Old in 2021? Here’s how to deal with it!

Old on the outside but inside...no inflammation! Loads of fun - and a twinkle in my eye.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

1. Protect against COVID-19 and also the effects of the lockdown

2. Pass on the tips and ideas, thoughts and stories to elderly relatives and friends - or just remember them for yourself!

3. Learn about anti-inflammatory diet

4. 300+ activities to fight boredom

5. Prevent premature aging

6. Improve sleep

7. Oxygenate your blood

8. Overcome loneliness

9. Look forward far more positively to growing old.

10. Workbook added on Holistic Medicine


Notice: Please do NOT enrol on this course on impulse, thinking you might watch it later. Maybe show an interest on impulse, yes, but before you enrol, watch the Preview videos, read the Course Description and then make a decision. If you then enrol then please start the course as soon as possible. Watch the lectures, look at the workbooks and join in the discussions. Joining my courses is a serious business and I want you to get the most out of your study – but I also want you to enjoy the course.

That is why I am asking that you only enrol because you really want to and that you start the course intending to make full use of all the resources.

You will be very welcome.

This is a rich, varied course narrated by Peter Thomas (aged 80!!!) who at the time of the recordings, had spent nearly six decades in the acting industry. He brings to the course a gravitas that is a mixture of research, personal anecdotes, humour and every so often a whiff of sadness.

This is a course about some of the problems that old age brings - and what can be done, what Peter has done, to deal with them.

There is something in this course for everyone - and the elderly relatives of everyone! Even if you are not in the UK, 99% of the course will still apply to you.

We all have our own ways of getting through life but as we age our ability to fight the ravages of time, the boredom, the ill health, diminish.

Topics include:

  • Fears of growing old

  • Impact of COVID-19

  • Inflammatory diet

  • Exercise - to death

  • Questions, myths and ANSWERS

  • Loneliness

  • Depression

  • Boredom

  • Eating well

  • Coping with being old

  • Health Concerns

  • Looking ahead

  • NEW SECTION: Students' questions

This course will enable you to cope with old age that little bit better...in fact, quite a lot better!

If you like film and theatre you will be amused and interested by the anecdotes*. The background of the Instructor - Peter Thomas - makes this course absolutely UNIQUE.  Look forward to old age with hope, with optimism and desire - not fear. Also use the workbook that comes free with this course to record your journey to happiness and fulfillment.

*Even if you have no interest in cinema or theatre there is still a lot in this course for you - especially as you are continually advised, encouraged even, to contribute to the forum.

Let's share ideas!

Note: this course is the end product of a period of co-operation between Peter Thomas and Chris Sivewright . A joint effort from two old codgers!


Old in 2021? Here’s how to deal with it!
Old in 2021? Here’s how to deal with it!
Old in 2021? Here’s how to deal with it!
Old in 2021? Here’s how to deal with it!


Oxford School of Learning Diploma

About the Diploma

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Lecture 2: How to cope with ageing – the steps

Lecture 3: Fear of growing old

Lecture 4: Questions, Myths and answers

Lecture 5: Loneliness

Lecture 6: Depression

Lecture 7: Boredom

Lecture 8: Health concerns

Lecture 9: Eating well

Lecture 10 : Coping with being old

Lecture 11: Looking ahead

Students questions - What should I do if I'm in a bad mood?

One of the major risks of aging: strokes

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6


Claire10 October 2020

I am interested in the elderly , the more information , the better really , it may give useful tips , for general use ,

Benjamin20 August 2018

A very easy going experience and easy to understand individual .I enjoyed this course very much. A real life explanation. Maybe add how other generations enjoy there old age I have seen the difference like 1940's 1960' on how they tackle there old age. And the same for the younger people dealing with the old like holding a door open seeing them in there so called younger hangouts .

Robin12 August 2018

I found the instructor a delight to watch. I bet he had a wicked sense of humour in his day. Sad to learn of his passing, but he has left a wonderful legacy for the rest of us to enjoy and learn from. The course had just enough content so it wasn't overwhelming, but also had scope to go in search of more information. Thanks to Chris and Peter for a life-affirming message.

Dana10 July 2018

I enjoyed this course, and the acting additives. Good instructor, wonderful humor and positive outlook. :)

Marion30 June 2018

Enjoyed this course ! Any advice on how to cope better with old age is very welcome, and I highly recommend others take a look at the content.

