Content Marketing 2022. Content that Sells!

Course on how to promote your project on the Internet using content marketing. Learn how to create content that sells!

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Content Marketing
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What you will learn

How to create a content marketing strategy

How to find a target audience and create relevant content for it

How to form a content plan

How to create popular content that sells

How to get more subscribers and loyal customers by using engaging content

How to optimize content for good search engine visibility

Master popular analysis services

How to search for popular keywords


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing method for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content for a specific audience.

The goal of content marketing is to help your audience cope with challenges, improve their quality of life, and to establish yourself as a trusted thought leader.

The Role of Content Marketing in 2021

The impact of the coronavirus is being felt around the world.

Shopper needs and habits are rapidly changing, which poses new challenges for marketers.

In 2021, 90% of marketers consider content marketing to be the most effective tactic for acquiring customers.

Among the companies already using content marketing, 75% have increased their search and content budgets.

According to Smart Insights statistics, within one minute, 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube, 78 million posts are published in WordPress, and 350 million tweets are published on Twitter.

To survive in this competitive environment, you need a good content marketing strategy to bring your business sales and increase customer loyalty.

How do you become a content marketing specialist?

This course teaches you how to create an effective content marketing strategy that will help transform your target audience into loyal brand consumers.

In this course you will learn:

  • to create a content marketing strategy

  • to find a target audience and create relevant content for it

  • to form a content plan

  • to create popular content that sells

  • to get more subscribers and loyal customers by using engaging content

  • to optimize content for good search engine visibility

  • to master popular analysis services

  • to search for popular keywords

What do we offer in our course?

  • Structured lessons with practical exercises

  • A Content plan checklist

  • A Course presentation

  • A free copy of my book “Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing. How to attract customers and increase online sales". In my book, I cover the following topics in depth: Internet promotion strategy, competitive analysis, web analytics, how to draw a portrait of your target audience, content plan formation, SEO, PPC advertising, promotion for social networks, email marketing, and case studies.

Why should you choose this course?

Why should you choose us over other online content marketing courses?

You will have the opportunity to learn about Content Marketing from the top internet marketing professionals.

  • We are industry experts! WebPromoExperts has over 12 years of experience in internet marketing. Our agency is a Google Premier Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner.

  • I have personally obtained a vast number of digital marketing qualifications and certifications such as Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Individual Qualification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Search Ads 360 Certified, and others.

  • During our career, we have launched over 1,500 successful marketing strategies and marketing campaigns.

  • More than 9,000 internet marketers have enrolled in our online courses, all of whom have successfully passed the Google Analytics and Google Ads certifications.

  • Our internet marketing courses are easy to understand. We train specialists for strategy, digital agency management, SMM, SEO, content marketing, PPC advertising, SERM, email marketing, web analytics, and other areas of digital marketing.

  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Content Marketing certification from Udemy.

What else do you get?

  • lifetime access to the course and its updates

  • a certificate from Udemy upon completion of the course

Enroll now!

There's no time to lose! Every minute you are losing countless leads and applications!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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Content marketing as a tool for business development

Key trends in Content Marketing
Content Marketing checklist. Content Plan
7 Strategical questions
Two approaches to forming a Content Plan

What kind of Content should you create?

How to search for popular Content? Google Trends
How to search for popular topics? Exploding Topics
How to search for key words? Serpstat
How to search what Content of competitors is popular? Buzzsumo
How to collect search queries? AnswerThePublic
How to search for key words?
How to create Content that helps to sell on Marketplaces?
Search Engine Optimization
Ever living Content

Content Marketing for B2B

Content Marketing for B2B
Expert Marketing or Reputational Marketing

4 Content Plan

See Think Do Care Model
Content Plan


June 11, 2022
A verx good and very educative course. This course helps me to know more about content marketing and i have learnt alot. Thanks to the instructor Anton Voroniuk for a Very good lesson.
May 26, 2022
I've found the course, so far, what I need to build a profitable affiliate business as well as a marketing agency.
April 24, 2022
For someone who are clueless about digital/content marketing This course is very helpful. I kinda realize that all videos are on tiktok,instagram and facebook are all marketing. It's makes me want to learn more
April 23, 2022
This part explains very well about content plan. If you plan better execution becomes easier to get better results.
March 26, 2022
This is a very good course because it helps me to know more about content marketing but I think it will be nice to have an assessment at the end of each section to track students' progress. With content marketing can I write about a product or topic online even if I don't have a website?
March 2, 2022
I found the course to be very good. He broke down all the video information in great detail. I enjoyed this course. I love that it was not hours long. It was short, to the point, and easy to understand.
February 24, 2022
It was really good and impactful course. I really learnt a lot from his wealth of experience. Thanks a lot
February 9, 2022
I learned a lot of useful tools for Content Ideas thank you so much ! :) This is my first course in Udemy and I'm satisfied with your lecture.
February 8, 2022
Thank you so much for the course I really needed a start in this field and I will continue with your other courses as well. I believe they will be a good source of info to my new direction in my career.
February 7, 2022
Yes, it is! This teacher is so underrated - wow! He really knows what he is talking about. I've had similar lessons before but he hits "my pain points" every single time. I can't wait to finish this course and see how I can apply my learnings.
January 31, 2022
So far is so relatable,and eye opening.Really appreciate the opportunity of watching and practicing such knowledge day by day.
January 25, 2022
Great content that helped me draw the rest of my marketing strategy as well as to go that extra mile of exploring new ways
January 24, 2022
Very informative, something that makes me reevaluate what I'm doing at the moment and how I can improve :)
January 23, 2022
Love the course! Very informative and a good breakdown on how to have a constant ideas regarding possible contents.
January 7, 2022
how is the goal to get revenue $100K in Q4 is SMART? it has nothing to do with SMART. your SMART goal is to post 5 pieces of content every week. You have to educate yourself on product management topics to realize this, including SAFE. overall the course is alright, paid $10. that's the exact value of it. I was interested in the tech stack. Distribution channels and other things "to sell" is a joke, distraction to focus on wrong things



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