Complete KoboToolbox Training Course

Learn the basic & advanced techniques of developing & deploying mobile survey data collection forms with Kobo Toolbox

4.70 (449 reviews)
Complete KoboToolbox Training Course
10 hours
Apr 2021
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What you will learn

How to develop forms using Kobo Toolbox's form builder integrating skip logic, validation logic, calculated fields, translations and cascading selects

How to deploy the forms on Android devices including tweaking settings and options on your fleet of mobile devices used to collect survey data

How to manage data uploaded to Kobo Toolbox by viewing, editing, accepting, downloading it and creating custom data visualization reports

How to develop advanced forms using XLSFORM

Other advanced form builder/xlsform features updated weekly (e.g. advanced calculations, controlling repeat groups, using regex etc)

Why take this course?

🎓 **Complete KoboToolbox Training: Master Mobile Survey Data Collection!** 🚀 **Course Headline:** Dive into the world of mobile data collection with our comprehensive KoboToolbox course. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this training will equip you with the expertise to create, deploy, and manage survey data like a pro! 🌍 **Course Description:** Are you ready to unlock the full potential of mobile survey data collection? This is the go-to course for anyone interested in leveraging Kobo Toolbox (or Open Data Kit - ODK) for their projects. We've designed this course to guide you from the basics to advanced techniques, ensuring you have a robust understanding of developing and deploying forms, collecting data, and managing it effectively. 🔍 **What You'll Learn:** - **Form Development:** Master creating forms using Kobo Toolbox's form builder, incorporating skip logic, validation logic, calculated fields, translations, and cascading selects. - **Deployment & Settings:** Learn to deploy your forms on Android devices with precision, customizing settings and options for optimal data collection. - **Data Management:** Discover how to manage the influx of data in Kobo Toolbox, including viewing, editing, accepting, downloading, and creating custom data visualization reports. - **Advanced Forms:** Explore advanced form development using XLSFORM, along with a host of other features that we'll be updating weekly, such as complex calculations, controlling repeat groups, and utilizing regex. 🎯 **Why You Should Take This Course:** - **Comprehensive Coverage:** From formulation to data management, this course covers almost everything you need to know about building forms and managing data in Kobo Toolbox. - **Interactive Learning:** Have specific questions? Ask away! We'll address your queries with weekly lesson updates. - **Practical Experience:** Learn through engaging video content and hands-on practice with real-world projects. It's more effective than sifting through forums. - **Extensive Resources:** Benefit from a treasure trove of resources for practice and reference, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience. 🛠️ **Course Requirements:** - **Knowledge Base:** A basic understanding of survey questionnaire formulation will be beneficial. - **Tools Needed:** A computer, a web browser (Google Chrome/Firefox), an active internet connection, and an Android device for testing. Join me, Alexander Mtembenuzeni, your expert instructor, on this journey to master Kobo Toolbox. With weekly updates, interactive learning, and comprehensive resources at your fingertips, you're set up for success in the world of mobile survey data collection. 🌟 Enroll now and transform the way you collect, manage, and analyze survey data! Let's make data collection a piece of cake! 🍰


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Our review

🏆 **Overview of Course Rating and Feedback** The online course on Kobo Toolbox has received a high rating of 4.70 from recent reviews. The feedback is predominantly positive, with several users highlighting the course's comprehensiveness, practicality, and clarity in teaching the tool, including its advanced features like XLS form design. **Pros:** - **Comprehensive Content:** The course covers a wide range of topics, including XLS form design which is highly valued by employers in the international development sector. - **Real-Life Examples:** The use of real-life examples enhances learning and application of skills to practical scenarios. - **Clear and Detailed Explanations:** Users appreciate the step-by-step guidance provided, which makes it suitable for beginners. - **Hands-On Practice:** Opportunities for hands-on practice are available throughout the course, allowing learners to apply what they've learned directly. - **Well-Structured:** The course is organized by topics, making it easy to revisit specific areas of interest. - **Practical Approach:** Users find the approach terrific and the instructional methodology highly explanatory. - **Excellent Teaching:** The instructor's performance is praised for being clear, informative, and providing a functional knowledge base that covers almost all practical applications of Kobo Toolbox. **Cons:** - **Technical Issues:** Some reviewers mention technical issues such as low volume in some videos, inconsistencies between videos and helping guides, typos, and the lack of response to questions on the Q&A forum. - **Data Management:** There are gaps identified in teaching how to clean exported data or combine repeated group data with main data sheets. - **Additional Features and Updates:** Some users suggest the inclusion of additional sections, such as functions and troubleshooting, and recommend updating the training for newer versions of Kobo. - **API Workshop:** A couple of reviews point out the lack of explanation on working with the API and the absence of exercises with corrections. **General Feedback:** - **Quality of Transcription:** One reviewer suggests improving the transcription quality for better comprehension. - **Learning Experience:** The ability to learn from the comfort of one's office is highlighted as a tremendous experience by another user. - **Overall Satisfaction:** Most users are highly satisfied with the course, with a few specific recommendations for improvement. **Instructor Performance:** - **Excellent Teaching Methodology:** The instructor is recognized for providing crystal clear instruction and hands-on experience from zero to hero level. - **Comprehensive Knowledge:** Alexander Mtembenuzeni is praised for his extensive knowledge and skills on Kobo Toolbox, with the course being described as a great self-paced learning tool. **Additional Notes:** - **Continuous Learning:** It is recommended that users look forward to learning more with Udemy, indicating an ongoing need for continuous improvement of skills in the field. - **Course Improvement Recommendations:** To enhance the course further, incorporating API work and providing exercises with corrections would be beneficial. Additionally, ensuring that all taught functionalities are demonstrated within the course content is important. In summary, the Kobo Toolbox course is highly regarded for its comprehensive coverage of the tool, practical examples, and clear instruction. While there are some technical issues and areas for improvement, the overall sentiment from users is one of satisfaction and appreciation for the knowledge gained.



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