Ashley27 May 2018

This course was very enlightening & interesting, even though a have a few year’s before retirement it’s always good to to the future. There was lots of good points mentioned & interesting ones too, such as lonleyness which is a big issue with the aged also sickness and how it can affect you overall. Sometimes we don’t realise or even think about these points when we have friends & family around so a good point to raise. Over all very good & interesting course very well set up & constructed throughly enjoyed. So sad to here about the passing away of the course instructor. Recommend for all to have a look in. Ashley Reid

Smaralit7 May 2018

this is pretty helpful on the matter of taking care of the old spicifically knowing what to do in helping them get on through their daily life.

John14 April 2018

He is fun and well read about the topic. So much fear in getting old, everyone could use a little help.

Kathryn26 January 2018

I enjoyed this course so much. The instructor made me smile throughout the whole course. Great sense of humor. Lots of practical tips for living in older age.

Priya29 November 2017

A very open and heartfelt, realistic acknowledgement of old age and how this could be better with a positive approach.

Anne5 November 2017

There was good reference material. The course covered most areas that people consider when looking forward to old age. There could be more included about how to cope with poverty.- and also how to cope with others treating one as in one's second childhood. I found the first lecture did not inspire me to continue. It needed to include some bait -and be more fast paced/inviting. It needs to address not only the old but people in the previous two decades at least. The guy is nice, accomplished in many ways, and convincing as to how he has coped, More about older women - they are 51% of the population and live much longer than men usually, and often have to cope with ailing old relatives as well as younger family members. I would like to see more of a variation in format - perhaps a discussion format/interview using old people talking about the same material but not lecturing he audience, just answering questions from the interviewer. There was some variety in the presentation of short skit extracts etc. and examples of the lecturer in activities The book list at the end could be more current - such as Homo Deus by Yuri Harari - about things happening in the tomorrow which we hope to see some of. Also references to good speakers on you tube.

Yasmin29 October 2017

Peter Thomas, the course instructor was very easy to understand. His approach to coping with old age was based on the own experience and knowledge, explaining what to expect, tips and ideas as well as his thoughts and stories with links to sites with lots of information to help other coping with old age as well as those with family and friend understand that coping with old age is manageable and quite rewarding and we should look forward to enjoying senior years. I would recommend this course to anyone

Chris26 October 2017

We have two routes in life – we get old and die, or we just die, before getting old. The purpose of this course is to not only cope with being old but also to enjoy it, welcome it, embrace the few freedoms that old age brings. It is clear from the demeanour of the presenter – Peter Thomas, a gentleman and an actor - that his enjoyment of life is slowing down the disadvantages of old age. I have a slight interest in theatre and education so I found it interesting that Peter often used clips from his own plays and films to make his point – that’s when he is not name dropping actors he has worked with…Oliver Reed, Elizabeth Taylor et alle. This name dropping – and extracts – makes this course very much a personal journey; it is almost like I am sitting in the same room as an elderly uncle whilst he meanders through giving advice for my tender years. This degree of intimacy is difficult to convey in courses but Peter manages to do it very well. I do have some minor criticisms though. Peter’s delivery is very very slow. Clearly he is reading off an autocue some of the time, not that this detracts but I would have preferred to have some lectures where he just told anecdotes. Occasionally he does depart from the text and the delivery is different and he seems more at ease. A second criticism is that the occasional siren can be heard. Clearly this is not shot in a studio and the outside noise very slightly distracts. My third criticism does not apply to me as I am in the UK but if I were living in India, for example, I might find the references to UK-based charities and UK websites a little irritating. But these are minor criticisms though. This course is free and the lectures are not a precursor to selling a much longer, detailed course. So it is not ‘clickbait’. In fact I was genuinely sad when lecture 11 explained why Peter would not be doing any updates.

Shazmin22 October 2017

Authentic and interesting. Also unique as the presenter refers to his own films. Peter (presenter) was 80 at the time of filming so, at times, the delivery was a little slow. BUT what I really really liked about the course is so much of it was personal - clearly the film excerpts were from his films, the photos were of him, the memories were his. That makes the course unique. That said some of the examples of sites etc were very much UK so the course may be less useful to students from USA etc. Nonetheless, the principles are the same. Lecture 11 was incredibly touching and explains why there will be no update to the course. In its own way this course is a masterpiece.


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