Crash Course on Leadership + EXTRA Negotiation Skills Course

Learn the Key Fundamentals for Becoming an Inspiring Leader + FREE Foundations of Negotiation Course.

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

The exact path that you must follow to become an effective leader.

Several specific tips and practices that a high-performance leader must apply.

How to use your learning to create opportunities.

What is the profile, characteristics, mindset and skills that an effective leader has and how to develop them.

Several specific tips and practices that a high-performance leader must NOT apply.

How an effective leader delegates work.

Special techniques and templates to apply to your projects right away.

Manually curated captions to enhance your learning experience.

[Extra 01] Includes a Crash Course on the Foundations of Negotiation (check out the free preview).

A digital certificate of completion.


Did you know that 76% of the projects worldwide fail and that the leading cause is ineffective leadership?


Communication and Leadership are the most relevant skills that you must develop to differentiate yourself and have professional and personal success.


WARNING.: if you like loads of theory, memorizing and "bla bla bla", hard even to understand, beware. This course is extremely simple and practical. You will leave everything fast and easily, practicing all the thought techniques step-by-step with real-world situations.

Develop your communication, motivate your team, and become an inspiring leader!

After this course, you will know the path you must follow to become a successful leader, even if you know NOTHING about the subject or even if you think you don't have a good leader profile.

With a simple language, lots of motivation, practical and real-world examples, you will learn several techniques that will help you on your first steps to becoming a successful leader and able to manage teams, especially project teams.

Practicing what this course teaches will undoubtedly make you totally capable of developing your leadership capabilities and obtaining new professional and personal opportunities.

Since, as a leader, you will constantly be negotiating with your team, clients, and other stakeholders, this course gives you for free a special Fundamentals of Negotiation course, where you will receive valuable tips that will complement your profile and abilities as a leader.


Students Testimonials (What are students saying about Mirko's courses?):

"Undoubtedly the Best Course! Thanks a Million, Mirko!!!" - Mirza Mehdi, Business Analyst

"So far excellent, Mirko is able to deliver this unfamiliar matter (to me) in a very understandable way. Probably to put it in practice it will take some cycles making some experience, but if you like its logic it will come almost natural." Gian Luca Anselmi, Project Manager

"This course is one of the best I’ve taken in Udemy. I like its progressive style along with helpful quizzes and tips, which has helped me to assimilate and consolidate a solid knowledge about agile management with Scrum. Not to mention the insights that Dr Mirko brings to the table with a perfect alignment between theory and practice, which also helped me a lot to connect with the concepts covered in the course. Dr Mirko has great teaching skills. I couldn't recommend it more." - João Nunes, Software Engineer

"The course not only conveys knowledge and skills, but also teaches the right approach that significantly increases the efficiency of using this framework. All in an accessible and friendly, but also professional, form." - Bagu Bagu

"Informative, comprehensive and good consolidated training...absorbed and enjoyed the learning curve. Thanks to Mirko and team!" - Narayan Ragothma Rao, Executive Director

"I like how you get straight to the point but also make things very clear to understand!" - Nina Paleracio

"All concepts clearly explained. Great examples and case studies provided to reinforce the theory." - Crystal Glassford, General Manager

"So far so good. I like the way the content is explained using lots of examples and visuals, helps me understand better and the learning pace is good for me too." - Jonathan Nathan, IT Project Manager

"He's actually doing a great job of making what I was presuming to be a boring, tired class, into something I want to learn. Not lying about the subject matter is the best start. Promises kept are promises earned." - Jeremy D Shorter, Financial Analyst


[Extra 01] Fundamentals of Negotiation (check the free preview).

[30-day money-back guarantee policy] This course has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. No questions asked! Thus, there is NO RISK for you!

What are you waiting for?

Join now and take a step further into becoming a better leader and uplift your career!


