Content Marketing


Content Marketing Mastery

Learn content marketing strategies that engages readers and brings in more leads and sales

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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

Learn all about content marketing

How to use content to convert more sales and leads

Understand why content is important and its role in lead generation

Develop and implement a content marketing plan


This course will help you develop a content marketing strategy that effectively engages and converts readers into customers.

In a crowded era of overflowing inboxes and social media overload, a robust content marketing plan that can help stand above competitors will make a huge difference.

Content Marketing will help you stand above the crowd, get you heard and make a long lasting relationship with buyers.

This course is designed to help you devise a content marketing strategy and to implement it successfully.

You’ll learn how to create & distribute quality content that attracts people to your products and services. You’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of content strategies to deliver the best return on your investment.

If you're tired of creating content that doesn't go anywhere, then take this course where you'll learn these proven strategies of content marketing that can bring your business or website more leads and sales.


Content Marketing Mastery
Content Marketing Mastery
Content Marketing Mastery
Content Marketing Mastery




Why Use Content Marketing

Advantages of Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

Setting Up a Team

Structuring Content

Making Content Standout

Organizing Content

Content Ideas and Sales Funnel

Types of Content

Content Creation

Content Writing

Content Design

Creating Content

Content Promotion

Content Promotion Strategy

Presenting Content on Website

Using Social Media

Email Promotion


Content Syndication

Using Bloggers and Influencers

Using Paid Ads

Content ROI

Measuring Content Marketing Effectiveness

Other Content Marketing Strategies

Social Media Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing


Final Words


Arushi2 August 2020

It is a very insightful course. It talks about content marketing in detail - the technicalities, practicalities and even the minutest details have been covered in this course. It is definitely worth pursuing for anyone who wants to learn about content marketing.

Saranya20 July 2020

It is well-detailed, organized, and well-put. There is so much learning happened. Some unlearning also happened. Overall a great course, I wish Udemy had an assignment and assessment of the course.Thanks!

Harriet29 June 2020

Great content, well organized, and thoughtful. A little shallow if you already have a strong base of knowledge though.

Catherine15 October 2019

Great content. She is covering a lot of ground (great) and speaks quickly...so being able to stop the video & make notes is handy. The presenter switch in Section 5 threw me off for a moment...but all of the information shared was really valuable. I really enjoyed this course!

Ulrike12 April 2018

Dieser Kurs gibt einen sehr guten Überblick über das Thema Content Marketing. Der Kurs ist sehr logisch aufgebaut und strukturiert, so dass die Inhalte sehr gut nachvollziehbar sind - für Theorie und Praxis.

Vivekraj29 January 2018

I love how concepts are explained in detail. the 0.5 is taken off because i feel the real world examples could have been slightly better

Liz5 November 2017

While this is most likely a great course for someone with no prior knowledge of what content is or what marketing is, for someone with a working business knowledge of this topic, I found the course to be too basic. I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on tools that I can use now for my business or real-time resources for how to put things into action.

Justin23 October 2017

clear. great presentation. Actionable. If your getting started in content writing this is a great course.

Sarba4 October 2017

Helpful and engaging material. Best part is the short length of each lecture which makes it seem an easy feat to complete. :)

Adam8 August 2017

There were so many things about this course that I found super valuable - and the most valuable was the content creation/deployment strategy. Excellent course, I highly recommend!

Helanda14 March 2017

The instructor is clear and articulate, appears to know marketing strategies as well as content marketing methods and explains defined practices in a simple systematic way which is easily understood.

Szilvia24 January 2017

The course is very informative and giving a lot of usable practical advice for marketers. I am sorry that the presenter does reveal her name, which would help us to follow her content on other channels.

Ankur25 June 2016

Great course that teaches you a ton about content marketing and also points you to some valuable resources you can use on your own! Only thing I'd say is I wish there was more time spent on using your content voice to devolop content and allowing us to see more examples.

Margaret14 March 2016

I wanted a course on content marketing. I was smart to take this one because it delivered even more than I had expected. I ended up taking a lot of notes. I highly recommend the course to those interested in content marketing and how to improve their results.

Kenny5 February 2016

Excellent just what I needed to get started with content marketing. Well structured course, comprehensive and informative. Well presented speaker easy to understand, and engaging.


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