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Personal Transformation
Complete Personal Development Personal Transformation Course
29 hours
Aug 2023
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What you will learn

Personal Development

Personal Transformation

Time Management

Personal Productivity



Lifestyle Design

Life Purpose

Goal Setting

Focus Mastery

Best Practices for Reducing Stress

Mindful Stress Management

Boost Resilience with Mindfulness

Achieve Better Work/Life Balance

Managing Burnout

Transform your life


Personal Development, Personal Transformation, and Finding Your Life Purpose - All humans grapple with these topics, but only some create a meaningful process for living life to its full potential. This is the longest, most thorough, and detailed Personal Development and Personal Transformation course available on this platform!

TJ Walker has been leading personal development seminars around the globe for more than 30 years. His unique approach to becoming a creative and fulfilled human being takes the best of the traditional self-development world and fuses it with 2020s realities and unique technology solutions using your cell phone in a liberating rather than enslaving manner.

We live in a modern world of overabundance everywhere. We face an overabundance of stimulation and content coming at us from our cell phones and screens. We are drowning in an overabundance of stuff, junk, and possessions that arrive cheaply and near-instantly from Amazon and your favorite superstore. And we are overwhelmed with giant portions of fat and sugar-filled food and snacks made avail to use every waking moment.

Modern overabundance is fueled by a digital delivery system that makes traditional self-help techniques impotent. In the modern, attention-driven economy, everybody is fighting for our mind space. This course will teach you how to aggressively take back control of your own mind, your own habits, and your own creativity by counter-programming your brain with your own wipes, dreams and goals.

The world is splitting into two groups at greater acceleration: The creators versus the consumers, those who take action versus those who are passive, the haves versus the have-nots, the fulfilled versus the empty, the ones who create a lasting legacy and those who are soon forgotten.

Which group do you want to be a part of?

You can take 100% control over your present and future. You have the ability to condition your thoughts, actions, and methods of living life for more fulfilling results.

TJ Walker is the founder of Createocracy and the developer of Selfie-Speaking Programming audios, a system where you create your own audio "infomercial" to rewire your brain.

If you are ready to live a more active life, develop your own creative projects and live a healthier and more meaningful life, then sign up today for this Complete Personal Development Personal Transformation Course on Createocracy.

TJ Walker has conducted personal development workshops in more than 30 countries around the globe. He is the author of 6 books on personal development and is one of Udemy's most popular personal development instructors with more than 200,000 students here.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"great course TJ it helped me discover more personal aspects, thank you so much." Mina Freig

"You are so authentic and I am humbled to take this course. Thank you." Arshia Khan

"Get to understand better how to develop myself in an ideal way. Thank you so much TJ Walker Expert!" Jo Yi Tan

"Really motivating and positive to watch!" Kailey Kivlehan

"This course has several golden nugget points that will help your personal and work life. I highly recommend this course!!! JT, thank you for your service to help others improve and succeed!!!!" Beth Kay

"I have already taken a course on Leadership from him and this is the reason I have enrolled for the second one. TJ is an amazing mentor and a great speaker. He is my personal benchmark and standard, especially for speaking skills. Keep up the good work." Zafar Iqbal Ahmed

"There is no Real good structure in this course. A strange combination of two courses so far, with mixed topics. No definitely not recommended, I will finish it just to know what to avoid." Malgorzata Cybulska Dusson

"Yes, it's a good match. It tells us to think of the personality, the way we communicate, things we do; and guides us / give tips to change certain ways/habits." Swapnil

"Yes, I need to develop myself as a leader. For that to happen I must equip myself with content related to personal development and apply the knowledge in my life." Mojau Mokone

"I like the fact that I can rewire my brain and I also believe that social media most of the time misleading and negative information spread but the government usually do the same as social media; therefore it is good to follow your own gut feelings and focus on positive ways of thinking."  Francois Venter

Enroll now to Complete Personal Development Personal Transformation Course! Sign up today to take advantage of this limited offer.

This course also helps students in the following areas: Best Practices for Reducing Stress, Mindful Stress Management, Boost Resilience with Mindfulness, Achieve Better Work/Life Balance and Managing Burnout.


