Atlassian Confluence Fundamentals for Beginners 2021

Everything you need to know to start using this Atlassian's powerful documentation and collaboration tool.

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Atlassian Confluence Fundamentals for Beginners 2021


1.5 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Understand what Confluence is and how to use Confluence core features.

Get access to free instance of Confluence and start using it right away.

Create, edit and publish Confluence page.

Create professional looking pages using Confluence templates and macros

Understand and create Confluence Spaces.

Integrate Confluence and Jira to work together.

Share documents with users.

Create comments and configure notifications.


This tutorial starts from scratch, you do not need to know anything about Confluence!

Confluence is Atlassian's powerful team collaboration and document management platform. You will learn this amazing product from the ground up in this course!

Join this comprehensive and free Confluence tutorial on Udemy and benefit not just from the tutorial content but from the hands-on approach as well!

Get your own free instance of Confluence and a good understanding of how to use Confluence to create and manage documents and collaborate with your team.

This course will teach you all the fundamentals about pages, spaces, formatting, templates, macros, publishing, integration with Jira, and much more! We will review a lot of examples, and each lesson is backed up with a hands-on tutorial. All examples showcase the features of Confluence and explain how to apply them correctly.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • What is Confluence, and what should it be used for

  • How to get access to 100% free instance of Confluence and Jira

  • What is the Confluence page, and how to create, edit and publish pages

  • How to delete and restore pages

  • How to format text and how to use macros to add dynamic features to pages

  • How to create pre-formatted pages using templates from Confluence extensive template library

  • Multiple ways to share content with other users

  • Commenting on the whole page or specific segments of text

  • Configuring notifications to receive alerts when specific content is changed

  • What are Confluence spaces and elements of the Documentation space

  • Integration with Jira and creation and use of Project space

  • Finding the best apps in Atlassian Marketplace

  • Integration with Google Drive

  • and so much more!

This curriculum covers everything you'll need to know to get started with Confluence, along with a few incentives. At the end of the course, you will have hands-on experience with all Confluence core features and your own free instance of Confluence to experiment and extend your knowledge.

I hope you're excited to dive into the Confluence with this course. Let's get started!


Introduction to Confluence


What is Confluence ?

Getting Free Access to Confluence

Creating and Editing Content

Creating Confluence Space

Creating Confluence Page

Editing Pages

Formatting Text

Using Page Macros

Deleting a Page

Creating a Page From Template

Sharing and Collaboration in Confluence

Sharing Content

Creating Comments

Watching Content

Using Spaces to Organize Work

Understanding Spaces

Using Documentation Space


Integration with Jira and Using Project Space

Atlassian Marketplace

Integration with Google Drive

Course Roundup

Course Roundup

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Shayshank28 June 2021

The course is beautifully designed and explained professionally and anyone can learn this by watching the clips. This has helped me with understand and many new functionality introduced by company. please make clips for trello also. how to use and its functionalities.

20 May 2021

I am so satisfied with the content that I cannot think of it as a free course. I'm an infrastructure engineer, but recently I've been in charge of developing container-related services such as Docker, and now I'm using jira and confluence. I would like to make great use of jira and confluence by referring to the learning in this course.

Toby9 May 2021

Wow that was very interesting and hands on. We @wizdiary love the detailed exposure to confluence. Thank you for the clarity.

Nigel25 April 2021

I haven't used Confluence in a few years and needed to get back up to speed quickly for a new contract job. This course was well structured and the explanations and examples provided really helped.

TEAM20 April 2021

This course is handy to start working with confluence. Big thanks to Vlajko Knezic. Even though need to learn a-lot in it but for start point good.

Pat11 April 2021

Having never seen Confluence or Jira it is now very clear what they do, and the instructions are easy to follow

Jeff1 March 2021

Instructor does a good job covering a wide range of Confluence topics in a short time. I was able to use Confluence immediately after completing the class.

Wiktoria10 February 2021

Great lector! Short presentations give me a lot of opportunities to continue that course whenever I want. Great job! I highly recommend it to anyone who starts their yourney with Jira and Confluence ;)


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