Create a GUI with Python

Introduction to PySimpleGUI

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Create a GUI with Python
38 mins
Sep 2020
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What you will learn

Make a GUI (desktop or web) with Python

A simple way to make desktop apps

Interacting with your GUI in Python

Theming your GUI

Basics of GUI app development

Why take this course?

This course teaches you how you can quickly create desktop apps with Python. The content makes this easy: you don't have to be an expert in PyQt, Tkinter, wxPython or the web: instead you can easily switch between all of them.

If you want to start with creating desktop apps in Python and it all seems overwhelming, this is an easy course to get started with programming desktop apps in Python


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Our review

📚 **Course Review: Introduction to PySimpleGUI** **Overall Rating:** 3.98/5 ### **Pros:** - **Comprehensive for Beginners:** The course is well-explaned for those who are new to Python and GUI development, providing a good foundation for understanding PySimpleGUI. - **Useful for Python Beginners:** It serves as an excellent starting point for beginners looking to build computer applications with Python libraries. - **Ease of Understanding:** The course avoids delving too much into Python basics, assuming prior knowledge or providing it within the context of the course. - **Good Introduction to PySimpleGUI:** It introduces windows, gadgets, and colors effectively, making it an accessible introduction to GUI frameworks. - **Resourceful:** Even with its shortcomings, the course was found useful by some learners for understanding where to go next in their learning journey. ### **Cons:** - **Lack of Conventional Use:** The course does not follow PySimpleGUI conventions such as the basic structure (import, layout, window, event-loop, close), naming conventions (s instead of sg), and other fundamental practices. - **Incomplete Explanation of Concepts:** Several key concepts like the main event-loop, complex layout creation, and how to create popup dialogues are not thoroughly explained or are explained insufficiently. - **Insufficient Comparison with Other Frameworks:** The course does not adequately explain the differences between PySimpleGUI and other GUI frameworks that utilize callback mechanisms. - **Redundant Content:** Some parts of the video content are repeated, which can be confusing and detract from the learning experience. - **Technical Issues:** There are reports of technical issues such as videos stopping and restarting from the beginning. ### **Additional Feedback:** - **Potential for Improvement:** The course could benefit from a more structured approach, ensuring all conventions and key concepts are covered and explained clearly. - **Diverse Learner Experiences:** Some learners found the course incomplete but still valuable as an introduction, while others were able to look past some redundancies and technical hiccups to find the content beneficial. ### **Conclusion:** While the course has its shortcomings in terms of adherence to conventions, completeness, and some technical issues, it is still considered a valuable resource for beginners looking to learn PySimpleGUI. The positive feedback suggests that with some improvements, this course could be an excellent tool for those starting their journey into Python GUI development. **Note:** It's important for future learners to be aware of the course's current limitations and to possibly complement this course with additional resources for a more comprehensive learning experience.



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