Day 1 Transform Your Life to Improve Yourself and the World

Quick Win Make an Ad for Yourself
Another Quick Win Create Something
Determine Your Highest Potential
This Is the Best Time To Be a Human on Planet Earth!
Now Is the Time to Show Initiative
Here Is What Happens When You Criticize TJ
The 3 Keys to Success in Your Personal Transformation
Creators Are a Part of the Createocracy
A Modern Update for the Self-Help Movement
Course Update! Live Instructor Office Hours are Now Available
Creating Your Ideal Person
Take Back Control of Your Own Autonomy
You Can Create Your Own Legacy
Why Self-help Books and Programs Are Losing the competition for Your Brain
The Secret Sauce Successful People Rarely Share With You
Personal Development Must be Simple and Easy In Order to Work
You Are Important
You Are a Creative Force in the Universe
Failure Fuels Growth
You have a Purpose In Life
You Can Join the Creative Elite of the World
Creative Joy Can Drive Your Life

Day 2 The Solution to Overabundance in Your Life

Solving the Problem of Overabundance
Time to Find Specific Solutions for You
Creativity Is a Habit, Not a Lottery Ticket
A New 10 Commandments
Becoming a Mindful Consume
Create Your SelfieSpeak Audio Now

Joining the Creative Class

You Are Massively Creative
The Best Way to Be Special is...
You Were born with the Desire to Create
Find the Central Organizing Principle of Your Life
You Can Be a Creator In Any Field
Make the Most of Your 112 Hours
Practice Programming Yourself Now
SelfieSpeak Audio You Are Creative

Day 4 Transforming Your Life One New Daily Habit at a Time

Life Is the Sum of Your Daily Habits
Breakthroughs Come From Daily Mundane Work
The SelfieSpeak Audio Solution
Creating Your own Audios Is Always Better
Your Daily Habits SelfieSpeak Audio

Day 5 Unleashing Your Creative Forces

This is Creativity
If You Learn to Type, You Can Learn to Create
Developing the Creative Outlook
Turning Thoughts Into Creations
Your Creations Are a Net Positive to the World
You Can Be Creative or Conventional In Every Single Field
Who Are Your Top 5 Creators of All Time
Creativity Is An Outlook That Will Cover Every Inch of Your Life

Day 6 Identify Your Creative Passion and Talents

Identifying Your Creative Dreams
Don't Be a Positive Thinker All the Time
Don't Just Follow Your Passion

Day 7 Your Own Voice Is The Perfect Tool for Personal Transformation

The Easiest Way to Rewire Your Brain
Passive Brainwashing for You
Don't Over-complicate This Make the Simplest Audio Production Ever

Day 8 Shutting Down The # 1 Source of Brain Pollution

The Source of Your Pollution
A News Junkie is still a Junkie
Your Perfect Media Diet
Best Email Practices
Cell Phone Hygiene
Block, Tackle, Turn Off
Schedule Your Cell Phone Time for maximum Productivity and Happiness
SelfieSpeak Audio to Gain Control of Your Cell Phone

Day 9 Stop Drowning in Stuff

The Overabundance of Stuff is Crowding Out Thought
Kondo Is One Important Piece of the Puzzle
Easiest solution Don't Buy Junk in the First Place
Exceptions to the No Clutter Rule - Probably Not You
Throw Stuff Away To Clear Your Thoughts
Get Ready for Your Selfie Speak Audio
You Control Your Possessions

Day 10 End the Overabundance of Food that Is Killing You

The Third Big Overabundance
It Is OK to Be Hungry Occasionally
Everything You Need to know About Eating
Don't Worry about How You Look to Others But How Your Body Feels to You
Most of Us Have to fight the Battle of the Bulge
Stop looking for the magic Bullet, Pill or Potion
There are No Obese 95 Year Olds
Gimmicks Don't Work in the Long-run
It's hard to Create or Transform If You Are Stuffing Your Face all Day Long
There is No Sugar-Coating it, Everything Is covered with Sugar These Days
You Need a Way to Eat in the Real World
Yes Fad Diets Will Work In the Short-term
Eating with Mindfulness Is the Answer
Water Is the Go-To Beverage
Name Your Weight
Eat Until Full and Stuffed, Or Satisfied
Plan for Big Temptations With a Healthy Snack
Vitamins or Not
Weigh Yourself Daily
Get Ready for Your Own SelfieSpeak Audio for Your Own Food Consumption
Eat to Live SelfieSpeak Audio

Day 11 Creating Time to Think for Yourself

The Magic of Solitude
The Magic of Constant, Focused Thought
Turn On Solitude with the OFF Button
Meditation Is Popular for a Reason
It Is Difficult to Do Nothing
Walk Your Way to Success
Solitude Used to Be Easy, Now it is Hard
Get Ready to Create Your Solitude habits
Your SelfieSpeak Solitude Programming

Day 12 Deep Work In Your Laboratory

Daily Deep Work Is Essential for Creative Success
Program Yourself to do Deep Work Daily
Deep Work SelfieSpeak Programming

