Create E-commerce Store Using PHP

Create E-commerce Store With Payment System & Admin Dashboard

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Jan 2022
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What you will learn

Setting up PHP environment

Create files and directories in PHP

Working on the user-interface

Incorporating Bootstrap

Working on the design of every single page in the ecommerce store

Making the design responsive

How to create a database

How to get products from database

How to add products to cart

How to remove products from cart

How to increase and decrease product quantity

How to place an order and checkout

How to integrate Paypal payment system

How to let customers pay using Paypal

How to build an Admin Dashboard to control products and orders

How to mange orders and shipments

How to cancel orders

How to insert products into your store

How to update products info and images

And much much more...


This courses will teach you how to create an e-commerce website using PHP.

It's almost impossible to run a successful business without having e-commerce website these days. Businesses that don't use technology will be out of business sooner than they think if they don't start incorporating technology into their business plan. Hence, learning how to build an e-commerce store that lets customers shop from you will give you the opportunity to build a real-world, in-demand project and will open up the door of opportunity for you to become a professional PHP developer.

With over 20 hours of video content. First, you will learn how to create a complete e-commerce template using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap, then you will learn how to install PHP environment, then you will be taught the most important parts of this projects such as creating a cart and letting customers checkout. Moreover, you will be taught how to integrate Paypal Payment system and how to build a complete Admin Dashboard to manage the business. Also, you will be taught how to make the design user-friendly.

By the end of this course you will have built a project using PHP programming language that is capable of letting customers shop and buy products online while you have a control over the business and the website through the admin dashboard .

Why should you take this course?

There are many reasons why this course is extremely important.

1. First, you will build a real-world web app, rather than building unrealistic project.

2. Second, I will teach you the "how-to" rather than concepts that you will end up abandoning.

3. Third, you will learn Full-Stack development. So you will learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & PHP and how they can work together to build complete e-commerce website.

4. Forth, you will learn one of the most important tasks that PHP can do. PHP is a web-based server-side programming language which means that it's specialized in the web and can that work perfectly.

5. Fifth, you will intensify your programming skills.

Some of What You Will Learn in This Course:

1. Install project environment & create project.

2. Run PHP project files.

3. Structure your project.

4. How to build a complete HTML & CSS E-Commerce Template.

5. How to build user-friendly designs using CSS and Bootstrap.

5. Logic behind building complete e-commerce website.

9. How to let customers add products to cart.

10 How to let customers place orders and checkout.

11. How to integrate Paypal Payment System.

12. How to build a complete Admin Dashboard.

13. How to manage your database.

14. Best practices and techniques.

15. Organize your project.

16. Much much more...

Wish you an incredible learning journey.


Create E-commerce Store Using PHP - Screenshot_01Create E-commerce Store Using PHP - Screenshot_02Create E-commerce Store Using PHP - Screenshot_03Create E-commerce Store Using PHP - Screenshot_04



Tools you need
Installing XAMP- MAC Users
XAMP tour
Installing XAMP- Windows Users
Adding PHP to path - Windows 10 users
Adding PHP to path - Windows 7 users
Project folder
Project structure


Navbar url
Navbar design

Main section

Main design
Main image
Main button
Buy button
Navbar small

New & Featured Section

New section
New design
Featured products
Featured design
Mid banner

Clothes & Shoes Section

Clothes section
Shoes section

Footer Section

Footer content
Footer design
Navbar color
Footer image

Shop Page

Shop page
Shop page design
Pagination bar
Pagination design

Single Product Page

Single product
Single product design
Small images
Product url

Cart Page

Cart page
Cart design
Total design

Account & Login

Login page
Registration page
Account page
Account design

Orders & Checkout

Orders section
Checkout page

Other pages

Contact page
Activating navbar


Database connection
Run project
Products table


Get products
Get coats
Single url
Get single product


Cart products
Cart logic
Get cart
Remove cart
Cart quantity
Cart total
Checkout empty
Checkout total
Place order
Store order
Order items
Product url
Payment page
Registration logic
Registration testing
Change password
User id
User orders
Order details
Get details
Details testing
Order status
Shop products
Products filter
Testing layouts
Checking value
Protect order
Navbar url
Protect payment
Account orders
Testing orders
Paypal app 1
Paypal app 2
Paypal credentials
Paypal button
Paypal amount
Testing Paypal
Payment order
After payment
Payment successful
Payment details
Payment table
Payment status
Paypal live
Total quantity
Cart quantity
Products 1
Products 2
Pagination 1
Pagination 2
Search pagination
Search criteria
Admin login
Admin logout
Orders dashboard
Products dashboard
Edit products 1
Edit products 2
Edit product form 1
Edit product form 2
Edit order 1
Edit order 2
Add product
Edit images
Cart error

Project files

Shop project
Shop dashboard


March 17, 2022
there's microphone noise throughout the course and he often stutters Ah- Ah- Ah----. he could just cut it. PHP version is too old? I exactly followed his coding but stuffed up on the half way on PHP section.
March 5, 2022
Most of the codes are outdated. He also uses outdate version of bootstrap,etc. Doesnt reply to inquiries.
November 3, 2021
Very very recommend for beginner until advance. I think this course is the best practice if you want learn about ecommerce using php and mysql. Thank you sir.



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