Complete Guide to Candlesticks Patterns

Candlestick Patterns

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What you will learn

History and development of the candlesticks

Comprehensive understanding of Candlesticks and Candlestick patterns

Psychology behind the Candlesticks patterns and trading

How to Benefit From The Trading Psychology Behind Candlesticks

Reversal and Continuation Patterns

Learn to read Price Action more accurately

How to spot & use candlestick patterns for trading

Develop your own Trading Strategy by using candlestick pattern

Master How to Use Candlesticks for profitable trading With Real-World Examples!


In this course, you will learn every aspect of the Japanese Candlesticks. Brief history of how it started and how it become available to all over the world. You will start learning the basic formations to advance formation with real life examples and quizzes for every chapter.

This is not a rocket science. Candlesticks doesn't require knowing intricate formulas or ratios. Candlestick does not require massive amounts of education to effectively utilize the signals. Candlesticks result in clear and easy-to-identify patterns that are highly accurate which will become an asset in your trading arsenal. Candlestick patterns works in any market for any asset class.

First chapter will introduce candlestick basics and neutral candlestick formations. This chapter is establishes the basics of the candlesticks. It is very important for the beginners.

Second chapter will be about reversal patterns. This chapter designed for each daily patterns and identified as bullish or bearish reversals with real life examples.

Third chapter will be about the continuation patterns. Patterns separated for each day as well as if they are bullish and bearish continuation patterns.

Fourth chapter will be about windows and how to identify and benefit from this formations.

You will have an ample opportunity to test your knowledge with exams that are designed to improve your learning. You will have to identify patterns after you have learned what they mean.

At the end, you will have a Big Exam consisting only charts for you to identify patterns that you have learned. Practice makes it perfect, and I made sure you have enough material to practice what you learned to become a master at it. All examples are from real life to make you get used to real life situations.

Whole course consist of 67 reversal patterns as well as 21 continuation patterns. Some of the patterns are rarely occurs in real life but nonetheless included in this course thus the name "Complete Guide to Candlesticks Patterns".


You will see during the course, some patterns are very easy to identify and works very well. You will be very comfortable with some of them while some of them are more complex. By using the patterns you are more comfortable will lead to a successful trading career. Just remember knowledge is the power.

Best of luck with your learning.


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Brief History of Candlesticks
Formation of Candlesticks
Reversal Patterns vs Continuation Patterns
Spinning Top
Exam Introduction
Answer to Exam Introduction

One Day Reversal Patterns

Hammer (Bullish)
Inverted Hammer (Bullish)
Bullish Belt Hold (Bullish)
Hanging Man (Bearish)
Shooting Star (Bearish)
Bearish Belt Hold (Bearish)
Exam 1
Answers to Exam 1

Two Days Reversal Patterns

Bullish Engulfing (Bullish)
Piercing Line (Bullish)
Bullish Meeting Line (Bullish)
One White Soldier (Bullish)
Bullish Kicking (Bullish)
Bullish Harami (Bullish)
Bullish Harami Cross (Bullish)
Bullish Doji Star (Bullish)
Homing Pigeon (Bullish)
Matching Low (Bullish)
Last Engulfing Bottom (Bullish)
Tweezer Bottom (Bullish)
Bearish Engulfing (Bearish)
Dark Cloud Cover (Bearish)
Bearish Meeting Line (Bearish)
One Black Crow (Bearish)
Bearish Kicking (Bearish)
Bearish Harami (Bearish)
Bearish Harami Cross (Bearish)
Bearish Doji Star (Bearish)
Descending Hawk (Bearish)
Matching High (Bearish)
Last Engulfing Day Top (Bearish)
Tweezer Top (Bearish)
Exam 2
Answers to Exam 2

Three Days Reversal Patterns

Morning Star (Bullish)
Morning Doji Star (Bullish)
Bullish Abandoned Baby (Bullish)
Two Rabbits (Bullish)
Downside Gap Two Rabbits (Bullish)
Bullish Tri Star (Bullish)
Three Outside Up (Bullish)
Three White Soldiers (Bullish)
Unique Three River Bottom (Bullish)
Bullish Stick Sandwich (Bullish)
Bullish Squeeze Alert (Bullish)
Descent Block (Bullish)
Bullish Deliberation (Bullish)
Three Star in The South (Bullish)
Evening Star (Bearish)
Evening Doji Star (Bearish)
Bearish Abandoned Baby (Bearish)
Two Crows (Bearish)
Upside Gap Two Crows (Bearish)
Bearish Tri Star (Bearish)
Three Outside Down (Bearish)
Three Inside Down (Bearish)
Three Black Crows (Bearish)
Identical Three Crows (Bearish)
Unique Three Mountain Top (Bearish)
Bearish Stick Sandwich (Bearish)
Bearish Squeeze Alert (Bearish)
Bearish Deliberation (Bearish)
Three Star in The North (Bearish)
Exam 3
Answers to Exam 3

Four Days Reversal Patterns

Concealing Baby Swallow (Bullish)
Three Gap Down (Bullish)
Three Gap Up (Bearish)
Exam 4
Answers to Exam 4

Five Days Reversal Patterns

After Bottom Gap Up (Bullish)
Bullish Breakaway (Bullish)
Ladder Bottom (Bullish)
After Top Gap Down (Bearish)
Bearish Breakaway (Bearish)
Ladder Top (Bearish)
Exam 5
Answers to Exam 5

Two Days Continuation Patterns

Bullish Thrusting (Bullish)
Bullish In Neck Line (Bullish)
Bullish On Neck Line (Bullish)
Bullish Separating Line (Bullish)
Bearish Thrusting (Bearish)
Bearish In Neck Line (Bearish)
Bearish On Neck Line (Bearish)
Bearish Separating Line (Bearish)
Exam 6
Answers to Exam 6

Three Days Continuation Patterns

Upside Tasuki Gap (Bullish)
Upside Gap Three Methods (Bullish)
Bullish Side by Side White Lines (Bullish)
Bullish Side by Side Black Lines (Bullish)
Downside Tasuki Gap (Bearish)
Downside Gap Three Methods (Bearish)
Bearish Side by Side Black Lines (Bearish)
Exam 7
Answers to Exam 7

Four Days Continuation Patterns

Bullish Three Line Strike (Bullish)
Bearish Three Line Strike (Bearish)
Exam 8
Answers to Exam 8

Five Days Continuation Patterns

Rising Three Methods (Bullish)
Bullish Mat Hold (Bullish)
Falling Three Methods (Bearish)
Bearish Mat Hold (Bearish)
Exam 9
Answers to Exam 9


Rising Windows (Bullish)
Falling Windows (Bearish)
Exam Windows
Answer to Exam Windows


Blending Candles
Exam Blending Candles
Answers to Exam Blending Candles
Big Exam
The End



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