Day 13 Sourcing Your New Ideas

Sources for Your Creative ideas
New Experiences for New Ideas
Three new Things You Are Willing to Try
High Standards for What You Consume
Learn In Your Own Style
Master Creators are Master Self-Learners
To Break Conventions You Must Know the Conventional Wisdom
Get Ready to Make Your Own SelfieSpeak Programming for Idea Sourcing
New Ideas SelfieSpeak Programming

Day 14 Learning to Think for Yourself

Creation Through Questioning the Status Quo
Seek Out Informed Criticism Everywhere
Facts Matter
Get Ready to Make or Consume Your SelfieSpeak Programming on Thinking
Think for Yourself SelfieSpeaking Programming

Day 15 Top Personal Health for Top Personal Productivity

Pain Free Creation
Proactive Eating Habits
Recharging the Batteries for Maximum Performance
There Is Always Time for Exercise
Ready to Smile at Your Premier
Don't Drown in the Sea of Bad Health Advice
Prepare for Your Health SelfieSpeak Programming
Your SelfieSpeak Health Programming

Day 16 Manage Your Time for Maximum Creativity

Setting Up Your Daily Habits for Success
Create Strong Daily Habits By Reminding Yourself Daily, Forever
Design Your Own Lifestyle
Never Multitask
Occasional Reading of Best practice Tips Doesn't Work

Day 17 Experimenting With Your Creations

Create What You Want to Create
What Do You Most Enjoy
Great Creators Fail Early and Often
Pick something to Create

Day 18 Creating Just for Fun

Creating Fun for You
Share Your Fun Creations
Creative Energy Needs to Permeate Every Inch of Your Life

Day 19 Creating Quality Leisure Time Is Not a Luxury

Quality Leisure Time Is Essential for Quality Professional Creativity
Be Like Teddy Roosevelt

Day 20 It Is Time to Ship!

Ship Your Creation Now

Day 21 This Is As Important As Your Great Creation

Nobody Will Know or Care About Your Creation If you don't Tell Them About It
There Is No Such Thing As a Natural Born Speaker
Lot's of Extra Public Speaking Training Videos in the Bonus section
Get Your Audience to Do This One Thing
Brainstorm Your Top 5 Messages
Illustrate Every Idea Like This
Make Sure Your Visuals Help Your Case and Don't Bore the Audience
The Perfect Speaking Road Map Just for You
Time to Record Yourself Speaking About Your Creations
Test Your Presentation on Other People
Great Creators Use Every Speech to Make their Next Speech a Little Better

Day 22 Create More Without worry About last Month's Rent

Getting Your Financial House in Order
Hyped Up for a Get Rich Slow Scheme
Creators Never Want to or Need to Retire
Don't Let Debt Sap Your Creative Energies and Time
Great Creators Leave a Lasting Financial Legacy

Day 23 Summary of What All Other Self Development Experts Advocate

Here is a Quick Summary of What All Other Self Development Leaders Advocate

Day 24 The Simple Steps to Your Success

Don't Over-complicate The Steps to Your Success
Get Ready to Create Your Own SelfieSpeak Programming to Make Your Success
SelfieSpeak Programming for Success

Day 25 Simple Tech Steps In Creating Your Own SelfieSpeak Programming

No Problem If You Hate Technology
Simple Solutions to Common Problems When Making Your Audios
Nobody Likes the Sound of their Own Voice clean audio
Improving Every Single SelfieSpeak Audio

Day 26 Get Meaningful Feedback to Improve Your Creations

Fail and Learn
You Are Missing the Most Important feedback
Figure Out What Sticks

Day 27 Associate With Other Creators

Creators Get Energy and Inspiration from Other Creators
You Must find Other Creators to Spend time and Share Ideas With
Other Ways of Spending Time with Creators

Day 28 Guru You

Time for You to Become Your Own Guru

Day 29 Your SelfieSpeak Audios Must Evolve Constantly

Revise, edit, Delete, Recreate Your Selfiespeak Audios

Day 30 Congratulations! You Are Now On Your Way to Becoming a Lifelong Creator

You Will Leave a Legacy As a Lifelong Creator

Bonus Course on How to Enhance Your Personal Productivity

Quick Win! Master Your Phone Now! Avoid Switching Costs!
The #1 Secret of the Wildly Productive
Embrace the Concept of "Deep Work" And Watch Your Productivity Soar!
The Real Truth About Time Management
The Top 10 Tips To Help Your Personal Productivity
Sleep Your Way to Productivity Success
Produce Just One Thing Each Day
Big News! You Need Less News
Streamline Your Cell Phone for Massive Productivity Gains
Read Books, Even Free Books
Fun Is the Ultimate Productivity Motivator
Celebrate the Easy Wins
Giving Your Brain Space to Breathe
Daily Entertainment Must Come with Limits
The Grandest Delusion of All - Multitasking

