Create a Native App For Your Business In 8 Days, No Coding!

Learn how to create a professional app with an amazing, enjoyable platform - to boost your business or for personal use!

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Feb 2015
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What you will learn

Create your own native apps

Connect your wordpress posts to the app

Send push notifications

Start an online app buliding business

Update your app with ease

A web developer freelancer? Add another service to your business- creating an app for your customers


This course is NOT UPDATED! Be aware!

Please note! This course has been created in 2015 and is outdated and not supported anymore. The software has changed a lot. Course lessons are not being updated anymore, but you can still learn how to work with the app and get basic knowledge about it.

*** See the app i created in this course in section 9***


  You will learn how to publish the app for Android devices, and there is a documented tutorial about publishing it for Apple devices as well.

  What will my app do? 

                                       There are so many features you can add to your app, and i will name a few here. Make sure to watch the free preview video which talks about those features as well: 

  • News section

  • Online catalogue

  • Custom pages (as many as you want)

  • RSS feeds

  • Image and video galleries from various services (Picasa, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram) + upload your own

  • Contact form with various field types

  • A booking system

  • A calendar

  • Show your Wordpress posts

  • Show a non-Wordpress articles via RSS

  • Connect your Facebook page

  • Send push notifications

                                       (to name a few...) 

  How long will it take me to build the app? 

                      The course is very straight to the point, i tried to keep out any small talks or unneeded information, so you can start working on your app immediately and publish it to the stores within a few days/weeks, depending on your schedule. I divided the steps into 8 days, each takes about 30-60 minutes to complete. You can follow the 8-days program, or work in your own pace depending on your free time. 

  Is this course for me? 

                      This course is for you if: 

  • You own a business and want to offer your customers an app to download, which will make your company look more professional and reliable

  • You own a website and want to turn it into an app, so your followers will have a quick and immediate way to reach you through their devices

  • You own a business and want to make it easier for your customers to reach you when they need your service, by clicking on your app icon

  • You want to send your customers (or website followers) notifications about sales, new articles, new products and such - by sending them push notifications

  • You want to learn how to create apps so you can start a business around it and offer this service to customers

  • You are a webmaster who wants to offer your customers another service besides building their website- creating an app for them too

  • You're looking for an easy to use, free platform to creating an app

                      Today, almost every business has a website - which is great, but it makes the competition harder and you have to get creative if you want to stand out in a crowd. The apps world is still at its first stages, and this is JUST the right time to offer your customers another way to reach you by downloading your app. Besides from making you look unique, an app is a GREAT idea if you run a personal blog too, as you can send notifications to your viewers when you publish a new post, and let them reach your content immediately! 

                      Thanks to the platform you will work with in this course, a native app for your business or personal use is at the tip of your fingers. All you need is to carefully pay attention to all the steps, be willing to learn a new (and easy) skill and be motivated to get your first app up in the stores within a few days! 

  Additional costs: 

                      The platform you will work with is free to download and use. That being said, there are 2 services you *might* have to pay for, which are not related to the free platform: 

  • A hosting service - the platform must be installed in a hosting server. Prices of hosting account vary from 4$-10$ a month. There is a detailed PDF explaining about this in the course. If you are already registered to a hosting company (for example, if you run a website) - you will probably not need to pay this fee as you can usually use your current hosting account to install the program.

  • A developer account - anyone who wants to publish apps must be registered as an Android and/or Apple developer. Android developer account costs 25$ (one time) and Apple developer account costs 99$ (per year). One account lets you publish as many apps as you want and it is not related to the program you create the app with. You can avoid those costs if you get someone else to upload the apps for you - but it's NOT recommended!

  You're going to enjoy creating your app! 

                      After spending months looking for an easy to use, straightforward and inexpensive solution to building a native app, i have found an open source CMS that does exactly what i had hoped for - lets me create an app in a way that is almost as easy as creating a Wordpress website! 

                      As a webmaster and a webdesigner, i've been working with Wordpress for the past 7 years and it's one of the things i most enjoy doing - creating websites. Lately, after realizing this world is getting too crowded and the competition becomes tougher everyday, i decided to dive into the apps world, so i can offer my customers a new service - building an app for them. Unfortunately, i was frustrated with what i found - app building services asked for a high monthly or one-time fee and most of the tools were too complicated to understand for a non-programmer like me. A second before giving up, i found the solution i had been looking for - a system that makes the process of creating an app as easy and fun as creating a website, and is open source and free too. 

  But i don't know how to create a website! 

                      If you've never built a website before, or have no idea what Wordpress is - no worries as i show you exactly what to do in each step, so this course is great for whoever wants to create an app regardless to any prior experience. 

                      The course will guide you through all the steps you have to take in order to get yourself a native app that people can download from the app stores. 

                      The app you will create can be produced as an Andoid app as well as Apple one. I will show you how to get the app online in the Google Play store (Android) while a documented tutorial of how to get the app in the Apple store is available too (a video showing how to do that will follow soon). 

                      In this course, you will watch me going through all the steps from A to Z, while some of the video lectures will be followed by PDF files for further guidance. 

