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JavaScript ES6 Course: ECMA Script 6 (Step by Step)

Learn the most important parts of modern JavaScript with Complete JavaScript ES6+ Course.

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Complete JavaScript ES6+ (ECMA Script 6)

How does transpiling work in ES6

Work with Babel JS

Install and Setup Node JS

New syntax in JavaScript ES6+

Using the Const Keyword

Making use of Template Strings

Using spread operator in JavaScript ES6

Using Default function parameters

Working with Object literals

Using Arrow functions in JavaScript ES6+

Using the "this" scope in modern JavaScript

Learn how to destructure in JavaScript

How to use generators in ES6+

Working with "class" syntax

Learning how to use inheritance in ES6+


ECMA Script 6 or ES6 is the latest standard used in JavaScript to get the most out of the JavaScript language itself. A lot of new syntax and keywords have now been added to the JavaScript ES6 update.

These updates have actually improved the performance of how good and fast can JavaScript be used in many web applications.

Some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks are NodeJS, Angular by Google, ReactJS by Facebook use the modern JavaScript ES6. In this course we will cover everything that is required to get get started with the modern JavaScript. After completing this course you can further proceed to any Popular JavaScript Framework.


JavaScript ES6 Course: ECMA Script 6 (Step by Step)
JavaScript ES6 Course: ECMA Script 6 (Step by Step)
JavaScript ES6 Course: ECMA Script 6 (Step by Step)
JavaScript ES6 Course: ECMA Script 6 (Step by Step)



Introduction to JavaScript ES6+

What you should know

What is (ES6) ECMA Script 6

Transpiling in ES6

Why use Babel JS

How to use Babel JS

Installing Node JS

JavaScript ES6 Fundamentals

Let Syntax in ES6

Using The Const Keyword

Working with Template Strings

Spread Operator in JavaScript ES6

Default Function Parameters in ES6

Working with Object Literals in ES6

Arrow Functions in JavaScript ES6

Arrow Functions with This Scope in ES6

Destructuring in JavaScript ES6

Generators in JavaScript ES6

Working with Class Syntax in JavaScript ES6

Class Inheritance in JavaScript ES6




Zong-Rong14 April 2021

The content is way oversimplified. The instructor just typed code in the videos, without explaining the usages and special functions of the new items featured in ES6. A good thing is that the instructor spoke quite clearly.

Andrea2 November 2020

Corso veramente striminzito e troppo superficiale per capire le novità di ES6. Da un corso a pagamento ci si aspetta sicuramente di più.

Sergio1 November 2020

Contenido corto per consiso. No explica nada que no puedas encontrar en la documentacion original por lo que solo es bueno adquirir el curso si esta con un cupon de gratuito.

Muhammad23 October 2020

Teacher is good. But you need to add subtitles. Accent is quite difficult comprehend. Plus, we paid for this, so we need to understand each and every penny of ours.

Panagiotis17 September 2020

Basic explanation on ES6 changes and not in depth explanation what it means. More like a practical guide, than a programming approach.

Om12 September 2020

Good Enough for those who are starting from scratch or have some knowledge about JS. But I think the Instructor needs to add or give more knowledge about JS here.

Venu10 September 2020

good start for beginners and i would recommand add more details about Destructuring , generators and classes concepts

Jonathan8 September 2020

Decent information. Error in section 2, #14: he does not demonstarte the function, just logs an array repeatedly.


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