Fundamentals on Personal Productivity

Productivity Tips for taking this Course
Always Look for the Fast-Forward Button In Life
Surprisingly, Not all Procrastination Is Bad
Personalizing Productivity Tips Just for You
Why You Will Never Say "I Didn't Have Time for That"
Simplify Your Way to Personal Productivity Success
You Already Are Productive, When You Want to Be
You Will Become Your Own Personal Productivity Guru
Forget High Tech and Low Tech, You Must Be Now Tech
Here Is the ONE Thing That Is Consistent Among Wildly Productive People
Why 100% Personal Productivity Is Not Your Real Goal
Avoiding This Secret Un-Productivity Trap
You Can't be Productive Unless You Know Exactly What You Want to Produce
Infinite Opportunities To Be Productive Or...
Simple, Obvious, Non-Profound Tip That Many People Never Follow
Not enough To Be Good At Something, You Need To Have A...
Coming Up With Your Own Vision Of the Productive Life
Increase Your Productivity By Doing Less
The More Fun You Have, The More Productive You Can Be
Always Look for a Fun Way To Do Boring Tasks
Why You Should Never Try To Manage Every Second Of Your Day

Create The Highly Productive Daily Habits Used By Highly Productive People

Produce This One Thing Every Day
Here is How To Schedule Your Daily Productivity Output
The Most Important Part of Your Day - The Digital Detox
Highly Productive People Think of Themselves as Highly Productive People
Limiting This Dangerous Productivity Destroyer - The TV
The 30 Minute a Day Solution
Productive People are Never 'Busy'
Building Your NOT 'To Do' List
Time Is Always More Valuable Than Stuff or Saving Money
Don't Cut Lines, But NEVER Wait in Lines
Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity
Make Sure This Is Absolutely the Simplest Way of Doing Something
Don't Add Complicated, Time-Consuming Steps Just Because Everybody Else Does
Improving Your Daily Standard Operating Procedures
Figuring Out What Is the Most Productive Time of Day for You
Asking 'Why' A Lot Will Lead You to Greater Productivity
Build On Strengths, Don't Focus on Most Weaknesses
The Most Productive Social Media Platform for You Is...
Not All Productivity Is the Same
YOU Can't Be Your Only Source of Inspiration
Decrease Your Work Hours to Increase Your Productivity
Stand Up! Take a Break!
The Most Productive Way You Can Get What You Want Is to Ask
The Highly Productive Don't Rely on Memory
Make It Easier for Other People to Be More Productive
Say 'NO' Daily
Avoid Lines Like the Plague
It Never Hurts To Be Reminded, Automatically
Scheduled Learning Is a Daily Habit of the Highly Productive
Why Honesty Really Is the Best Policy
More Reasons to Say No
Higher Productivity the Mundane Way

Having a Broader And Deeper Perspective On Your Personal Productivity

The Personal Productivity Bigger Picture
Productivity Motivation is Overrated. Daily Productivity Habits Are Underrated
Everyone Has Habits. The Key Is the Right Habits
Your Brand Is Not Your Logo, It is What You Produce on a Regular Basis
Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened By Showing Up on Time
Do This To Be on Time
Managing Your Procrastination Demons
The Highest Price of All: Switching Costs
This Is How You Find Your Grove
The Lazy Man's and Lazy Woman's Guide to Productivity
Why You Don't Need a Bolt of Lightening

Create The Ideal Productivity Environment

Creating a Productive Surrounding
Making Your Desk Make You More Productive
Yes, Home Offices Can Be Wildly Productive, If You Do This...
Quiet Please! Genius Working Here
Turns Out, Your Mother Was Right About Keeping Tidy
Take a Break Already!
Drawing Your Way to Productivity Success

Constant Personal Productivity Improvement

Productivity Tips Come From Everywhere
Eliminate the Clutter of Daily Activity
Complexity Can Add Value, But Make Sure You Have Proof
Measure 2 or Even 3 Times In Advance
It's OK To Start with Baby Steps