  Course overview in short 

  1. About the app you will create

  2. Downloading the app program files (free)

  3. Registering to a hosting account (please view the "additional costs" lecture which is free to preview)

  4. Creating a database

  5. Uploading the app program files to your hosting account via a (free) FTP client

  6. Installing the program platform

  7. Configuring your app

  8. Designing your app

  9. Adding features to your app

  10. Creating APIs

  11. Creating the app icon

  12. Downloading your app files

  13. Previewing your app in your device

  14. Registering as a developer (please view the "additional costs" lecture which is free to preview)

  15. Downloading Android Studio (free)

  16. Producing your app file

  17. uploading your app file to the stores and publishing your app

  18. Sending push notifications

  19. Updating your app

  20. Creating an app business

  21. Summary and thank yous :-)

  Enroll today - to see your app in the stores within 8 days from now! 

Create a Native App For Your Business In 8 Days, No Coding! - Screenshot_01Create a Native App For Your Business In 8 Days, No Coding! - Screenshot_02Create a Native App For Your Business In 8 Days, No Coding! - Screenshot_03Create a Native App For Your Business In 8 Days, No Coding! - Screenshot_04
Day 1: Ready to create your first app?
Welcome! Here's some information about the platform you will be working with
What will your app do?
Additional costs
Start working - download the program files
Registering to a hosting account
Day 2: Let's get some things configured
Creating a database
Subdirectory VS. Subdomain: understanding the difference:
Uploading the program files to your server
While uploading the files - here's a short methodical break- what you did so far
Day 3: It starts to get interesting - installing and designing your app!
Installing the files - so you can finally start working on your app!
Creating a username for your app
Add some information about your app and/or company
Connecting to the app editor
Something important about the platform version
Designing your app - choosing a template and a layout
Let's add some colors!
Day 4: Adding features - that's where the magic happens!
Add a newswall - to publish news messages to your users
Create a discount that only your app users will be abale to validate
Show your products and services by creating a catalogue
Running a restaurant? Show your menu in the app
Let your app users feel unique by creating a loyalty card!
You can even run a contest
Add Custom pages - with text, images, videos and more - just like in a website
Add an RSS feed page to show articles from any website supporting RSS
Create a photo gallery by adding your own photos or using third-party services
Add a video gallery from your computer, Youtube or Vimeo
Day 5: Adding more features
Add an interactive contact page where your users can contact you instantly
How to add the Push notifications feature
Create a booking system and let your customers set appointments with you
Add links to your external website or any other website
Running a Wordpress website? Show your posts inside the app in a beautiful way
Create folders and make your app menu much easier to navigate
Add as many forms as you want, with various field types
Create a calendar of events and connect it with your Google or Facebook events!
Connect your Facebook page to the app and let your users interact with it
Lock some of the app features to create a VIP membership club
Day 6: Your app is almost ready! Just a few more steps to go
APIs - connect your app with services like Instagram, Youtube and faceboook
Push notifications configuration
Create and upload your app icons
Day 7: Before publishing your app
Downloading the app final files
Previewing your app in your mobile device
Overview on app file types and registering as an Android developer
Day 8: Woohoo! It's time to publish your app!!!
Feeling overwhelmed? Here's some help!
Downloading and installing Android Studio
Producing the app APK file
Uploading your app to Google Playstore!
Watch this while waiting for your app to be published
See the app i created in this course on my mobile device!
Watch how i send a push notification!
Updating your app
What to update and how
Starting an app business - how to do it with the platform you just worked with
Starting an online app building BUSINESS!
Summary and thank yous
What an amazing journey we've had!
Where to get support
Show off your apps!
How to show the app you created
29 November 2020
Very out of date. only covers a few of the most basic feature pages on siberiancms. Ii learned more in the 30 minutes preceding the purchase of this course from a few quick searches on youtube . will be requesting a refund
24 June 2018
I was able to start my client project right away! The instructor should just be herself, sharping her skill in this evolving world and that is all. Oh, one more thing. I think my instructor is cute and cool. Kenny.
1 June 2015
This course is really good. Maya walks through all the setup and makes an example app based off the Siberian CMS. I learned a ton and highly recommend this class if you want to get started with Android app making, but have no coding skills.
7 March 2015
This is an amaqzing course. Instead of waffling on and on about tons op options and possibilities Maya gets t the point in a very clear and concise way. She shows and explains everything very clearly, thus making sure you can following along and get an idea of the different options this framework offers at the same time. The videos are clear and crisp; the audio is of very high quality. Instead of making a course twice as long, Maya has succeeded in keeping things shot and sweet. You never get the feeling that you are having to "study" stuff - but you still leran at a tremendus rate. I loved it! Thanks, Maya!
21 February 2015
This course covers all I needed to know in order to create an app - as promised. Maya takes you through the process step-by-step - from setting up the required site, installing the software, adding a variety of possible features, design and on to publishing on the app stores. I developed apps in the past, and never thought this could be so easy - with the help of technology and the explanations in this course. Thanks Maya!
18 February 2015
I've taken three other build your own app courses and I have to say this is the best so far. Maya takes you through a painless process to create an app in a no-fluff way. An excellent course for those new to app building.
18 February 2015
Very helpful if want to learn how make your own app. Content is well structured, nice and clear explanations. Well done Maya :) 10x
15 February 2015
This is a great step-by-step course to walk you through creation of native android apps. However it is not complete because th author is not covering on how to make a native apple apps yet.. But still a very good job and easy to follow even for a total beginner like my self.. Very recommended..


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