Conscious Listening

Transform your confidence and communication by becoming somebody that people love speaking to.

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Conscious Listening



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Aug 2017

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What you will learn

Bring confidence and control to your communication

Become present and aware in social situations

Learn how your listening dictates your reality and how you can use listening to alter your experience of the world

Create stronger connections with other people and to the world around you

Improve your relationships

Understand the impact of sound and listening on your health and wellbeing

Master the three types of listening

Improve your understanding and appreciation

Learn how we are losing our listening, and how it can be restored

Learn how to listen with compassion


Listening is a crucial part of our ability to communicate and succeed. It affects how well we sell and persuade, build and maintain relationships, teach and manage, and appreciate and understand. Our business and personal lives are often determined by it.

However, listening is not a natural skill and unfortunately it is one that we are in danger of losing. The result of this is a restricted ability to communicate and engage.

I live to listen. As an international speaker and founder of The Sound Agency, I understand the impact of listening on communication, success and wellbeing. My TED talk on conscious listening is in the rare group that have achieved over 2.5 million views on TED's website alone.

So join me as I help you become a master of Conscious Listening and bring confidence and control to your communication.


Introduction & listening filters

Introduction & listening filters

Inner listening

Your inner voice

Outer listening

How do we listen?

Making meaning from sound

We are losing our listening


The mixer


Listening positions (i)

Listening positions (ii)


Created listening

Created listening

Advanced listening

Advanced listening




Anuradha7 October 2020

I understood clearly about inner listening, its not me but part of me. And that I can disregard it so I have authority over this chatter

James5 October 2020

An excellent course full of hints and tips that will really help me with the many meetings and calls I attend for my work.

Automotive29 September 2020

Very standard knowledge that has been highly summarized. I would suggest its closer to a teaser for a course. I'm a bit disappointed I paid for it. In saying this, the speak seemed like he was well versed and if he did go into detail it would be a great course that i would have paid much more. Unfortunately that was not the case. 2/5 stars

Christine16 September 2020

Taking this to prepare to share with our employees. We have to meet with customers virtually so using this Conscious Listening and Mr. Treasure's Powerful Speaking courses to enhance skills.

Arumuganathan14 September 2020

The course was well structured with appropriate exercises. Until taking this course, I was not able to comprehend that listening plays such an important role.

Jaydeep18 February 2020

It was really a good course explaining the details of the listening and common mistakes we end up making while listening.

Roberto18 February 2020

I really enjoyed this course, it is very informative and easy to understand. The instructor is pleasant to listen to and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this course.

Michael14 February 2020

Really useful course, it made me think about I Listen ( or not) . Good tips for both working and personal life. Julian presented the course really well.

Courtney13 February 2020

I liked the course overall, but I feel like it had some glitches. The video stopped and the sounds went out. Overall it had a lot of good useful information.

Jane13 February 2020

It has opened my understanding to different kinds of listening and the fact that I play a role in what I want to hear. My filters that condition how I listen are unique to me and I therefore should not expect others to listen the way I do

Rosita12 February 2020

Julian is an exceptional speaker, I can see his sincerity to help people to enhance the listening ability.

Thelisa10 February 2020

No, so far the course is not a good match for me at all. I haven't heard anything that has been useful up to this point.

Gaurav10 February 2020

Nice! Gives a new perspective to so much which was already going on around and not being attended. Definitely learning to be implemented in daily life.

Chanelle10 February 2020

I was not aware of the listening filters and the 3 types of listening, so this was indeed insightful.

Christina9 February 2020

It was a good match for me and will help sharpen my skills when I listen to both subordinates and top executives.


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