Make Meetings Work for You

Meetings Can Add to Your Productive, But Only When Done the Right Way
Meetings Can Be Run Efficiently
Productive Entertainment Consumption
First Choice, The Virtual Meeting
Send a Surrogate
No Agenda, No Meeting
Your Meeting Needs To Run This Way
A Standing Ovation for Your Next Productive Meeting
The Amazon Way to Run Great Meetings

Setting Goals that Mean Something

Meaningful Goals for You
Resolve to Never Make Resolutions. Instead, Make Goals with Specific Actions
Plan, But At Some Point You Must Start
Fail Faster and Better

Cell Phones and Other Technologies That Can Help and Hurt Your Productivity

The Best and Worst Productivity Tool Ever
Delete News Apps from Your Phone
Automation Is Here, So Use It Wisely

The Philosophy Of Highly Productive People

Here Is How You Can Have the Same Perspective As Highly Productive People
You Determine Your Own Productivity Fate
Productive People Have a Growth Mindset
Optimism and Productivity Go Hand in Hand
This is the Golden Age for Personal Productivity
The Gatekeepers Can No Longer Stop Your Productivity
A Golden Age for the Productive and the Lazy
Personal Productivity Is Very Different Today Versus Most of Human History
Learn from the Past, but Don't Be Shackled By It
Don't Let Negative News Sap Your Productivity

Increasing Your Productive Listening Skills

Productive People Listen Carefully
Quick Wins - The Cell Phone Secret to Good Listening Skills
Stacking the Listening Environment in Your Favor
The Telephone Listening Trap Will Never Catch You Again
Setting Just One Agenda Item: Listening
It Is Incredibly Easy to See How Well You Are Listening - Test
It's Even Easier to Listen When You Do This...
Technology Will Eat Your Brain Unless You Do This
Using Your Most Effective Body Language Tool
The Best Listening Body Language From the Neck Down
Reading the Speaker's Body
Connecting At the Emotional Level with Your Colleague To Hear All
Mastering the Art Of NOT Interrupting
Asking for Clarification Is A Great Form Of Listening
Engaging In Conversation At Just the Right Time
Strong Listening Creates Strong Reactions From You
Honing Your Sense of Timing and Judgment to Make You a Great Listener
Using The Magic of Pen and Paper Tools To Your Advantage
Summarizing the Conversation Is Great for You and Your Colleague
The One-Page Email Memo Summary Aces the Listening Skills Test - Every Time!
Conclusion - Your New Reputation As a Great Listener!

Productive Use of Body Language

Productive People Communicate Effectively With Their Body Language
Quick Wins - You Will Look Your Best on FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Live
Never Let These Two Classic Body Language Blunders Slow You Down
The Ultimate Tricky Body Language - Touching
Big Picture - Make Everyone You Work With Feel Comfortable Working With You
Your Nerves Will Never Show Again in the Workplace
You'll Never Fall for These Body Language Myths Again
Here Is Exactly What to Do With Your Hands
The Composed, Confident Video Star
Never Spotlight Your Blunders and Mistakes Again
You are Now Ready for Prime Time TV
The Number 1 Tip for Curing Body Language Problems Is...
The Real Way to Improve Your Body Language Confidence
Great Body Language for Your Presentations
PowerPoint Will Never Turn You Into a Robotic Bore Again
Confident Briefing to Colleagues and Others
Keynote Speeches Will Showcase Your Calm and Confidence
Use a TelePrompTer Like a Network News Anchor
Networking Like a Pro, Not a Wall Flower
Handshakes, Greetings and Hellos with Poise
our Body Language Partner - The Friendly Spotter
Making Sure Your Clothes Are Communicating Your Positive Story

Using Video Effectively to Improve Your Personal Productivity

Talking Head Video Can Allow Your Ideas to Produce for You 24/7
The Video Advantage In All Your Proposals - Quick Win!
Hype Versus Reality - Why Most People Never Create Simple Video
Mastering the Human Side Of Looking and Sounding Your Best on Video
How This course Will Improve Your Business
Your Proposals will Stand Head and Shoulders Above Your Competitors
Your Clients Will Find You Their Most Responsive Partner Ever
. Your Website Can Be Video-Centric
Now You Can Answer Frequently Asked Questions Just Once!
Talk Your Customers Through Your Whole Business Process
Have an Even Greater Presence on YouTube
Speak Your Thought Leadership
Your Exciting Video Newsletters Will Outshine Text Newsletters
Your Client Video Testimonials Will Prove Your Credibility Beyond a Doubt
Facebook Live Will Never Scare You Again
Project Your Best Face on Skype and Zoom
Deliver Keynote Speeches Without Ever Leaving Home
Supercharge Your Public Relations Efforts With Video
The Crisis Communications Secret Weapon
Drastically Reduce Your Time Training Employees and Others
Anything You Can Type You Can Now Speak on Video

