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Erlang: The Complete Beginner's Guide

Learn Distributed Programming in Erlang and become an expert in a niche market

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Erlang programming language

Network communication

Real time communication

Learn to code


Why learn Erlang

Erlang is a distributed parallel process oriented, functional programming language.

In 2018, the popular site StackOverflow rated Erlang as the highest paying programming language in the US, and among the highest in the world.

Many big players like Microsoft, IBM, Ericsson, WhatsApp etc use Erlang for their backend functionality.

This course teaches you:

  • to install and setup Erlang on a PC and Mac

  • the language basics like

    • functions

    • data types

    • lists

    • etc

  • control structures

  • functions and higher order functions

  • concurrent processing

This course opens up many opportunities to work in a niche market, where your skills will be highly values by employers. There is a huge shortage of Erlang skills, and you can claim the top spot.

Erlang is also a fun language to learn, making it easy to communicate between computers across the internet. It's a great skill to have if you're looking to expand your programming tool belt.

We will build examples at every step and learn by applying the knowledge. We will also build a distributed chat application to exemplify the knowledge we learn.

This course explains step by step what the structures and functionality are for and how to apply them in a real world scenario.

Sign up today and let's start learning Erlang together.

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Erlang: The Complete Beginner's Guide
Erlang: The Complete Beginner's Guide
Erlang: The Complete Beginner's Guide
Erlang: The Complete Beginner's Guide



What will we talk about

Hello from your instructor

How to take this course

Development Environment

Install Erlang on a Mac

Install the IntelliJ IDE on a Mac

Install Erlang on a PC

Install the IntelliJ IDE on a PC

How to get the code

Hello World

Let's write some code

Hello World explanation

Language Basics

Functions and Recursive Functions



Data Types




Control Structures

If Else



Car Dealership




Pattern Matching


Built In Functions

Higher Order Functions

Concurrent Processing


Message Passing

Registered Process Names

Distributed Programming

Running the code on a Mac

Running the code on a Windows PC



Thank you


Jamie15 January 2021

It gave you the basics at the start. When it got to the more complicated parts, I thought more explanation would have been good. I felt the concurrency part was small. It looked like quite a meaty section that was not looked at in depth. Also, running the code in the latter part of the course produced different results from the video. Overall, if you just want to know the basics for £10, this is fine.

Eduardo17 October 2020

Good introduction to Erlang. Now I am now more eager than before to dive deep into the language and its capabilities. We just need more exercises in each chapter and/or challenges.

Gerald12 September 2020

This is a great introduction to Erlang. The course wettens my appetite to continue with this interesting programming language.

Hans-Peter26 August 2020

Für Neulinge in der Entwicklung sicherlich ein passender Kurs, da keinerlei Wissen vorausgesetzt wird. Hat man Erfahrung in der Programmierung und sucht einen Einstieg in Erlang, ist man mit diesem Kurs unterfordert. Konnte man wie ich quasi den Kurs als Sonderangebot erwerben, passt es schon.

Alexandre17 August 2020

I expected to see a little bit more about pattern matching and a 10000ft overview of OTP, but it is a good course and I recommend.

Kaoe29 June 2020

Sou programador Java faz mais de 20 anos e resolvi conhecer o Erlang, o curso conseguiu me dar a noção básica que precisava sobre a linguagem. Foi acima das minhas expectativas.

Gautam6 June 2020

Didn't feel like my concepts are clear after attending this course. Wasn't here to learn syntax. No focus on concept clearing is there.

Lukman8 May 2020

The explanation of concept is straight forward. I would love to see a section on OTP application development. Above all, thanks for the clarity.

Alexander1 April 2020

Modest course for what I believe to be a great topic. The target audience is not clear. Is it for complete beginners to programming itself or for just Erlang. I am not sure setting up brew is a productive lesson for a course, focusing on Erlang, for instance. The material is given without a spark, raw facts without any background. Though I believe you can start exploring on your own freely after completing this course. The final section is pretty good and worth waiting for it, it gives a fine demo of what Erlang is known for. To sum up, very average course, much to be improved, but you can get basic ideas from it

Micheal18 January 2020

It's a really good course, i love it... Way to go guys way to go...i now learned the basis or erlang am gonna learn more as i continue my research and my goal of becoming the best programmer that ever lived.

Vasileios24 November 2019

Good course, but is seems that lots of explanatory information is omitted. Missing a good introduction about what are the strong and weak points of Erlang. Also the IDE used here can do much more and could make the life of programmer easier. There is space for improvement.

Martín13 November 2019

It is a course that, despite being very basic, is very good. The instructor explains the basics of the language with good and clear examples. He worries that you understand only what is necessary without saturating yourself with information. It is a great introduction to get into Erlang.

Govindha12 August 2019

Very Clear. Kept the content simple and easy to understand. The example programs chosen are awesomely simple and makes the ideas very clear. I am really fascinated.

Arthur4 May 2019

I liked the course, it is good. This is a beginner's guide as is said on the title of the course. This course talks about the language basic functionality. I liked the end, with the explanation about distributed programming.

Meshoub16 April 2019

Un bon cours pour débuter, mériterait une suite de niveau intermédiaire et quelques chapitres sur OTP. C'est à la fin que cela commence à être intéressant (^-^)/


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