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Create Business Applications with AppSheet

A Basic Guide to Build Data Driven Mobile Apps & Web-Apps in Minutes

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Create Business Applications with AppSheet


1 hour


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

You'll learn how to get started and publish data-driven mobile apps with AppSheet

You'll learn the design principles of data-driven apps

You'll learn how to manage mobile apps, starting with data structure, applying different behaviors in the app, and then manage publishing and access

You'll learn how to add maps to your apps

You'll learn how to add image galleries to your apps

You'll learn how to create a database mobile app


Learn how to build mobile, tablet & browser applications without using any code, and how to solve a variety of workflow & automation scenarios for your business.

This beginner-level course walks new app creators through the process of defining & connecting data sources, customizing app interfaces, incorporating basic layers of automation, generating notifications & reports, and deploying apps to teams of users.

Learn how to incorporate features like:

  • Data Collection

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Image & Signature Capture

  • GPS & Maps

  • Offline Functionality

  • Calendars, Charts & Image Galleries

To help support common scenarios such as:

  • Perform Inspections & Surveys

  • Manage Field Service Teams

  • Automate Team Notifications

  • Build Analytics Dashboards & Reports

  • Control & Update Inventory

  • Share Team Resources



What is AppSheet?

Working with data

Types of Data Sources

Connecting Data Sources

Adding Tables

Setting Table Permissions

Establishing Column Types

Column Types: Dates & Times

Column Types: Lists & Dropdowns

Column Types: Content, Media & Signatures

Define the UX of your app

Positioning & Labeling App Views

View Types

Calendar View

Form Views

Detail Views

Map Views

XY Map Types

Deck Views

Table Views

Gallery Views

Chart Views

Dashboard Views

Behaviors & Automation

Introduction to App Behaviors

Creating Custom Actions, Buttons & Links

Examples of Actions

Automating with Workflows

Customizing Generated Emails & PDFs

Determining How App Data Syncs

Example of App Syncing

Keeping apps secure

Understanding app security

Requiring User Sign-In

Filtering Data with 'Security Filters'

Encrypting Your Data

Managing and publishing your apps

Deploying Applications

Inviting Users

Sending Notifications & Announcements to Users

Follow-Up: Broadcasting Notifications


Pierric5 October 2020

The operations on the application interface are too fast to be fully understood. The limits of AppSheet are not made clear enough. Too many chapters without video.

Deepak19 September 2020

I am beginning to realize that we can have master-detail relationship possible in an app data structure.

B11 September 2020

This was very useful information, and will enable me to actually enhance my app. It would be an added advantage to have an ebook copy of this course, for future reference when dealing with some of the functions learned in this course. Thank you very much for the opportunity of getting this formal short course from experts.

Maikel9 September 2020

Leert waarom een primary key belangrijk is, maar vervolgens geen voorbeelden hoe het goed moet enkel wat fout is en niet werkt

Kameron8 September 2020

I've never had so much headache using a program in my entire life. It was easier writing software from scratch that did what I needed it to do rather than use App-sheet. Going "code-less" does not always mean something is going to be easier. This review comes after a solid month at trying to get app-sheet to work for my team. In the end we ended up going with excel and using VBA.

Sime21 February 2020

Liked the course. Looking for an alternative RAD software. Not sure how the acquiring of AppSheet by google will affect the development, in a shot term. Thanks for the course!

Egnite15 February 2020

Guide us through an example app. If we created an app together, I would then feel more confident to go create my own app.

Mark10 February 2020

It's a very good introduction. I look forward to learning some slightly more complex concepts, such as references (relational datasets)

Robert5 February 2020

Very helpful. Excited to get started! Would have like to see what more info on the columns like for example what the "label" toggle with does right next the "key" toggle switch. Ill watch again just in case I missed some things.

Sathiya3 February 2020

the examples used are simple and in many places some features are needed to be explained in detail.Overall a general Learning of Appsheet stated features are easy to understand.

Daniel3 February 2020

This really only touches some aspects and does not go into any details about styling or colour options. my ap still looks very bland!

Rajiv2 February 2020

Very useful course. However in order to get users quickly familiar with building apps, it would be great to have a follow up course which actually guides users in creating step by step the inspection app discussed in this course.

Jonathan29 January 2020

Yes, would have liked to have all video - end to end - so that I could just watch. But I think the breaks also did help with maintaining focus. So, thanks.

Jeff21 January 2020

I think it is good so far. I don't have a lot of experience with coding or creation of databases so I can't say much about it being great. So far for me it is good, and easy enough to understand.

Ian20 January 2020

OK as an overview. Could be improved by having quizzes at the end of each section so that the user can ensure they have understood the topic.


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