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Computer Vision with Python

Introduction to Computer Vision, make vision apps

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Aug 2017

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What you will learn

Do image processing

Use basic Computer Vision techniques

Build: Image Similarity app

Build: Search Engine app

Build: Face Detection app

Build: Object Detection app using templates

Build: Object Detection app using Keypoints


Introduction course to Computer Vision with Python. 

  • Make Computer Vision Apps?
  • Learn Computer Vision theory?
  • Build a strong portfolio with Computer Vision & Image Processing Projects?
  • Looking to add Computer Vision algorithms in your current software project ?

Whatever be your motivation to learn Computer Vision, I can assure you that you’ve come to the right course.

This course is tailor made for an individual who wishes to transition quickly from an absolute beginner to a Computer Vision expert in a few weeks. The most difficult concepts are explained in plain and simple manner using code examples.

We will build:

  • Multimedia apps
  • Image Similarity apps
  • Obect Detection apps
  • Face detection apps
  • Reverse Image Search app

I personally guarantee this is the number one course for you. This may not be your first OpenCV course, but trust me - It will definitely be your last. 

I assure you, that you will receive fast, friendly, responsive support by email, and on the Udemy.

Don't believe me? I offer a full money back guarantee, so long as you request it within 30 days of your purchase of the course.

Also the course is updated on a regular basis to add more new and exciting content.

Join the course right now.  So what are you waiting for ?

Let’s meet at the other side of the course.


Computer Vision with Python
Computer Vision with Python
Computer Vision with Python
Computer Vision with Python




Install OpenCV


Media with Python

Load Image

Color to Grayscale Conversion


Quiz 1

Image Theory

Pixels and coordinates

Pixel Access

Change Pixels in Image

Draw lines, rectangles, circles

Text on images

Resize Image

Cut Image

Section Quiz

Feature Extraction

Feature Vectors

Color-mean Features Theory

Demo: Color-mean Features

Code: Color-mean features

Histogram features

Code: Grayscale Histogram Features

Texture Features (Local Binary Pattern)

Code: Texture-based Features (Local Binary Pattern)

Quiz on Feature Vectors

App: Image Similarity

Theory: Image Similarity

App: Image Similarity

Apps: Reverse Image Search

Theory: Reverse Image Search Engine

App: Reverse Image Search

App: Object Detection using Template Matching

Theory: Template Matching

App: Object Detection app using Templates

App: Face Detection

App: Face Detection using Haar Cascade

Theory: Haar Features

App: Real Life Object Detection using Keypoints

Object Detection using keypoints

Code: Keypoint Extraction

App: Object Detection using Keypoints


Guillermo.Cruz@Sacbesolutions.Net17 March 2019

Muy útil para familiarizarse con el procesamiento de imágenes. aunque el nivel es básico, da las bases para continuar por nuestra cuenta.

ShapelessNinja19 July 2018

There is definitely some worth to this course as a basic introduction to Machine Vision. In my opinion, these videos would make a good YouTube channel, but not quality enough for an online course. Even though I am a complete beginner, it was too basic and short for me. I did learn a few basic concepts, however nothing that I can apply to the real world right away. I will be moving on to another course to complete the missing gaps in this course, and to go into more advanced, real-world applications.

Vinyl4 June 2018

the course is very interesting and the discussion is very clear even for the beginners. i really enjoy this course, it really helps me a lot learning computer vision. thanks to this course.

Briant5 May 2017

the Idea of materials is great, it just need to be enriched with another methods such as color e.g HSV, RGB, Greycomatrix, etc. More explanation about bins, feature vector how to code it, etc. Overall it is quite informative course.

Dogma6 March 2017

This is a good intro to openCV. But Py-OpenCV is so awesome this course only scratches the tip of the iceberg. Course feels rushed and parameters aren't always explained. In future updates I'd like to hear more about: Thresholding, accessing live cams, color&object tracking, support vector machines, KNN, edge/contour/blob detection, Machine learning, scikit-learn & matplotlib library implementation, +more


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