Create a working IoT Project - Apache Kafka, Python, GridDB

Learn how to create a Lambda Architecture IoT project. Stream data from sensors to an IoT Database to web apps

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Create a working IoT Project - Apache Kafka, Python, GridDB
2 hours
Jun 2023
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What you will learn

Learn about the technology stack for building an IoT web app

Learn about the recommended data storage for storing IoT data

Learn how to visualize and create an Iot web app with nodejs

How to run various technologies in unison with docker compose


This course aims to teach you about building an IoT platform with a real-life, hands-on project!

We will begin by utilizing GridDB to create an IoT project which will simulate data from IoT Sensors, stream that data through Kafka, sent to GridDB, and then utilized in a variety of ways, including a real-time data visualizer. The data visualizer will be made up from node.js.

In the first parts of the course, we will delve into what Docker is and how it ties into this project; in our case, we have containerized all different aspects of the project to be able to easily share everything, with the added benefit of teaching more about using docker in conjunction with Kafka, GridDB, Jupyter Notebook, etc.

Next, we will talk about Kafka (outside of the context of Docker), what it is, what it does, and how it ties into ours and other IoT projects' workflows. In our case, Kafka handles data streaming from sensors to GridDB, adding reliability, stability, and robustness. From there, we talk about how to build a small python script to be simulate an IoT gateway, which teaches how to send data from somewhere, through Kafka and finally through to GridDB.

After that, we go through and discuss using java to code an bill report-generation application which pulls all data from our database. Next up is data visualization: we will introduce the GERN stack and show you how to query data from GridDB using nodejs to create real-time data charts.

And lastly we will showcase using Python and jupyter to do some data analysis of your GridDB data.




Prerequisites, Docker, and Overview

Docker Overview
Running Docker and Docker Compose Hands-On

Data Persistence - GridDB

GridDB's Merits
Installing and Using GridDB

Data Streaming - Kafka

Kafka Overview
Kafka Hands-On

Gateway Simulator

Gateway Simulator Introduction
Gateway Simulator Hands-On

Bill Job

How to build a bill- report generation java application using GridDB
Bill Job Hands-On

Data Visualization with GERN Stack

What is the GERN Stack
GERN Stack Hands-On

Data Analysis with Python and GridDB

Data Analysis with GridDB and Python
Data Analysis Hands-On


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