Complete Linux Course + Bash Scripting - DevOps Path

Learn Linux basics, bash scripting to automate your servers, automate VMs with Vagrant Tool

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Learn Linux Terminal for Linux Administrators

Learn Bash Scripting Programming Language

Learn Vagran VM Automation Tool

Learn with Hands-on Examples


Why we need for Linux Administration?

Linux is the one of the key and essential OS For Devops Engineers, system engineers and cloud engineers. In your career, you must learn linux, its functions and linux scripting deeply. Learning Linux, is the 1st step to go on those careers. The good thing is, no need any programming skills to learn Linux.

What will you do after course?

You can create your own Linux server and manage with many details. You can create automation scripts with Bash Scripting. With many of real life examples, you can directly use all of codes in your real network.


- Linux Basics

- Installation of Linux on VM

- Essential Linux Terminal Commands

- Linux Server Management

- Bash Scripting for Server Management and Automation

- Vagrant Tool for VM Orchestration andManagement

Why Is Linux?

It's an open source Operating System. And very flexible for developers and system administrators. Many companies uses Linux based OS for their datacenters and also for tools. Even when you enter Cloud Technologies, you will always meet with Linux in AWS or in any other cloud services.

DevOps Path

Keep on tracking on our Becoming a DevOps Engineer path with below order. The new courses will come each month. 

1- Linux

2- Automation Tools (Ansible, Puppet and Chef)

3- Containers (Docker and Kubernetes)

4- Managemet Tools (Terraform, NGINX, Prometheus and Grafana)


Linux Fundamentals

Course Introduction
Linux Introduction
Install Vmware
Install Ubuntu on Windows
GUI and Terminal Introduction
File System Hierarchy

Linux Terminal Commands

Surf in File System
Create & Delete Files/Directories, Move & Copy
Cat & Vim & Nano
More, Less, Echo, Tail, Head
Archive Commands
File Permissions
Package Management
User & Group Permissions - 1
User & Group Permissions - 2
User & Group Permissions - 3
System Commands
System Shutdown Commands
System Monitoring Commands
Network Commands
Start & Stop Services

Bash Scripting

What is Bash Scripting
Bash Scripting Basics
Install Visual Studio Code
Read Command
Quotes in Bash
If Condition
AND and OR Operators
Arithmetic Operations
File Verification Operators
Case Statement
For Loops
While Loops
Until Loops
Break and Continue
Global & Local Variables
Bash Script Debugging
Bash Scripts - Create directory
Bash Scripts - Check if file exist
Bash Scripts - Find Device Information
Bash Scripts - SSH Connection

Vagrant - VM Orchestration Tool

Introduction to Vagrant
Vagrant Concepts
Install Vagrant
Basic Vagrant Commands
Vagrant Documentation
Configure Vagrantfile
Create Multiple VMs
Create Multiple VMs with Loops
Create Website Template with Django
As FINAL - Follow Me in Linkedin


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