TRAVEL MASTERY - How to become a Successful Digital Nomad

Conversations With Digital Nomads

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TRAVEL MASTERY - How to become a Successful Digital Nomad


4 hours


Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Each lecture is a talk with a Digital Nomad about their travel

Learn different ways Digital Nomads travel and earn income on the road


Updated September 2020.

New Lecture! #17 - How a Podcast Producer took her RV and family and traveled around the SW USA for 5 months.

Scott Paton and Ricky Shetty are traveling the world. Scott left Vancouver, BC, Canada in January, 2017, and flew east alone. Ricky left Vancouver on December 2016 with his wife and three children under six, and flew west.

As they traveled they met interesting Digital Nomads, who use many different strategies to extend their travels. We interview these Nomads and uncover their secrets.

Discover how they used:

  • House Sitting

  • Volunteering

  • Online Businesses

  • Blogging

  • Writing

  • Photography

  • Teaching English

  • And much more to travel the world

This course will be constantly updated as we discover new ideas from the globe trotting Digital Nomads of the world!

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CoWorking Spaces Around the World

CoWorking in Taghazout, Morocco at Sun Desk

Digital Nomads and House Sitting

Betsy & Peter Wuebker - House Sitting Around The World

Betsy & Peter Wuebker - House Sitting Around The World (Continued)

Yvonne and Mike Bauche - 5 Years of Housesitting

Yvonne and Mike Bauche - 5 Years of Housesitting Final

Miscellaneous Interviews with Digital Nomads

David Morris, on the Road for Six Years

David Morris, on the Road for Six Years (Continued)

David Morris, on the Road for Six Years (Continued)


CouchSurfing With Skye Class

CouchSurfing With Skye Class 2

CouchSurfing With Skye Class 3

CouchSurfing With Skye Class Conclusion

Digital Nomad Family - Traveling With Children

Dai Manuel, DN Father, traveling With Family

Dai Manuel, DN Father, traveling With Family 2

Dai Manuel, DN Father, traveling With Family Conclusion

Wrap Up

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Angelica21 April 2019

the course talks about the experience of being digital nomad. The course could be more objective in talking about the practical aspects of this lifestyle.

Brian3 September 2018

Love the local connection experiences provided, nice up close and felt very personal how Scott did the interview from start to finish. Amazing unquie insights, hearing from unquie indervidual digital nomads, how they are linving the lifestyle now. Thanks so much Scott and Ricky. Now havea far richer deeper more meangful appecaite of why some one would choose the digital nomad lifstyle.

Brett16 February 2018

Not a course but a series of interviews that go way off topic frequently. Non-existent editing and poor quality skype recordings make this a low rated 'course'.

Ivan21 January 2018

I had the impression this "course" will be a waste of time after watching an introduction already, but out of respect for my friend who actually bought it for me as a present, I decided to go on with several "lectures" (almost watched them all in the end). Sorry that I am putting quotation marks around course or lecture, but there is really nothing educational in this. No structure, no content, no advise, no knowledge. There is even nothing inspirational if one would hope to find that at least. Technical execution - extremely amateur, while presenting itself as digital nomads encyclopedia. The way how the hosts look, how they behave and present in front of the camera (themselves and the topics), in what condition they are filming their conversations are really not saying that there is any authority behind it all. Using two cameras, but not knowing how to synchronize the tone. Camera stopping to work in the middle of the interview and then just casually continuing as "s**t happens". Courses finishing or starting in the middle of the sentence. The list could go on and on. The dedication to the technical quality of the content is extremely low. Example from one of the few episodes: Holding kids in host's lap while speaking, and not giving any explanation why are they even there, who are they, will they say anything, will their father say anything about them? Maybe, for instance, that could be a nice opening of the lecture on "homeschooling", but even that didn't happen. It all just looks like a very informal skype talking among people who don't have an intention to give anything structured as educational content. In one Skype session we the largest chunk of the screen is being taken by an artwork on the wall, while people's heads are somewhere in the bottom fourth of the frame. It is like constantly jumping into a movie scene and completely not understanding the context of what is going on. Just because there is no director or editor to present this context in an understandable way. There is plenty of podcasts like this that you could find, and dig much greater value from them, and - for free. I don't care that this costs as I didn't pay for it, but nobody should. I am saying this as someone who travels the world, works in giving lectures and also in the media environment. This is not professional enough to be charged as a course. I'd write more, but I honestly feel I already wasted enough time. Sorry. Update: Lecture no. 17 is literally a sentence saying "Join our Facebook group". Lecture no. 18 is LITERALLY a sentence saying "Please, leave a review for this course". All of this has to be a joke. My friend who bought this for me is probably laughing on the floor now.

Joan19 August 2017

This course shares the secrets to travel on a shoestring budget. It is fascinating to learn other people's stories about their travel.

Imon18 August 2017

Brilliant concept for this course! Feels a bit like the video version of The 4 Hour Work Week... :-)

Vagabond15 August 2017

A bit too simple for what I was expecting. Few random interviews (the couchsurfing is mixed with Dai Manuel) with very little depth to it, but maybe that is good for someone that never travel.

Jennifer8 July 2017

it is very interesting how those with the desire to live as the wind blows, do so. They travel the world as the desire for change strikes them. Interesting how they have found diverse ways to support themselves and cheaper ways to find accommodation. For those who long to be unshackled from the traditional way of life and set free to to be wherever their hearts leads them. It is apparent that technology and internet businesses seem to be mandatory unless you are financially set. Love the comment they are not like the masses who are buying stuff they do not need with money they do not have. The suitcase more or less is all that is required along with technology to reach out over the internet. One captioned the lifestyle as living on the edge of chaos and loving it. Completely enjoying the intelligence, the heartfelt passion, the enthusiasm for the lifestyle and the engagement between all participants.

Sorin3 July 2017

Great job and very engaging presentations with various setups. It really makes you want to taste the digital nomad lifestyle.

Tim2 July 2017

What an amazing concept for a course! If you've wanted to travel the world but weren't sure how, Scott and his crew give you plenty of ideas and "how to's". Scott is a master instructor and I would never hesitate in recommending any of his courses.

Art1 July 2017

Great information about what is available to help you as you travel the world while still earning an income.


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