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Container on Microsoft AZURE: Docker, Kubernetes

Docker | Kubernetes | Service Fabric Cluster | AKS | Container Instances | Container Registry

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

In this course we would explore various Container services available on Microsoft Azure cloud.

We would learn Docker, Kubernetes, Service Fabric Cluster, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Container Instances and Container Registry


A lot of people working in the Information Technology sector are expected to be familiar with a few technologies that are required in the projects you are supposed to work. No matter whether you have a background in development, operations or testing, DevOps has changed the way people used to work. With constant disruptions from the Cloud Computing services, organizations are moving all of their projects directly on the cloud. It doesn't matter whether its hosted on the public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, you are still expected to work on two key technologies- Containers and Virtual Machines. In this course you will be learning about Container services on Microsoft Azure cloud platform. You will be learning Containers right from the beginning, so don't worry if you are just moving to Containers. Later in this course, you will learn with some hands-on practical examples and demonstrations on some of the container services on Microsoft Azure.


It is a set of platform as a service products that use OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. Containers are isolated from one another and bundle their own software, libraries and configuration files; they can communicate with each other through well-defined channels.


It is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management.

Service Fabric Cluster

It is a network-connected set of virtual or physical machines into which your microservices are deployed and managed.

AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)

You can create Serverless Kubernetes, an integrated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) experience and enterprise-grade security and governance.

Container Instances

You can develop apps fast without managing virtual machines or having to learn new tools—it is just your application, in a container, running in the cloud.

Container Registry

You can Build, store, secure, scan, replicate, and manage container images and artifacts with a fully managed, geo-replicated instance of OCI distribution.


Container on Microsoft AZURE: Docker, Kubernetes
Container on Microsoft AZURE: Docker, Kubernetes
Container on Microsoft AZURE: Docker, Kubernetes
Container on Microsoft AZURE: Docker, Kubernetes



What is Docker?

What is Kubernetes?

Service Fabric Cluster

AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)

Azure Kubernetes Services

AKS Part-1

AKS Part-2

AKS Part-3

AKS Part-4

Container Instance

Container Instances

Container Instances Part-1

Container Instances Part-2

Container Instances Part-3

Container Registry

Container Registry

Container Registry Part-1

Container Registry Part-2


Brian22 April 2021

Prefer more explanations regarding fundamentals. Felt like course went from intro to registry demo and missed content. But a good overview of AKS.

Gabriel13 November 2020

Professionals would understand better about containers on azure, but for absolute beginner like me, fundamentals could be more elaborate.

Amit12 August 2020

Left in the middle. Presenter is not very prepared. I was expecting a proper demo of deploying an application from scratch and with all different settings. Somewhere I am lost.

Raj7 May 2020

Feels like the instructor is reading from a text book. This does not help me learn anything. I can get the information by self reading or from my research on the web

Gary2 March 2020

It's nice that you've covered the starter content here. It would be better if you prepped ahead of time and edited the videos to prevent long pauses + viewers don't want to see your mistakes. It just burns time. Anyway, it did the job. Thanks...

Mrudang28 December 2019

I doubt the knowledge of the trainer,, wikipedia type information,, looks like I am reading the wiki Also the practical shown was without understanding what the students would want to know.

Selver5 December 2019

It is just reading from slides. No real learning experience. The tutorial on creating the kubernetes services on azure lacks structure. The manifest file is not described and that files purpose and place in the kubernetes universe is not mentioned. For the resource creation, it is just said: this is this, this is that and so on. No context and explanation is given on why. Also it is mentioned that somethings are present when they are clearly not (like the public ip on the overview in part 4). And that I found most disturbing is that when the renaming of azure-vote.yml to azure-vote.yaml needed to be done, he actually removed the file with 'rm', then touched and then opened an editor and pasted the yaml content in it and then saved it. Instead of doing 'mv azure-vote.yml azure-vote.yaml'.

Matt21 October 2019

I work as a tester in agile team at my company, i was fascinated to learn Docker and Kubernetes from starting but not going just theoratically but wanted to learn with some real stuff. This course prooved to be my guide, and i asked a lot of question to intructor while learning, he always replied within 24 hours. Sometimes i had doubts while watching lectures, that i cleared by asking him.

Bill24 July 2019

This is a good overview of Docker/Kubernetes/ServiceFabric. There are basic hands on demos/labs to see how to implement containers in Azure. Over all, very informative. I had to google to find the yaml file - could not find a link anywhere in the course. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/aks/kubernetes-walkthrough


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