Project Management


Projects Cost Management, Estimating, Budgeting and Control.

Learn how to estimate costs for any project, how to determine budget and how to use Earned Value Management tools. 3 PDU

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

How to estimate costs for a project

How to determine project budget

How to control project costs

How to use Earned Value Management indicators


This course consist of two parts. The fist part is a theoretical explanation based on the cost management chapter from PMBOK (the book that is used for PMP certificate) and the second part is a practical example about how to apply the theoretical part..

Both parts talk about three main topics:

  1. How to estimate costs for activities in the project, which also include:

    • Types of Costs

    • Estimating costs tools and techniques.

    • Handling Risk Reserves costs

    • Cost of Quality

    • Documenting the costs basis of estimates

  2. How to determine project budget, which also include:

    • Determine cost baseline

    • Estimate funding requirements

    • Determine project budget

  3. How to Control Project Costs, through: 

    • Using Earned Value Management Techniques to assess project performance

    • Calculating CPI, SPI, CV, SV

    • Forecasting project costs y using Earned Value Management Tools


Projects Cost Management, Estimating, Budgeting and Control.
Projects Cost Management, Estimating, Budgeting and Control.
Projects Cost Management, Estimating, Budgeting and Control.
Projects Cost Management, Estimating, Budgeting and Control.




Theoritical Part

What is Cost Management?

Direct and Indirect Costs

Analogous Estimating

Parametric Estimation

Three-Point Estimating

Reserve Analysis

Cost Estimates and Basis of Estimates

Cost Baseline

Funding Requirements

Earned Value Formulas

Project Status

Earned Value Example

Forecasting Three Scenarios

Forecasting Example

To-Complete-Performance-Index TCPI

Performance Reviews


Project Simulation and Detailed Example

Direct and Indirect Costs

Cost Estimates and Reserve Analysis

Cost Baseline and Project Budget

Basis of Estimate

Funding Requirements

Earned Value Calculation




HADDAD19 September 2020

تتبعت المحاضرة عن طريق الترجمة الآلية كوني لا أجيد تماما اللغة الأنجليزية، ولكوني ملم بموضوع التكاليف بحكم التحصيل العلمي الذي تلقيته في مجال تقني إقتصاد في مساري الدراسة المحاضر قيمة في مجالها تركزت على تطبيق عملي للتكاليف والنفقات التي يتطلبها تمويل مشروع ما على العموم هناك تحصيل علمي إيجابي في موضوع التكاليف وشكرا

Maitri14 September 2020

It was good, but could be more better as the excel part was not that clear. So it was difficult to understand

Kay10 September 2020

The trainer is very hard to understand as he has a heavy thick accent. I would highly recommend to take his content and have a professional, where English is their first language & put it in a new course. Where is the enthusiasm? The content is great.

Gospel5 September 2020

It was nice learning new concepts about Project cost management. I would love to see more materials with quizzes to aid the student with hand on practice.

Edo28 August 2020

Idea is very good but presenter have problems using Excel. Also, it's look like that he is just reading from a book or some material and is not so sure about theory.

Hrishin26 August 2020

The course was very good, the explanation was very clear and the example was easy to understand, the teachers accent somewhere affected a little bit, slides were clear and audio was little bit slow.

Mohamed23 August 2020

simple , focus , with a clrear vision about the content delivered the only issue is we have no access to the course ppt slides , so we still have no reference

Kushagra22 August 2020

Course content is good but the delivery is really bad , the instructor has a heavy accent and most things he says don't get conveyed to the student, I had to turn the subtitles on. It also seems that the instructor himself is not willing to teach or rather really bored to teach.

Vedant21 August 2020

The 2nd half of the course was a really good example but it could've been excellent if the excel file could've been shared with the users for their perusal. A similar question as homework should've been given to users as practice to carry out on their own as well, that would've completely solidified the knowledge.

Romy20 August 2020

So far, OK. He's just spending too much time trying to explain the variables in the formulas and computations.

Byron19 August 2020

Unfortunately at this stage, the tutor is still delivering in a manner that is devoid of enthusiasm and energy and is not providing totally the best explanations upon the topics he is covering. He clearly knows his subject matter however has chosen to use a poorly scripted format which is making his delivery come over in the worst way.

Peter12 August 2020

Ahhhhhhhh it's not ermmmmmmmm really ahhhhhhh what I was looking for. The content has some relevance but the presenter isn't exactly engaging or dynamic - I'm almost falling asleep listening to him. I know I got this course for free, but had I paid full price for it, I would be asking for a refund for sure! Come on Udemy - you can do better than this!!

Aaditya7 August 2020

I learned a lot about the concepts of cost management. Also, I got a clear idea how cost management in any project is carried out. Easy to grab the information.

Janak27 July 2020

It was really nice to learn about projects cost management. Slides through out the session seem useful and effort of resource person is praise worthy. Thanks

Salman22 July 2020

Very well organized course. I had to face trouble understanding his accent, but as I proceed, he used some excellent mathematical examples to give clear visualization of concepts. A little tip to the instructor: Please be more energetic when you talk, that would make the course more engaging. Apart from that, you are an excellent teacher.


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