Ultimate Guide To Core Stability

Stabilize your Core for Strength, Power, and Athletics

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Stabalize Your Core

Strengthen Your Core

Enhance Your Posture

What Muscles Make Up The Core

How To Assess Core Strength

How to Reduce Injury

Reduce Back Pain


Looking to Build a Rock Solid Core?

Core stability is the most important prerequisite for fitness, sports, and posture, and by training core stability correctly, you will immediately increase your fitness level, while reducing your chance of injury.

I am Gam, a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, and former Athlete. and in this course, I will teach you how to build solid core stability for sports and injury prevention. I hold multiple sports conditioning certifications, and I plan on preparing you to train and stabilize your core to an elite level.

Having a balanced body allows your to produce strength and power. Balance, comes from stabilizing the core. Imagine trying to lift a couch, while standing on two volleyballs. Without stability, power and strength is impossible, and we are vulnerable to injury. Stabilization of the core, is like standing on a stable surface.

Without stabilizing your core, any movement could potentially cause injury, especially heavy lifting and playing sports. Most trainers fail to understand how to properly stabilize the core, and reinforce dangerous habits that increase pressure on the lower back, knees, and shoulders.

In this course you will learn exactly how to train your core to increase your balance and enhance your posture. With proper core training, every aspect of your fitness and movement will be improved.

The core is made of up four main areas.

  1. Anterior Portion

  2. Posterior Portion

  3. Hip and Pelvis

  4. Scapula and Upper Back

I will teach you how to appropriately train each of these parts of the core, as well as provide an 18-week core stabilization program that will condition your entire core to an elite level.

No need to...

  • ·Preform endless crunches

  • Feel unnecessary burn

  • Starve yourself for a six pack

As you will learn in my course, the majority of information about core training is incorrect. Most amature fitness enthusiasts train the core with isolated movements. The correct way to train the core is by emphasizing our core to work as an entire unit, together. There are four main movements, anti-extension, anti-rotation, hip mobility, and scapular stability

Not only will you build core stability, but you will walk with better posture and feel more balanced.

Here is what's inside the program:

Part 1: Posture and Stability

  • Essential Nature of Core Training

  • Proper Method of Core Training

  • Injury Prevention

Part 2: Functioning of The Core

  • · Core Anatomy

  • · Anti-Extension and Anti-Rotation

  • · Hip Complex and Scapular Stability

Part 3: Full Exercise Database (50+ Exercises)

  • Anti-Extension

  • Anti-Rotation

  • Hip Complex

  • Scapular Stability

  • Easy, Medium, and Difficult

Part 4: Testing

  • · Anti-Extension Testing

  • · Anti-Rotation Testing

  • · Hip Testing

  • · Scapula Testing

Part 5: Full 18 Week Program

  • · Level 1: 6 weeks Beginner Program

  • · Level 2: 6 Weeks Intermediate Program

  • · Level 3: 6 Weeks Advanced Program

This course is perfect for young athletes, or anyone who goes to the gym, but wants to reduce injury and increase strength and performance. You will enhance your posture, increase your balance, feel more stable, and reduce injury.

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Ultimate Guide To Core Stability
Ultimate Guide To Core Stability
Ultimate Guide To Core Stability
Ultimate Guide To Core Stability


Core Training For Posture and Stability

Core Stability Is Necessary for All Fitness

Core Training Should Enhance Posture

Injury Reduction

Functioning Of The Core

Basic Anatomy of The Core

Anti-Extension and Anti-Rotation

Scapula and Hips

Getting Started

Easy Anti-Extension

Elbow Plank

Straight Arm Plank

Bear Crawl Position

Plank + Hip Extension

Plank + Hip Abduction

Mountain Climber

Medium Anti-Extension

Unstable Upper Plank

Straight Arm Unstable Upper

Straight Arm Feet Elevated

Bear Crawl Fire Hydrant

Double Knee Tuck Unstable Lower

Double Leg Pike Unstable Lower

Elbow Plank Elevated Lower

Elbow Plank Walk

Elevated Lower Unstable Upper

Unstable Upper and Hip Abduction

Straight Arm Walk Out

Straight Arm Elevated Upper Unstable Lower

Unstable Mountain Climber

Unstable Plank Hip Extension

Bear Crawl Kick Back

Hard Anti-Extension

Elbow Unstable Upper and Lower Plank

Straight Arm Unstable Upper and Lower

Double Unstable Hip Abduction and Extension

Single Leg Knee Tuck Unstable Lower

Straight Arm Walk Out Unstable Lower

Unstable Lower Elbow Walk

Easy Anti-Rotation


Straight Arm

Medium Anti-Rotation

Lateral Walks Bear Crawl and Straight Arm

Side Plank Hip Abduction

Side Plank Hip Flexion

Straight Arm Shoulder Flexion

Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps

Bear Crawl Shoulder Flexion

Hard Anti-Rotation

Opposite Hand Opposite Foot

Side Plank Unstable Upper

Easy Hip

Glute Bridge

Banded Glute Bridge

Bridge Ball Between Knees

Prisoner Squat

Single Leg Balance and Reach

Medium Hip

Glute Bridge Feet on Stability Ball

Knee Drive Bridge Switch

Overhead Squat

RDL Complex

Single Leg Bridge

Single Leg RDL

Hard Hip

Knee Drive Unstable Upper

Single Leg Bridge Unstable Upper

Single Leg Bridge on Stability Ball

Easy Scapula




Band Pull Aparts

Banded Upper Rows

Medium Scapula

Unstable YTA

Weighted YTA

Weighted Unstable Upper YTA Cuffs

Testing Which Program To Start

Anti-Extension Testing

Anti-Rotation Testing

Scapular Testing

Hip Testing

Core Stability Programs

Core Level 1, 2, and 3


Maryke8 March 2021

Yes it was, but I would engage more with the student by adding something like quizzes or more questions and answers o broaden the insight and knowledge.

David28 December 2020

The course has a lot of exercises. The videos are clear and he takes care to mention areas where you could be doing things wrong.

Motibo18 December 2020

100% satisfied with this course. Explains clearly how to train properly with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Simple, yet challenging exercises. Clear explanations. 10/10

Taro14 December 2020

Well organized course. As a former athlete, I can say that Gam does an excellent job at teaching how to train the core to build strength and stability.

Dalila10 December 2020

This course is a MUST for anyone that goes to the gym, to reduce injury and properly train. I wish I had known this earlier!

Brian7 December 2020

As a soccer player, this course was very helpful in teaching how to train with good technique to get stronger. I can already feel the difference in the exercises.

Julia4 December 2020

Instructor explains very clearly and professionally how to exercise with good technique. I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants to learn how to properly work their abs and core, and reduce pain.

Rose2 December 2020

This is the best course I have taken on the core. I learned so much in this course about how to PROPERLY perform exercises without causing pain, and to truly get stronger!


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