also paid options for when we are ready to take those steps. I asked a question during the course and he responded quickly. This is a course I recommend as it will help lay the ground work to get started. I know that I will be coming back to these lessons very often until I really get going and achieve my own goals. Thanks Romney!
February 15, 2022
Truthful and honest rendition of Instructor's own experience. Valuable tips and clear to follow instructions. He certainly provides much more to what I expected. Being completely new to this concept, even though it feels extremely daunting to get started with, I'm now more confident that I'll be able to grasp this and make it my own, also referring back to various topics as and when needed. Additional resources provided filled in some of my "blanks" . Pace and natural communication style contributed to my keeping on track so far.
February 2, 2022
The course is good for someone who's a complete beginner, but for someone, a bit more advanced could provide some things in more detail. However, the course creator is very pleasant to listen to which is important.
January 25, 2022
It was an excellent course. I've learned a lot about Amazon KDP. I really liked Romney's dynamic teaching style.



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