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Computer Network Fundamentals- IT Helpdesk & Desktop Support

Learn the basic fundamentals of computer networking & OSI model for desktop support and IT service desk technicians

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Computer Network Fundamentals- IT Helpdesk & Desktop Support


31 mins


Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Switches vs Hubs

The difference between half duplex and full duplex data transmissions

An explanation of IPv4 and IPv6

Quality of Service (QoS) and how this works

High level explanations of each layer of the OSI Model and how they relate to networking.


Over this course, you'll learn some of the basic fundamentals surrounding computer networking and the OSI Model, topics include the following:

* Switches vs Hubs

* Half duplex and full duplex data transmissions

* IPv4 and IPv6

* Quality of Service (QoS) and how this works

* High level explanations of each layer of the OSI Model and how they relate to networking.

Whilst this is mainly aimed at beginners, this course may also be useful as a refresher for anyone who has been the industry for a year or two and is looking to move up the career ladder, i.e. if you are currently a service desk technician and are looking to move up to desktop or even infrastructure / network support in the future.

Note that whilst the information on this course was correct at the time of creation, it may be updated from time to time as technology improves and moves on. For example, if there is a time when IPv6 starts to become widely used, additional information will be added accordingly. Although at the time of writing IPv4 is primarily used, this doesn't mean you won't encounter IPv6 every now and again.

Also included are some real-world examples of how the OSI Model is applied in a corporate environment, as well as how troubleshooting tasks make use of this model.




Networking Overview

Network Equipment & IP Protocols

Switches vs Hubs

Half Duplex vs Full Duplex

IPv4 vs IPv6

Quality of Service (QoS) & OSI Model Overview

Quality of Service (QoS)

OSI Model Overview

OSI Model - Layers 1 to 4

OSI Model - Physical Layer

OSI Model - Data Link Layer

OSI Model - Network Layer

OSI Model - Transport Layer

OSI Model - Layers 5 to 7

OSI Model - Session Layer

OSI Model - Presentation Layer

OSI Model - Application Layer


Shashank29 March 2021

Dear Sir... I appreciate your efforts that you have learnt me a lot in less time but I need some more explanation as i am a beginner in this field. More examples and hands on will definitely help to many of us.

Tobias28 March 2021

This is a great refresher course with updated material from when I went to school for computer science. Good refresher for networking 101. I would probably suggest anyone interested in this course get a few certifications. CCNA is a good one to study for and obtain to work with this course and make yourself more marketable.

Aditya28 March 2021

It appears like just going on to the PPT without much information. The course is very basic just for the one who is new to computer science or just completed their high school degree.

bibo28 March 2021

It is good but the presentation not good enough and some topics are said to fast with no obvious difinition. thanks for that course.

Andrzej22 January 2021

Reading text... I prefer courses where I can be more involved in performing tasks. Not only listening to teacher.

Anton15 January 2021

Gives a nice Overview but some more example like for when there are problems with the layers would be great.

Alı10 January 2021

Computer Helpdesk Networking Basics - IT Support Technicians Bu konuya girilmemiş sadece kapısına bir kaç kez tıklanmış. Saygılkarımla...

Rajesh9 January 2021

The explanation was too fast and the examples are not up to the standards with real world scenario. Sorry to say, I can get the same information in youtube with better explanation with better examples. I request you to please work on it.

Zohair17 December 2020

It was a wonderful experience to gain so much in so less time. It would be helpful if you try to make course which have deeper insight into OSI madels.


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