Create and sell coloring books

Design step by step coloring books with Affinity Publisher and sell on Amazon KDP for passive income

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Create and sell coloring books
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Aug 2022
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What you will learn

Understand the different styles of coloring book

Define trim size

Define a number of pages

Target the niche process

Target the creation process

Target the sale process

Find niches

Use tools to find niches

Understand how to niche coloring book

Find image library

Use images

Understand copyright to use images

Create interior for coloring book using Affinity Publisher

Start with Affinity Publisher

Convert images in drawings using Affinity Publisher

Understand the different processes to create coloring book

Understand all basics to create covers

Create cover step by step using Affinity Publisher

Start with Amazon KDP

Understand profitability criterias to sell coloring book

Publish coloring book step by step on Amazon KDP

Create activity book using coloring book

Ideas for activity books


Coloring book concept with Amazon KDP

Create and sell coloring books on the Amazon KDP platform is a great way to make money online. It is thus possible to create additional income, but also a full salary. Indeed, there is a low initial investment. It is a business that can be profitable, provided that the different parts of the process are optimized. It's not enough to create an interior, a cover, publish the book you want, and wait. This is the best way to not succeed. On the other hand, by working step by step, in a structured way, and with the right tools, it is possible to position your books on the first pages of research on keyword queries and make sales. The business is focused on three axes, finding niches, creating the book and cover, and publishing the book.

Affinity Publisher software

Affinity Publisher is a design software specialized in layouts, but also in the creation of graphic documents. It thus has advanced tools for managing pages, using models, or even advanced text modifications. Its value for money is excellent with a lifetime license, which means a purchase for long term use. Very affordable cost. Very ergonomic, it will allow you to optimize the creation of coloring book. It is important to directly use the best to create quality coloring books. Managing pages, advanced tools or even adding effects, that's what it takes to create quality coloring books.

What you need to have to optimize this training

- Motivation and personal investment

- An Affinity Publisher license, lifetime license, you can also start with a trial version

- Open an account on Amazon

Training course

In this course, I will show you how to create and sell coloring books step by step. To do this, you'll learn the basics of setting a size, using margins, bleeds, and more. Then, we will see the process in several modules. Search for coloring book niches to define profitable books. You will learn how to create a coloring book interior using images and quickly converting them to a drawing in Affinity Publisher, layout and export your work. The other design step will be the cover, we will also see how to design it using the cover model, calculating the size and optimizing the different elements. Then there will be the publication part with the Amazon KDP platform. you will learn how to publish a book step by step on Amazon KDP by optimizing the metadata.

A reference course to create and publish coloring books ! Ideal for people who enjoy creating, researching, or even using graphic design software !




Concept presentation

Different types of coloring book
Niche part
Design part
Publication part
Coloring book examples
BSR description
Define trim size
Number of pages for your coloring book
Create drawing horizontally or vertically

Find niches for coloring book

Find ideas
Niche research basics
Niche research complete process
Why you need to niche your coloring book
Find seasonal niche

Find images

Why you need to work in vector
Choose an image library
Use images
Image licence
Start with dashboard
Master navigation

Affinity Publisher create interior for coloring book

Start an interior
Add margins
Edit pages
Convert image to drawing with frame
Convert image to drawing with bleed
Create layout
Export your interior

Affinity Publisher useful features for coloring book

Use layers
Create shapes
Draw with pen
Edit nodes
Remove elements
Edit strokes
Create group
Improve drawing
Create drawing with different files

Start with cover creation

Cover process
Cover calculator
Cover structure

Affinity Publisher create cover for coloring book

Cover turtle coloring book part 1
Cover turtle coloring book part 2
Cover turtle coloring book part 3
Cover turtle coloring book part 4
Cover horse coloring book part 1
Cover horse coloring book part 2
Cover horse coloring book part 3
Cover horse coloring book part 4

Affinity Publisher useful features for cover

Manage aligments
Edit colors
Curve text
Edit letters
Add effects
Add transparency

Amazon KDP start with the marketplace

Start with Amazon
Profitability criterias

Importance of informations

Title importance
Description importance
Keywords importance
Categories importance
Cover importance
Define price

Publish coloring book on Amazon KDP

Publish coloring book part 1
Publish coloring book part 2
Publish coloring book part 3
Publish coloring book part 4

Use coloring book to create activity book

Create activity book
Find scissor skills niches
Book coloring cutting part 1
Book coloring cutting part 2
Book coloring cutting past part 1
Book coloring cutting past part 2
Create cover





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