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Create and Sell Online Courses with Teachable and Thinkific

The complete guide to self-hosting online courses: turn your online courses into a full-time business with our training!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

build your own online course site with Teachable or Thinkific

write email sequences that make sales

create a sales funnel that gets more people onto your email list

drive more traffic to your website, funnel, and email sequences


Do you want to increase your online course income?

Would you love another stream of income?

Have you thought about self-hosting your online courses?

You're in the right place.

This course walks you through BUILDING YOUR OWN ONLINE COURSE SITE with Teachable and Thinkific. But it doesn't end there. We should you exactly how we're making sales using email sequences and sales funnels. 

You'll learn how to WRITE EMAIL SEQUENCES that turn website visitors into course purchasers.

You'll learn how to CREATE A SALES FUNNEL that increases the number of people on your email list.

You'll learn how to DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC to your website and into your sales funnel.

Everything we teach you in this course is what has been tested and proven to work. We don't only show you how to do this, but we back it up with proof. We promise that if you take this course and implement all of our strategies, that you'll be better off than 99% of all other online instructors.

Instructors Phil Ebiner and Matt Bernstein have taught 100,000s of students on Udemy and other course platforms. Now they'll show you their exact strategies to replicate their success with your own course website.

There really isn't any reason to hesitate. Enroll now, and get started. 

Only people like you, that act now, will be successful.


Create and Sell Online Courses with Teachable and Thinkific
Create and Sell Online Courses with Teachable and Thinkific
Create and Sell Online Courses with Teachable and Thinkific
Create and Sell Online Courses with Teachable and Thinkific


Dive in to Self-Hosting

Course Introduction and Overview

Course Roadmap

How to be Successful with Self-Hosting Courses

Proof of Success

Teachable vs. Thinkific

Create Your Self-Hosted Course Site with Thinkific

Hosting Skillhance Courses on Thinkific

Building a Course with Thinkific

Course Bundles

Skillhance Premium Monthly Membership

Course Memberships

Course Sales Widgets

Hosting a Lead Magnet

Hosting a Podcast

Thinkific Couse Categories

Website Settings

Thinkific Hosting Plans

Thinkific Help Center

Create Your Self-Hosted Course Site with Teachable

Sign Up for Teachable

Teachable Dashboard

Building a Course with Teachable

Set Pricing for Your Teachable Course

Coupon Code Options with Teachable

Course Bundles with Teachable

Creating Pages on Teachable

Customizing Your Menu on Teachable

Customize Your Home Page on Teachable

Publishing Your Teachable Course

Resources for Teachable Users

Price Your Courses

Pricing Your Course

Phil's Pricing Case-Study

Create Your Email Sequence

Introduction to Email Marketing

Email Sequence Template

Phil's Email Sequence Case-Study

Challenges of Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Valuable Content

Email Standards

Email Spam Filters

Keep Email Clean

Lead Generation


Conclusion to Email Marketing

Create and Drive Traffic into Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel Basics

Getting Started Generating Traffic to Your Website

Creating a Front End Offer

Creating a Backend Offer

Creating Your First Upsell

Creating Your First Downsell

Creating a 2nd & 3rd Upsell

Example of a Skillhance Sales Funnel

Phil's Article-Writing Case Study

Phil's YouTube Case Study

Choosing a Niche

Choosing a Course + Webite Niche

Amazon Kindle to Validate Course Subjects

Google Keyword Research

Build a WordPress Website with OptimizePress

Skillhance Homepage

Building the Homepage with OptimizePress

Skillhance Blog with OptimizePress

Resources Page with OptimizePress

Coaching Page with OptimizePress

Publishing Blog Posts with OptimizePress

OptimizePress Page Builder

Skillhance Reviews Page

Skillhance About Page

Sumome Smart Bar Sharing

Backup WordPress Website

YouTube Marketing Strategies

YouTube Marketing Plan

Creating Engaging Videos

YouTube Channel Best Practices

Maximizing Income

YouTube Channel Case Study

Optimizing YouTube Videos

Google+ Marketing Strategies

Introduction to Google+


Google Hangouts


Live Streaming Marketing Strategies

Live Streaming Basics



Blogging Strategies

Introduction to Blogging

Content is King

Adding Images & Videos

Monetizing the Blog

Social Media

Important Pages

Podcast / Interview Strategies

Conversation Content




Conducting Interviews

After the Interview

Customer / Student Engagement

Customer Engagement Basics

KPI's and Goals

Engaging Content

Customer Channels

Customer Needs

Brand Marketing

Customer Value

Customer Success

Closing the Sales Funnel - Following up with Customers

Closing the Sales Funnel

Relationship Followup

Sales Followup

The Power of Branding Your Business


Mission Statement






Thank You Video

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Harmony13 April 2020

So far I am not impressed with how this course it being presented. I feel like it is very disjointed.