Productive People Don't Fixate on Degrees. They Fixate on Lifelong Learning

You Never Graduate, and That's OK
The Greatest Source of Productivity Today. Your Brain
Learning New Stuff Always Helps You Learn More New Stuff
The Primacy of Books
More Praise for Books
Building Your Digital Library
Determining Your Best Learning Style
Honing Judgement Skills In the Highly Productive

Improving Telephone Communication Skills

Enhancing Your Productivity With Effective Telephone skills
Quick Wins! Do THIS To Look and Sound Great on Skype Phone Calls
Never Confuse Personal Phone Use with Business Telephone Use Again
Why Your Phone is the Best Secret Business App Ever
Planning Your Successful Phone Environment
Final Preparation for Your Successful Phone Meetings
Making Sure Your Phone Passes Your Friend Test
Planning for Winning Conference Calls
Look Prime Time Ready for Your Video Calls
Placing Phone Calls Like the Consummate Professional
Always Knowing the Best Time to Call Clients and Prospects
Now You will Never Wake Up a Client in the Middle of the Night
Answering the Phone so Everybody Knows You are Ready for Business
No Such Thing As Answering The Phone Too Quickly These Days
Your Clients Will Never Think You are Screaming At Them Again
Knowing How to Sound Your Very Best - Every Time
The Right Way to Put Someone On Hold
Making Sure They Only Hear the Magic of Your Voice
Being a Professional to Every Generation, Regardless of Your Own Preferences
Voicemail That Soothes, Not Angers
Best Voicemail Messages for Success
Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 Until You Get It Right
Never Be Busy for Clients and Bosses Again
Making Your Phone Disappear At the Perfect Moments
Tit for Tat and Text for Text
Better Than the Best Hollywood Goodbyes

Expanding Your Personal Productivity Mindset

You Don't Need And Office Anywhere to Be Productive
Increasing Your Idea Exposure
Learning Begets Learning
Free Books Galore on Google
Sorry, But Reading Is the Most Productive Use of Learning Time
More Content Than Ever Means You Need to Be More Selective Than Ever
The Productive Person's Relationship to Fear
Producing For a Higher Purpose
Celebrate Your Productivity Victories in Life
ontinual Improvement Cycles Are Key
Yes, You Can Be Lazy
Productive People Don't Manage the World or Time. They Just Manage Themselves
Using a To-Do List the Right Way
Are You Making Progress With Cutting Back on Multi-Tasking?
Know Your Personal Bandwidth
Wear a Watch
The Pros and Cons of To-To Lists

Email Best Practices

Email Isn't Going Away
Never Look At An Email More Than Once
Don't Let Email Consume Your Day
Once a Day, Your Email Box Needs to Be Empty
Limit How Often You Check Your Email
Shorter Is Better
Use Your Subject Line to Maximum Advantage
Create Categories and Folders for Your Email
Make Your Email Address Top Secret Or At Least Semi-Secret
Don't Respond to Email Unless Absolutely Necessary
Productive People Still Use Old, Boring Email Newsletters Because They Work
What You Need to Know About Texting to Enhance Productivity

Aiming for High Productivity, Avoiding Productivity Pitfalls

Always Keep An Eye on the Long Term
More Reflections on Technology
Apps to Help You Avoid Distractions
Productive People Are Not Late Adopters to Useful Technology
The Productive Commute
Productive People Don't Shop the Way Most People Shop
Learn to Promote Without Becoming a Shameless Self-Promoter
Having Fun Isn't Necessarily Wasting Time
Productive People don't talk About Hours Worked, They Talk About Results
Highly Productive People Don't Let Emotions Destroy Their Life
Working Overtime Is Not a Bonus
Get Rich Quick Is Never the Goal
End Your Work Day On Time
If It Is All Hard Work, You Are Doing Something Wrong
Successful, Productive People Quit Stuff All the Time
Be Aggressive About Doing What You Like and Avoiding the Rest
Self-Regulation is Key to High Productivity
Sometimes, Any Decision Will Do
Stress Can Work In Your Favor
Yes, You Do Have Time for Hobbies
Getting Good Value

Highly Productive People Make Their Health a High Priority

There is No Productivity 6 Feet Under
Your Body Is Worth More than a Car
Drinking Your Way to Health
There's No Magic Food, But there Is Un-Magic Food
Productive People Don't Find Time To Exercise. They Just Exercise
Find an Exercise Program that Works Just for You
Sleep Is Not a Luxury
Teeth Aren't Just for Smiles
Productive People Don't DO Diets

