Diploma in Music Therapy and Lyric Analysis (8 hrs lectures)

Music Therapy and Healing - in detail and with exercises to try

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Music Fundamentals
Diploma in Music Therapy and Lyric Analysis (8 hrs lectures)
8 hours
Mar 2024
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What you will learn

How music in general, impacts the brain

The emotions generated - or amplified - by Country Music

How Country Music aids learning

How Country Music aids a business

Some analysis of lyrics

The work of one of the UK's foremost singer

How some musicians also produce art

Why take this course?


This first part is divided into fourteen sections as follows:

1. Introduction and phonemes (These phonemes are explained with an example)

2. Music and depression (Reference is made to lyrics)

3. Mental health and Country Music (Poems and lyrics included)

4. Country Music and Gratitude

5. Country Music and Depression

6. What leaders can learn from Country Music

7. Benefits of music (Your participation is encouraged!)

8. How Country Music affects learning (Again, your participation.)

9. Paintings (Included with special permission - these do NOT feature elsewhere on the Internet)

10. Lyrics

11. The Homework Section (Asking for your feedback on various statements made and thoughts expressed.)

12. Finishing off

13. I still cry

14. P.P.S.

Throughout the course students are urged to read/listen/think and then respond in the Q/A. Plenty of clips. Plenty of questions. Plenty of comments welcome.

There is material included here - paintings, poems, lyrics, recordings - that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet - otherwise you could just go to Youtube!

Enrol ..and ENJOY this course - and you may learn quite a lot on the way!

Note: Owing to copyright, only CLIPS of world famous musicians are included - you are always urged to go and visit the original film.

Artists such as:

  • Tim McGraw

  • Vince Gill

  • Andy Simpson

  • Johnny Cash

  • Kris Kristofferson

  • Hank Williams

  • Garth Brooks

  • Luke Combs

  • Maren Morris

  • Brett Eldredge

  • Van Zandt

  • Alan Jackson

  • Buck Owens

  • Denny Strickland

  • Mary Gauthier

  • George Jones

  • Randy Travis

  • Hank Cochran

  • Ilse DeLange

Also when dealing with Country Music and Depression we include consideration of some studies, risk factors and the existence of someone called 'Sam'.


  • Music Therapy - in depth

  • Lyric alteration

  • Listening and discussing

  • Improvisation

  • Guided Imagery

  • Group Performance

  • Country Music Lyric Collage

  • Country Music Chair Dance

  • Country Music Karaoke

  • Active Performance

  • Memory Recall

  • Lyrics

  • Attention and focus

  • Songwriting


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June 20, 2023
Country music psychology certainly provides me great company and relaxing vibes after completing a comparatively academic related and informative program of professor Chris'. Knowing reviews take a LONG time to show so I decided to leave it earlier this time. Through examples and discussion, this class also built me more insight toward every piece of country music (so familiar yet some more to learn). Many times, I feel as if I am listening to short stories. Before climbing another mountain, this class serves light gentle breeze to energize us for the next achievement.
November 27, 2022
Chris' courses is making me grow inside and in myself. They are thought provoking and educational. Chris is a good teacher and cares about his students. I have in this course done 31 % so far, and I have learned about new singers and new songs. I have gone back to my childhood and remembered the songs I used to sing and listen to. It's been a good journey so far. I also get a grip on health issues in a good way. If you really want to have fun, think about life and grow at the same time, I highly recommend Chris' courses.
October 10, 2022
I am only part way through this course but can already say it is fantastic. Not just the music clips but also the comments and chat etc. A fun course that's also educational. Art work is good too!
September 20, 2022
Thank you for the great course! I throughly enjoyed the discussion of country music and how it can have an effect on different aspects of a person’s life!
September 16, 2022
one of the most amazing classes i have attended online ever, bless you, Mr Sivewright for, on top of it all, making this class available for everyone to attend. your insight is invaluable and has expanded my understanding of sound elements, be they phonological or musical, in more than just country music. too few are those words which could express my gratitude in full. i thank you in a sincerest and warmest manner and may you remain as resplendent as ever.



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