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Complete Progressive Web App Bootcamp

Learn to build discoverable, engaging Progressive Webs Apps (PWAs) from scratch,

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Complete Progressive Web App Bootcamp


2 hours


Oct 2020

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What you will learn

What a Progressive Web App is

Use Service Workers to enable your application to work offline

Create a progressive web app that is installable to the home screen


What is Progessive Web App (PWA)?

PWAs are web applications created utilizing various explicit advances and standard examples to permit them to exploit both web and local application highlights. For instance, web applications are more discoverable than local applications; it's much simpler and quicker to visit a site than to introduce an application, and you can likewise share web applications by essentially sending a connection.

Then again, local applications are better incorporated with the working framework and along these lines offer a more consistent encounter for the clients. You can introduce a local application so it works disconnected, and clients love tapping their symbols to handily get to their most loved applications, instead of exploring to it utilizing a program.

PWAs enable us to make web applications that can appreciate these equivalent favorable circumstances.

It is anything but a shiny new idea—such thoughts have been returned to commonly on the web stage with different methodologies before. Reformist Enhancement and responsive plan as of now permit us to fabricate versatile neighborly sites.

What will you learn in this course?

In this course you'll begin dealing with your absolute first Progressive Web App (PWA) - a web application that can exploit a considerable lot of the highlights local applications have appreciated. You'll likewise get more involvement with making a web application that works disconnected utilizing Service Workers. At last, you'll make your application installable to the client's home screen with the Web App Manifest file.




Create pages

Create input modal and edit modal

Add the floating action button

Create icons for the progressive web app

Create manifest file

Open the web on Android Simulator

iOS Simulator icon problems

What is service worker

Service worker lifecycle introduction

Service worker registration

Service worker installation

Service worker activation

Using lighthouse to audit the progressive web app

Service worker listen fetch event

Open the localhost of the mobile phone

Cache the core asset of the app

Return the cached assets to the app

Dynamic Cache

Add a fallback page

Limit the number of cache

Create Firebase project

Add document in cloud firestore

Get realtime update with cloud firestore

Create the template for the contacts

Updating the UI

Configure Firestore offline persistence

Delete document in cloud firestore

Edit document in cloud firestore

Toggle favorite

Render favorite pages


Leonardo11 April 2021

Buen curso excelente explicacion y comprension total del tema a pesar de que soy hispanohablante manejo bien el ingles y es comprensible

Anderson20 March 2021

Content is good for an introduction to PWA, material could be presented better than just copying and pasting sample code from sample documentation

Abbash1 January 2021

Literally awesome..! Every single video is to the topic.. No fillers, no theory, I'm rating this course 10 out of 10.

Sadam28 December 2020

My review for this course is: 1. I think you should explain more about the course topic and the reason behind it. In this course you tell us to use materialize css but you didn't explain the reason behind it. 2. I think the course should add more readable content. 3. I think you should introduce yourself in the course introduction. Im sorry that I'm reviewed this course without finishing it because i can't keep my focus on your course. I learn a lot from reading and i think maybe the video-only course is not so good for me. Thank you and keep improve your content Mr. Kim!

Priyadarshini20 December 2020

I can't understand what he's saying! Ridiculous! Also, the instructor simply jumps into things, with no great explanation... Just horrible.

Djono5 December 2020

It's directed to the core. Very good in Technical. Practice with Implementation of building an app. Love it.

Ron29 November 2020

The context is missing - a description of the architecture, what tool set to use, setup etc. Most of the lectures are copy this here copy that there...

NOUMBISSI23 October 2020

LE contenu du cours est tres explicite. l'instructeur rentre dans les moindres details concernant les pwa . J'aime tout simplement


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