Crash Course on Leadership + EXTRA Negotiation Skills Course
Crash Course on Leadership + EXTRA Negotiation Skills Course
Crash Course on Leadership + EXTRA Negotiation Skills Course
Crash Course on Leadership + EXTRA Negotiation Skills Course



Your Roadmap to SUCCESS


Boss vs Leader

How to have my PERSONAL support during the course

Quiz 1


Forget your Comfort Zone and Develop Your Communication

[EXTRA] The Proof that You Can be a Great Communicator

Quiz 2

Developing the Leader Within You

Work on your Motivation and Optimism

Develop your Empathy

[EXTRA] Intention x Reality

Types of Leaders

Don't Choose your Leadership Type!

Find your References

Who can be your Mentor?

Quiz 3

Delegating Work: Creating Multiple Threads to Get Work Done Faster

Delegating Work - Setting the Stage

Notes (Downloadable PDF)

Approaches to Delegate Work - Part 1

Approaches to Delegate Work - Part 2

Approaches to Delegate Work - Part 3

Delegating Work - Final Tips


Special Techniques for Leading Project Teams


Notes (Downloadable PDF)

Kick-off Meeting: Inspiring your Team

Conducting a Kick-off Meeting in Practice

Kick-off Meeting Agenda Template (Downloadable file)

Lessons Learned: Eliminating Recurring Waste

Lessons Learned in Practice: The NASA case

Lessons Learned: How to Make it Happen?

Let's Simulate a Lessons Learned Meeting!

Lessons Learned: Two Common Mistakes

Lessons Learned: Wrapping Up

Quiz 4

[EXTRA] Negotiation Foundations


The Elements of Negotiation

The Negotiation Process - Part A

The Negotiation Process - Part B

The Negotiation Process - Part C

6 Things That You MUST DO to be More Successful on Your Negotiations

5 Things That You MUST AVOID on Negotiations

Final Remarks

Final Bonus



Enzo17 June 2021

This course is amazing and it is opening my eyes on how to develop my leadership skills. It is very encouraging. Thanks, Mirko!

Ma13 June 2021

the lesson was appropriate to my line of work as Project Manager. He covered areas critical to be a project manager and lead a team!

Michael2 June 2021

This is a great course to introductory Leadership. I found the information to be helpful in day-to-day business. The bonus class for negotiations was really helpful.

Nancy24 May 2021

The course was very informative. It has helped me figure out where I was going wrong while dealing my customers and my boss. I highly recommend this course.

Suzy19 May 2021

Learning about the kick-off meeting and lessons learned was very interesting! Looking forward to apply them in practice!

Renata8 May 2021

This course is outstanding! I learned in a few minutes things that will change the way I deal with my team! I recommend it!

Arthur7 May 2021

Such an amazing course! It helped me open my mind in way that's already making a difference on my daily work routine, given that I usually apply some of the concepts explained in this course. Also, I've been receiving compliments about my posture and how it might be positively affective my team latety.

João5 May 2021

I would like to thank Prof. Mirko for this course. I haven't finished the course yet, but what I've learned so far is already changing my mindset, confidence and behavior in the workplace. Great teaching, straight to the point with practical examples that make each lesson interesting. I will be back soon to update this review!

Andres4 May 2021

This is an incredible course, it has clearly exceeded my expectations. These skills are critical for professional and personal development. Thus, I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you Mirko, love your courses!

José3 May 2021

This course is amazing! I am excited to have started it! Lots of value delivered in a pretty short course, which makes me feel like I am taking the shortest route to becoming a good leader. Plus, A+ quality for the quality of the material. Further, since I am not a native English speaker, the captions are awesome! Very helpful! I totally recommend this course! Great job!

Felipe3 May 2021

Great course on leadership! This course shows fundamentals for become a leader. It is above my expectations.

Raphael2 May 2021

This course is very good, above my expectations. It teaches about leadership in practice, I am very satisfied with the course and I can't wait to apply this knowledge!

Edval30 April 2021

Excellent course! Mirko manages in a simple way to teach enormous practical lessons to apply in everyday life.

Andrei29 April 2021

Excellent course that opened my eyes to the basics of leadership and negotiating, clarifying how essential that is not only for efficient management but for your life.


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