Productive People Master Their Finances

Control Your Financial Destiny
This Is Boring, But Productive People Pay Their Bills On Time
Nobody Cares About Your Finances As Much As You Do

Other Tips for Productivity

Visualize Your Productivity Successes
Don't Follow Productivity Gurus, Including Me!
Productive People Like to Socialize With Other Productive People
Beware Productivity Gimmicks
Productive People Project and Have Confidence, Real Confidence
Highly Productive People Have Stuff, But Stuff Doesn't Control Them
Highly Productive People Have High Standards, But Are Not Perfectionists

The Ultimate Personal Productivity Tool - Being a Great Presenter and Speaker

Be More Productive Every Time You Speak
Quick Wins! How to Impress Your Audience Within the First Two Seconds
Make YOUR Next Presentation Your Best Ever
Making Your Life a Series of Winning Presentations
Here Is What You Want to Accomplish With Your Presentation Skills
Why I Am the Most Unpopular Presentation Skills Trainer
How To Exploit Your Presentation Skills Instructor
The REAL Reason Most Presentations Fail
You Have Some Interesting Fellow Students Here
Master the Most Important Body Part in Body Language
Influence Your Audience By Starting Right Here
This Is How You Will Motivate Your Audience
This ONE Thing Is the Difference Between Great Speakers and Everyone Else
Your Picture Will Be Worth 10,000 Words
Never Forget What To Say Again!
The Perfect Start for Your Presentation
This Won't Hurt A Bit, I Promise!
The REAL Secret to Practicing Presentation Skills on Video That Nobody Gets
Presentation Skills Are NOT Soft Skills! They Are Hard Skills That Can Be Tested
The Most Important Thing I will Ever Ask You to Do In This Course
Pardon Me, But Are You Sure...?
Testing Your Presentation Skills from Every Direction

Most Common Questions People Ask About Making More Productive Presentations

What Do I Do With My Hands While Giving a Presentation?
What do You Do If You Are Nervous Before Giving a Presentation?
What is the #1 Blunder Most People Make In their Presentation Skills?What is the
What Is the #1 Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Presentation?
How Can You Remember What To Say During a Presentation?
What If You Are Asked a Question and You Don't Know the Answer?
What Should Happen After the Presentation?
Is It a Good Idea to Memorize a Presentation?
What Is the Best Way to Write a Presentation?
What Do You Do If You are Losing the Audience?
Is It OK to Use Alcohol, Beta Blockers or Marijuana to Calm Yourself?
What Do You Do If You Mess Up In The Middle of a Presentation?
Should You Tell 'Em What You're Gonna Tell 'Em?
Is It OK To Wear Glasses During a Presentation?
Should You Warn Your Audience That You are Going to Be Boring?
Should I Use PowerPoint?
How Long Should I Rehearse My Presentation?
Should I Read My Presentation?
How Long Should a Presentation Be?
How Many Bullet Points Should Be On a PowerPoint Slide?
Is It OK To Use Builds In a PowerPoint?
Should You Look At One Friendly Face While Giving a Presentation?
What is Everything You Need to Know about PowerPoint In One Minute?
What is a 'Magic Phrase' for Presenters?
What Do I Do If My Presenting Times Is Cut Back At The Last Minute?
What Is the Best Way To Start a Presentation?
How Do You Present With True Confidence?
How Do You Present In Front Of a Large Audience?
How Can You Sound Conversational While Giving a Presentation?
How Can You Smile During a Presentation?
How do You Recover from a Memory Lapse When Giving a Presentation?
How Do You Manage Time When Giving a Presentation?
How Can You Make Prepared Remarks as Interesting as the Q and A Session?
Is It a Good Idea to Use Animation and Special Effects?
Aren't Presentation Skills Something You Are Either Born With Or Not?
Am I Better Off Just Winging It?
How Do You Deal With Audience Members Who are Texting During Your Presentation?
What Do You Do If You Have a Technical Malfunction During Your Presentation?
What Is The Best Way to Close a Presentation?
How Should You Be Introduced Before Making a Presentation?
How Many Slides Should You Have In a PowerPoint Presentation?
How Do I Pick a Topic for a Presentation?
How Do I Know What Messages Will Be Interesting To My Audience?
Can I Make Up Stories for My Presentations?
What Is the Best Way to Tell A Story In My Presentation?
How Do You Consistently Improve as a Presenter?
How Can You Test Your Presentation?

