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Graphic Design Facebook Ads w/ CANVA

Quickly Create Professional Looking, Well Designed Facebook Ads That Convert More & Cost Less Using Canva Software!

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Graphic Design Facebook Ads w/ CANVA


2.5 hours


Aug 2017

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What you will learn

Create no to low budget Facebook Ad strategy

Define your goals and strategies for your Facebook Ads

Avoid excessive spending

Know the difference between a "Canva" account and a "Canva at Work" account

How to successfully import brand assets such as brand fonts, images, and brand colors

How to save time, get moving quickly, and access FREE templates

Increase brand awareness with your Facebook Ad


*** BONUS: Free PicMoney Course INCLUDED inside this course! ***

Facebook Ads is essentially one of the more important areas of your business.

Stop paying for expensive professional software that you don't need. Not only that, stop wasting your time hiring graphic design talent to do projects you can easily learn how to design yourself. 

No one knows your business better than you. When you're first starting out you need to spend your money as smartly as possible. 

This is why I created this Udemy course, to teach you quick, effective ways in which you can quickly and easily create NO to LOW budget high-converting Facebook Ads that cost less and convert more.

In this course, Canva - Graphic Design Facebook Ads That Cost Less in Canva,  I teach you simple yet exact non-complicated ways to create professional looking ads in Canva for a fraction of the cost of using expensive graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Also included in this Canva course is an additional  free bonus PicMonkey course to help you create even more professional Facebook Ads 


*** Free PicMonkey Bonus Course included in the purchase of this course ***


Getting Started: Create Better Facebook Ads Using Canva

Start with a Goal Before You Create Your Facebook Ad

Benefits of Using Canva to Design Facebook Ad

Setting Up Your Canva Account

Using Canva to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad

Working with Canva Templates to Create Facebook Ad

Purchasing Templates and Premium Elements in Canva

How to Bypass Paying for Canva's Premuim Elements

Customizing Canva Template to Create Facebook Ad

Adding Your Brand Colors to Canva to Create Facebook Ad

Working with Your Brand Colors in Canva to Create Facebook Ad

Adding Your Brand Logos to Canva to Create Facebook Ad

Working with Brand Logos in Canva to Create Facebook Ad

Using the “Magic Resize” Button in Canva

Adding Your Brand Fonts to Canva to Create Facebook Ad (Part 1)

Adding Your Brand Fonts to Canva to Create Facebook Ad (Part 2)

MOST COMMON AD: Single Image Facebook Ad

Using Canva's Custom Dimensions for Your Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Placements

Creating a Quick Facebook Ad in Canva

How to Correctly Export Your Facebook Ad Out of Canva

How to Upload and Use the Facebook Ad Text Overlay Tool in Canva

Setting Your Facebook Ad Up by Using the Power Editor (Brief Overview)

Facebook Now Allows You to Use a Different Image for Instagram Feed

BONUS!!! Getting Started with PicMonkey Create Awesome Graphics Using PicMonkey

Benefits of PicMonkey

Setting Up a New PicMonkey Account

BONUS!!! PicMonkey's Advanced Photo-Editing Techniques (Not Found in Canva)

How to Remove a Background Using PicMonkey (Part 1)

How to Remove a Background Using PicMonkey (Part 2)

Save Export and Download Your Edited Images in PicMonkey

How to Touch up Images in PicMonkey

Making Your Text POP by Adding Drop Shadows Found in PicMonkey

Creating A Quick Facebook Ad in PicMonkey - Real Simple


Vinay28 August 2019

The course title made me think this was about creating an Ad and Canva was just a tool for that. The focus would be on 'Creating the Ad'. Turns out, it was the inverse. The focus was on 'Canva as a tool'. Very basic. Not useful if you are comfortable with different software products

Julie13 June 2019

I really enjoyed this course. I currently use PicMonkey and Canva but still learnt quite a few tips and tricks along the way. All that aside, the instructor herself is so adorable and friendly I could have listened to her talk all day. She explained everything very clearly and easily. It was a pleasure doing this course.


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