COVID19 Culture Strategy for Motivating & Managing Your Team

COVID19 Impact & Implications: Change Management & How to Communicate with your Team

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Detailed Instruction to drive strategy with culture components applicable to the current crisis.

Monthly additions of lectures relevant to our current times. COVID19 real time ongoing education.

Lectures recorded in real time with the shut down March 2020, and progress through the pandemic. This is like a Netflix series where you binge watch to find out the ending. Stay tuned! We believe the world will go forward as a safer place. Come on this journey with us today!

*Concepts taught in this course continue to be relevant as we move forward into the 21st Century. According to The McKinsey Report, up to 440 million jobs will be displaced and 500 million new jobs will be created by 2030 due to Artificial Intelligence. How will we cope and help others cope with continued change? The content in this course speaks to strategy that is driven with the human being at the core center.*


We are in unprecedented times in our world. Many have lost their jobs, are home schooling their children, with most work settings becoming virtual. People make up organizations, and putting their needs at the forefront is our key to successful strategy. Each section focuses on a specific topic with empirical data to support our needed shift to cultural competencies in management.



Virtual Empathy

Motivating Yourself & Your Team

Communications in Crisis

Healthy Habits for Depressed Mood & Grief

Stigma & Resilience

Love at Work


COVID19 Culture Strategy for Motivating & Managing Your Team
COVID19 Culture Strategy for Motivating & Managing Your Team
COVID19 Culture Strategy for Motivating & Managing Your Team
COVID19 Culture Strategy for Motivating & Managing Your Team


Introducing Presentations That Weave Healthy Organizational Culture Throughout

Introducing Our Course

What to Expect: Key Takeaways

Motivating Yourself & Your Team

Motivating Yourself and Your Team

Diversity in the Workplace: Managing Multigenerational Teams

Managing a Multigenerational Team with Cohesion

Communications In Crisis

Communications In Crisis: COVID19

Virtual Empathy

Virtual Empathy

Love at Work

Love at Work Lecture

Stigma and Resilience: Backlash Towards People Groups During the COVID19Pandemic

Stigma and Resilience

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 Amongst the COVID 19 Stress

2020 International Day of Happiness: Recorded for our virtual agora in Knoxville

COVID19: Managing the Grief

Loss, Grief, & Actionable Plan: COVID19

Healthy Habits to Combat Depressed Mood

Utilizing Healthy Habits to Combat Depressed Mood

Bonus Section

Bonus Section


Marisan23 April 2021

Some of the video editing was a bit distracting but the instructor is very enjoyable. Also great resources!

Rachel3 March 2021

The course is somewhat rambling - I assume because of the content and environment. There are very good points and lectures individually, but it's not very cohesive. It's more of a conversation than a class.

Pam11 February 2021

Instructor's mic was not on during most of the course making it extremely difficult to hear and was distracting from content.

Jeffrey3 February 2021

There were some useful points and discussion brought up. However, they were repeated and there was a lot of just chatting about whatever going on. The meaning content could have been covered in 1/4 the time. Visual aids were quite uncommon but would have been very helpful in h\keeping the point of the conversation present.

Kelli22 December 2020

This is a good match for me. It is important to learn how to keep my team motivated during this time. I think all managers in my organization should take this course.

Frecie5 November 2020

I thought it was an excellent lecture, but the bonus lectures were unnecessary. Those bonus lectures were just brief summaries of the entire lecture. Otherewise, the lectures were informative and engaging.

Norma21 May 2020

Very insightful and a reminder of the need to be empathic to all and communicate on a level that suits the individuals needs.


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