Comprehensive Google Sheets Master Class

A Practical Step by Step Data Analysis with Google Sheets for Beginners

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May 2022
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What you will learn

Learn the Rudiments of Google Sheets to Solve Problems and Make Sense of Data

Get Data From Google Forms and Syncs with Google Sheets for Analysis

Analyse Real Data Using Formulas and Functions in Google Sheets

Analyse Real Data Using Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

Complete a Capstone Project on Creating and Presenting Dashboard to Solve Real Business Scenario


An interactive Data Analysis Course with Google Sheets.

In this course, we will be solving a real life business problem.

"Prime Tech Academy is an EdTech company that produces different educational products for schools and students. The company has branches across the globe. Recently, they are having customer satisfaction problems. Customers are beginning to lose interest in them and their products.

Emily, the company’s Vice President has commissioned you (the Product Manager) to conduct a survey to check the level of customer satisfaction across the globe in order to find the missing puzzle, deep dive into the issues and proffer data-driven solutions.

After meeting with your team, you agreed to use a google form to get information from clients. This will then be compiled and analysed using Google sheets."

We will solve the Prime Tech Academy's problem using step-by-step Google Sheets data analysis. We will

1. Collect Data via Google Forms

2. Sync Data with Google Sheets for Cleaning and Formatting

3. Analyse Data with Google Sheets Formulas and Functions

4. Analyse Data with Google Sheets and Presenting Results on a Dashboard

The two most commonly used spreadsheet programs by data analysts around the world are Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Almost everything you do in one relates to the other. The knowledge of one is certainly applicable in the other. Basically the same functions, structure and manipulations.

But for the sake of this course, we will concentrate on Google sheets. If you are comfortable with Excel 95% of what this course teaches is applicable.

Google Sheets is a free, web-based spreadsheet application that is provided by Google within the Google Drive service. The application is also available as a desktop application on ChromeOS, and as a mobile app on Android, Windows, iOS, and BlackBerry. The Google Drive service also hosts other Google products such as Google Docs, Slides, and Forms.

Google Sheets allows users to edit, organise, and analyse different types of information. It allows collaborations, and multiple users can edit and format files in real-time, and any changes made to the spreadsheet can be tracked by a revision history.


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Introduction To Google Sheets Data Analysis

Introduction To Google Sheets
Course Expectation & Google Sheets Advantages
Launching Google Sheets
Working on Sheets and Importing Data
Formatting Your Data I
Formatting Your Data II
Formatting Your Data III
Freeze and Filter
Paste & Paste Special Options
Practice Test 1
The Business Question
Introduction to Google Form
Google Forms Creation
The Business Questions Google Form
Linking Google Forms to Google Sheets
Working with the Form's Inputs
Preparing the Data Collected
Formatting Data for Analysis
Analysing the Data
Answering Business Questions with Data I
Answering Business Questions with Data II
Answering Business Questions with Data III
Answering Business Questions with Data IV
Answering Business Questions with Data V
Sharing and Collaboration Options

Data Analysis with Google Sheets Formulas and Functions

Introduction to Module 2
Module Expectations
Our Analysis Update
Introduction to Formulas and Functions
The IF Function
The Conditional Formatting
The SORT Function
The FILTER Function
The UNIQUE Function
The COUNTIFS Function
The SUMIFS Function
The SUM and AVERAGE Function
The MATH Operations
The TRIM and LEN Functions
The VLOOKUP Function
The SPLIT Function
Practice Test 2
Creating Summary I - DATA VALIDATION
Creating Summary II - FILTERING
Creating Summary III - UNIQUE
Creating Summary IV - COUNTIFS
Creating Summary V - COUNTIFS 2
Creating Summary VI - AVERAGEIFS
Creating Summary VII
Creating Summary VIII

Data Analysis with Pivot Tables and Visualization with Dashboards

Introduction To Module
The Journey So Far
Google AI Explore
Google AI Column Stats
Data Analysis with Pivot Tables I
Data Analysis with Pivot Tables II
Data Analysis with Pivot Tables III
Data Analysis with Pivot Tables IV
Data Analysis with Pivot Tables V
Data Analysis with Pivot Tables VI
Data Presentation with Dashboards I
Data Presentation with Dashboards II
Data Presentation with Dashboards III
Practice 3
Dashboard Interactivity with Slicers I
Dashboard Interactivity with Slicers II
Data Presentation with Dashboards IV
Course Wrap I
Course Wrap II


June 9, 2022
This course has opened me up to new learning opportunities... And the way the facilitator delivers makes it easier to assimilate and put to practice, the many formulas and other tools being offered.
May 9, 2022
This is an amazing course on Google Sheets for analysing data. The practicality makes it good for learning. Simple English and learner-centred. I encourage everyone to take this course.



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