Valerio25 May 2019

Nope. Was trying to buy another course, and got this instead. Still needed something on course design, but this barely dives into the structure. I already know about marketing and all that. Course failed to deliver.

Michael16 May 2018

I've only watched 2 videos so far, so it's premature to judge. But the video quality is good and the instructor seems to know his business.

Paula17 December 2017

The content is pretty good, the sharing of the screen - esp. with Mark's screens - are often blurry and the narration doesn't always match what is being pointed to at the screens at the same time. It's not a horrible deficit and I can catch the gist of it - but that feels thrown together. Being a person who can sorta figure out tech programs, I appreciate the run throughs of Thinkific and Teachable, but could have done it myself. I'm still unsure of which one (or others out there) will be best for me. The gold in this series, so far, is some of the marketing advise with email funnels etc. to gain traction for offering your courses. No fault to the creators of this course, you warned me how early Udemy would prompt for a rating. I'll just say that it may be unfair to the course creators to have ratings done so early. I can't give it a five because I haven't finished the course yet.

Luis9 December 2017

The quality that I have found in this course is far superior than what they promised in the sales page. The knowledge of the authors have allowed me to learn a lot in this training.

Marieta20 September 2017

Not bad, but def. basic. If you are more experenced marketer or an online entrepreneur this course isn't a good fit. If you are on the other hand just starting out it's perfect! I have to say that I got this for 15USD cuz the course was on sale and def. the value is huge for the price I paid.

Waleed10 July 2017

I am a fan of Phil Ebiner, as I've signed up for many of his video courses and they were all top, however, this course is a bit of a let down! First of all, the sections about teachable and thinkific are more like a software demo than actually training for mastery. The other sections are mostly Matt reading from a script with generic text quotations on a screen, as if this course is made for an audio podcast and not a video format. The delivery is extremely monotone! Also the section about comparing Teachable and Thinkific, they have not put any effort at all in comparing them. I've spent 2 hours independently comparing them in an excel file, and I thought if someone is charging for a course, they should at least do that research for their students. Almost every section feels like very generic advice "engagement is important on your page" type of advice. It feels that this course was put together very hastily since there are no other courses on udemy dealing with teachable training. If you know zero about this topic, I think it will be a bit helpful as an eye opener, but not for mastery.

Jesse3 July 2017

I've seen some of Phil's other material, and I always take something away from his videos. I'm sure that Matt will drop some valuable information, too. I'm really looking forward to this.

Nancy23 June 2017

Highly recommended as these instructors are teaching from experience...masses of information all in one place. Thank you very much. Nancy

Nancy15 June 2017

Instructors are providing step by step advice on everything i need to do to launch my products...i wish i had had a course like this 2 years ago!! MANY THANKS...highly recommended Nancy Thomas-Ward

Enzo27 April 2017

This is a great course, great production with gold mine of content. There are road maps and workflows at the same time action items are given which mean you can transform your life if you just watch this course and try to get the hang of it. The sections are well segmented and the lectures are well explained. The course instructor are willing to answer a lot of question. As long as you are curious on a topic you will get an honest and detailed answer. Calling all entrepreneurs who wants to start learning business and make a profitable business online you should start on this course and master the key components of this because you can apply on other businesses the skills and mindset that you will learn and implement here which leads to becoming a versatile businessman or businesswoman. Thank you so much :D

Myriam1 April 2017

I was greatly disappointed to learn that this course is not up to date. One of the recent questions asked if the course reflected the recent changes in one of the platforms and the answer was no. I prefer an updated course. Also, browsing through the rest of the Q&A's one of the instructors gives his opinion as opposed to giving straight answers: "I think so" "I'm almost sure you can". The reason I bought the course is because I assumed they are experts. If I ask a question I want an answer not their opinion. If they don't know I expect them to find out for me, this could even help them improve their course by offering the information as a new lecture. I don't want to affect their ratings with the stars but I must give stars so i'll keep it in the middle point just because of their effort creating this course but I'm returning it and getting a refund after less than an hour of having purchased it. Perhaps in their future promotional emails they can reminded us to check the free previews and the Curriculum to make sure the course would meet our expectations.

Tracy1 February 2017

so far, the course has been informational, accessible, friendly, non-threatening (meaning the instructors are not super aggressive), and the information is helpful. The guys are easy to listen to and break the information down into useable bite-size pieces.

David24 January 2017

Great course. The Teachable interface has changed a little bit since the launch of this training. Further than that, it is good value.

Vita14 December 2016

I like the way the course is build and the way it is presented to the students. Personally I think parts of the course is too much PowerPoint/Keynote slides where the instructor basically say the same word by word. I found this little engaging and would rather that the instructor show examples, like it´s done in other parts of the course.


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