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Create Artistic Apps with Python and SVG!

Create Awesome Apps with Python and Create amazing ​vector graphics by coding with SVG

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Feb 2020

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What you will learn

Code in Python programming language

Create SVG shapes and Embed them on a Webpage

Make a Landscape entirely with code

Make Games with Python

And More!


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Why use SVG?

It has good support among all modern browsers, and it's an open standard.

It uses smaller file sizes compared to bitmapped files.

You can style shapes in CSS and interact with them in JavaScript! Thus you can programmatically alter shapes for use on web pages.

Gain hands-on experience with coding real projects! Make vector graphics by coding in this awesome course for beginners. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an image format that uses vectors, in contrast to other image formats like jpg, gif, or pngs, which are raster graphics. SVG is made with math. For this reason, it can scale indefinitely! This makes it great for making logos, icons, and simple designs.

This course was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter.

If you have always wanted to learn to code, this is your place to start. In this course, you will learn how to code in the Python 3.5 programming language. 

Whether you have or have not coded before, you can learn how to use Python. Python is a popular programming language that is useful to know because of its versatility. Python is ​easy to understand ​and can be used for many different environments. Cross-platform apps and 3D environments are often made in Python.

You learn the basics of programming, including topics like variables, functions, and if statements. You learn about data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and sets. We cover how to use for and while loops, how to handle user input and output, file input and output. We apply our knowledge to build a fully functional tic-tac-toe game. 

You learn classes, methods, attributes, instancing, and class inheritance. We make an additional Blackjack game! You learn how to solve errors that can occur when you work as a programmer.

Also now Included in these bundles are our Extra Courses, if you want to learn to use other programs such as Camtasia or Sketch, you get more content than what you paid for this way!

We really hope you decide to purchase this course and take your knowledge to the next level!

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Create Artistic Apps with Python and SVG!
Create Artistic Apps with Python and SVG!
Create Artistic Apps with Python and SVG!
Create Artistic Apps with Python and SVG!


Introduction and Installation

Installing Python

Basics of Programming

Basics of Programming - Part 1

Basics of Programming - Part 2

Basics of Programming - Part 3




Loops - Part 1

Loops - Part 2

Loops - Part 3

Loops - Part 4

Loops - Part 5

Sets and Dictionaries

Sets and Dictionaries - Part 1

Sets and Dictionaries - Part 2

Input and Output

Input and Output - Part 1

Input and Output - Part 2

Input and Output - Part 3

Input and Output - Part 4

Input and Output - Part 5

Input and Output - Part 6

Input and Output - Part 7


Classes - Part 1

Classes - Part 2

Classes - Part 3

Classes - Part 4

Classes - Part 5

Classes - Part 6


Importing - Part 1

Importing - Part 2

Importing - Part 3

Importing - Part 4

Importing - Part 5

Importing - Part 6


Blackjack - Part 1

Blackjack - Part 2

Blackjack - Part 3

Blackjack - Part 4

Blackjack - Part 5

Blackjack - Part 6

Error Handling

Error Handling



Make Art by Coding - Create an SVG Scene for Web Animation

Introduction Part 1

Introduction Part 2

Creating Rectangle and Circles

Creating Lines

SVG viewBox

Polygon Element Part 1

Polygon Element Part 2

Polygon Element Part 3

Polygon Element Part 4

viewBox Attributes

viewBox Attributes (Cont'd)

Path Elements

Path Elements (Cont'd)

Bezier Curves Part 1

Bezier Curves Part 2

Bezier Curves Part 3

Bezier Curves Part 4

Quadratic Bezier Curves


Arcs (Cont'd)

SVG-edit and Illustrator

Styling Inline SVG

SVG in IMG tag

SVG in Background IMG

Modifying Inline SVG

SVG with Javascript

Adding Trees

Creating Trees

Creating Trees (contd)

Remove Button

Adding Other Type of Trees

Sorting Trees

Sorting Trees (cont'd)

Refactoring Javascript

Refactoring Javascript (Cont'd)

Saving as SVG

Saving as SVG (Cont'd)

Save as PNG

Downloading Images

Refactoring Part 1

Refactoring Part 2

Refactoring Part 3

Main Functionality

Main Functionality (Cont'd)

