Create a Workbook for Your Clients in Canva

A Step-by-step Guide

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What you will learn

Create a sleek workbook from scratch

Learn how to adapt the workbook to your needs

Explore different ways of using your workbook

Become confident in using Canva tools


Do you want to create a beautiful professionally-looking workbook for your clients so that you can charge more for your services?

If so you are at the right place. I will show you how to create a sleek workbook from scratch so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure everything out by yourself.

My name is Mila and I am an English communication coach. I have a 10-week English communication program for recruiters and headhunters, and I’ve created numerous workbooks and guidebooks for my clients.

What do I need before I start?
All you need before you start is a free Canva account. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have any previous experience with Canva. I’ll walk you through the whole process step by step so that you can follow along.

What can I use this workbook for?

This workbook is great to upgrade your online (and even offline) courses, workshops, programs, and other events. You can always delete the sections that you don’t need or duplicate the pages you like.

Is the workbook printable?

The workbook is fully printable with suitable margins so that your clients can choose how they want to use it.

Is the workbook editable?

No, but you can use PDF Escape – a free program to make it fully editable for your clients. They will be able to fill out the workbook offline.

Do I have to make a new workbook every time I need one?

Not at all. You can reuse it as many times as you please. In my class, I show you how to do it.


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Let's Create Your Workbook

Hello and Welcome
Setting up the Document
Cover Page
A Note from the Author
Pages with Text
How to Adapt Your Worksheets to Your Needs
Worksheet 1 – Questions and Answers
Worksheet 2 – Before and After
Worksheet 3 – Checklist
Meet the Author
Last Page with a Quote
Make Your Workbook Reusable
How to Use Your Workbook
Course Assignment



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