Highly Productive People Are Often Freelancers for at Least Part of Their Career

Start a Main Hustle or a Side Hustle Today
Rule Number 1 of The Successful Freelancer Club, Never Talk About...
You Now Truly Know What Freelancing Is
The Golden Age of Freelancing is NOW
You Never Know When a Self-Promotional Opportunity Might Pop Up
Crashing the Barriers to Entry
The Pros and Cons of Freelancing
For Better or Worse, Everyone Now Has a Global Reputation
In the Future, We Will All Be Freelancers and For More Than 15 Minutes
The Freelance Lifestyle Of Your Dreams
You WANT People to Tell You That You Are Too Expensive
Your ONE BIG Revenue Driver
The Best Time to Start a Freelance Business
Yes You CAN Have Full Benefits
The Exact Right Time to Quit Your Day Job
The Psychological Profile Of the Successful Freelancer
You Can Conquer Your Neighborhood, Your City, Your Country or the World
You Are NOT a Home-Based Business You Are A Customer-Based Business
Why Should You Listen to TJ Walker Talk About a Freelance Career
Finding Your Ideal Niche In the Freelance World
Finding the Best Markets
Positioning Your World class Expertise
Saving Your Clients Time and Pain Will Bring You Prosperity

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Books to Help You Increase Your Personal Productivity in Communication
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June 13, 2023
Very good food for thought, as everything spoken about makes you think. I definitely fit into all those shoes, its time to re-evaluate and change many things in my life so i can move on to Personal Transformation.
June 9, 2023
The great thing about this course is that it is based on solid principles (which are explicitly explained), which one then can apply to their own specific circumstances. The presented examples give a starting point for that. One remark regarding the time, I usually need twice as long as the video play time due to having to pause and note down information for later reference and action steps for application.
March 6, 2023
Although I haven't finished it yet, it was the course I needed as my home life got off track during the pandemic, and I wanted to do a reset.
October 9, 2022
The only feeling I had was "if you do not say how I say you need to do, then it ain't good", also I got feeling of too many repetition. More than 20h course for basically say what could be resume in 1h
September 16, 2022
This course is help me in how to be in life , and about productivity of time ,money, and also help in detoxifying the thoughts.
August 29, 2022
I still need time to realize if it match... however the subject on abundance is matching with some of my problems... I assume the course also helps how to overcome this.
August 27, 2022
I'm hearing and learning some really good practices and tips to implement because they are doable. This course is a great match for me. Thank you
August 6, 2022
Very good advice to actually *get going* with creative ideas and possible products, versus just thinking about it. I think this will help me with my tendency to procrastination and "analysis paralysis".
July 18, 2022
This course is really amazing. I started audio selfies and keep listening to them daily. Also I am able to manage my day more effectively than before by limiting my screen time. I started learning computer courses parallelly and can really see the difference of understanding them now than I used to be in the past 2 months. That's a huge change and thanks to this TJ :)
June 2, 2022
I thought there were very good pieces of information here. One thing I really liked and took to heart is how I have been a consumer every single day for someone else's products, and not taking the time alone away from my phone to sit in the quiet or go on a walk without music and really be comfortable pushing my limits. I did think there were some clips that were repetitive, but other than that I found this course very useful. I also agree with using your hands when speaking. I remember I used to freeze up in college while speaking and sweat so bad I would ruin the projector remotes that I held. Then one day I was angry about something (I cannot remember what it was now), but I was so angry that I did not feel nervous, I loosened up and moved around the room (I was trying to avoid pacing but I had to move to control the emotions felt at that time), and that speech to this day was the best I ever completed. Thank you!
April 24, 2022
its a game changer course, it changes life, i appreciate TJ but some topics like listening, making vedios are boring and irrelevant for the course.
April 21, 2022
OMG, it was an amazing experience .T J literally covered every aspect of life .For me it was a different perspective & mindset to look at life. A different view to look at life &enjoy every single day with least effort .It enabled me to connect with my inner soul .THANK YOU TJ for this beautiful creation .I updated my daily routines &I could already see some changes .I highly recommend for those who are looking for a complete personal transformation.
April 20, 2022
Well, this course includes most of the things which i wanted and which will help me to improve myself from every aspect unlike other PD courses which only focuses on teaching how to speak english more confidently. Moreover, TJ sir is a great teacher, the way he makes me things understand is very good …
March 29, 2022
Yes ,it reminds you of things that you are not aware of like for instance goods and stuff you buying and on a later stage its being of waste that you no longer use it.
February 9, 2022
I just started the course, quick wins are good but I am curious to see what comes in the following courses.


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