Testing Cross Browser Compatibility

Checking DOMcontentloaded

Styling Part 1

Styling Part 2

Styling Part 3

Modal for PNG Part 1

Modal for PNG Part 2

Modal for PNG Part 3

More Javascript Refactoring

Styling The Modal More

Adding Size Reset Button


Source Code


Course Intro and Sketch Tools

Sketch Files - Sketch Tools

Sketch Basics and Online Resources

Plug-ins and Designing your First Mobile app

Your First Mobile App Continued

Sketch Files - Your First Mobile App

Shortcuts and Extra tips

Sketch Files - Shortcuts by Mammoth Interactive

Learn to Code in HTML

Intro to HTML

Writing our first HTML

Intro to Lists and Comments

Nested Lists

Loading Images

Loading Images in Lists


Images as Link

Mailto Link

Div Element

Learn to Code in CSS


Introducing the Box Model

Writing our First CSS

More CSS Examples


More on Type Selectors

Getting Direct Descendents

Class Intro

Multiple Classes

id Intro

CSS Specificity

Selecting Multiple Pseudo Classes and Sibling Matching

Styling Recipe Page

Loading External Stylesheet


Introduction to Course and D3

Source Code

Handling Data and Your First Project

Source code

Continuing your First Project

Understanding Scale

Source Code

Complex charts, Animations and Interactivity

Source Code

Introduction to PyCharm

Downloading and Installing Pycharm and Python

Support for Python Problems or Questions

Exploring Pycharm

Learning Python with Mammoth Interactive

Python Language Basics

Intro to Variables

Variables Operations and Conversions

Collection Types

Collections Operations

Control Flow If Statements

While and For Loops


Classes and Objects


Setting Up and Basic Flask

Setting up Terminals on Windows 7 and Mac

Terminal basic commands and symbols

Source Code - Setting up Flask

Source Code - Basic Flask HTML & CSS

Basic Flask Database

Source Code - Basic Flask Database

Flask Session and Resources

Source Code - Flask Session

Flask Digital Ocean

Flask Digital Ocean Continued

Xcode Fundamentals

Intro and Demo

General Interface

Files System


Storyboard File

Connecting Outlets and Actions

Running an Application

Debugging an Application

Source Code and Art Assets

Swift 4 Language Basics

Language Basics Topics List

Variable and Constants

Learning Goals

Intro to Variables and Constants

Primitive types


Nil Values


Type Conversions

Assignment Operators

Conditional Operators

Variables and Constants Text.playground

Collection Types

Topics List and Learning Objectives

Intro to Collection Types

Creating Arrays

Common Array Operations

Multidimensional Arrays


Collection Types Text.playground

Control flow

Topics List and Learning Objectives

Intro to If and Else Statements

Else If Statements

Multiple Simultaneous Tests

Intro To Switch Statements

Advanced Switch Statement Techniques

Testing for Nil Values

Intro to While Loops

Intro to for...in Loops

Intro to For...In Loops (Cont'd)

Complex Loops and Loop Control statements

Control Flow Text.playground


Intro to Functions

Function Parameters

Return Statements

Parameter Variations - Argument Labels

Parameter Variations - Default Values

Parameters Variations - InOut Parameters

Parameter Variations - Variadic Parameters

Returning Multiple Values Simultaneously

Functions Text.playground

Classes, Struct and Enums

Topics List and Learning Objectives

Intro to Classes

Properties as fields - Add to Class Implementation

Custom Getters and Setters

Calculated Properties

Variable Scope and Self

Lazy and Static Variables

Behaviour as Instance Methods and Class type Methods

Behaviour and Instance Methods

Class Type Methods

Class Instances as Field Variables

Inheritance, Subclassing and SuperClassing

Overriding Initializers

Overriding Properties

Overriding Methods

Structs Overview


Comparisons between Classes, Structs and Enums

Classes, Structs, Enums Text.playground

Practical MacOS BootCamps

Introduction and UI Elements

Calculator Setup and Tax Calculator

Calculate Tax And Tip - Mammoth Interactive Source Code

Tip Calculator and View Controller

View Controller - Mammoth Interactive Source Code


Constraints - Mammoth Interactive Source Code

Constraints Code


Refactor - Mammoth Interactive Source Code

MacOsElements - Mammoth Interactive Source Code

Data Mining With Python

Data Wrangling and Section 1

Project Files - Data Mining with Mammoth Interactive

Project Files - Data Wrangling with Mammoth Interactive

Data Mining Fundamentals

Project Files - Data Mining fundamentals with Mammoth Interactive

Framework Explained, Taming Big Bank with Data

Project Files - Frameworks with Mammoth Interactive

Mining and Storing Data

Project Files - Mining and Storing with Mammoth Interactive

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Project Files - NLP with Mammoth Interactive

Summary Challenge

Conclusion Files - Mammoth Interactive

Introduction to Video Editing

Introduction to the Course

Installing Camtasia

Exploring the Interface

Camtasia Project Files

Setting Up a Screen Recording

Introduction and Tips for Recording

Creating a Recording Account

Full Screen vs Window Mode

Setting the Recording Resolution

Different Resolutions and their Uses

Tips to Improve Recording Quality and Summary

Camtasia Recording

Introduction and Workflow

Tools Options Menu

Your First Recording

Viewing your Test


Mic Etiqutte

Project - Recording Exercise

Webcam, Telprompter, and Summary

Camtasia Screen Layout

Introduction and Tools Panel


Zoom N Pan


Yellow Snap Lines

TimeLine Basics, Summary and Challenge

Camtasia Editing

Introduction and Importing Media



Working with Audio

Clip Speed

Locking and Disabling tracks


Working with Images

Voice Narration

Noise Removal

Smart Focus

Summary and Challenge

Advance Editing Introduction

Advance Editing Introduction

Zooming Multiple Tracks




Color Adjustment

Clip Speed

Remove a Color

Device Frame

Theme Manager


Media and Summary

Camtasia Resources and Tips

Resources and Tips Introduction


Extending Frames

Working with Video

Exporting a Project for Youtube

Exporting a Project for Youtube

Code with C#

Introduction to Course and Types

Operator, Classes , and Additional Types

Statements & Loops

Arrays, Lists, and Strings

Files, Directories, and Debugs

Source code

Learn to Code with R

Intro to R

Control Flow and Core Concepts

Matrices, Dataframes, Lists and Data Manipulation

GGplot and Intro to Machine learning


Source Code

Advanced R

Course Overview and Data Setup

Source Code - Setting Up Data - Mammoth Interactive

Functions in R

Source Code - Functions - Mammoth Interactive

Regression Model

Source Code - Regression Models - Mammoth Interactive

Regression Models Continued and Classification Models

Source Code - Classification Models - Mammoth Interactive

Classification Models Continued, RMark Down and Excel

Source Code - RMarkDown And Excel - Mammoth Interactive

Datasets - Mammoth Interactive

Learn to Code with Java

Introduction and setting up Android Studio

Introduction - Encryption Source Code

Setting up Continued

Java Programming Fundamentals

Source Code - Java Programming Fundamentals

Additional Java fundamentals

Source Code - Additional fundamentals


Source Code - Classes

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Bonus Lecture - Mammoth Interactive Deals

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