Complete Guide for Leaflet JS : Beginner to Expert

Best guide to build any application map based using Leaflet in a very easy way (Basics, Concepts, Plugins,...)

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4 hours
Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Create easily an interactive map using leaflet

Understand some useful concept for mapping and geospatial

Extend your application by using hundreds of plugins

Understand the architecture and documentation of Leaflet


Leaflet is the easiest and powerful JavaScript library for creating any interactive Map you want.

It's free and has a very active community, with hundred of plugins.

I worked on GPS Tracking system and had to deal with maps by making it very interactive. In the beginning I used Google Maps API, but when I faced an incident due to external factors, my whole system were broken. Here how I discovered Leaflet, and since that day I always used it and were never limited by its possibilities.

In this course you will learn how to use this powerful library and create any interaction map application you need with no limitation.

I designed this course by first explaining some theory that is very required to understand deeply how things are working (Map projection, GPS Coordinates,...).

Then you will learn by doing, see concrete examples and practicing with some tests.

Also you’ll discover plugins and learn how to use them.

Finally, the particularity of this course, is that I explain you the architecture of the library and I teach you how to easily use the documentation, so that you can custom your app however you want.

Enroll now and become the expert!


Complete Guide for Leaflet JS : Beginner to Expert - Screenshot_01Complete Guide for Leaflet JS : Beginner to Expert - Screenshot_02Complete Guide for Leaflet JS : Beginner to Expert - Screenshot_03Complete Guide for Leaflet JS : Beginner to Expert - Screenshot_04


Getting Started

What will we learn?
What is Leaflet?
Why Leaflet?

Introduction To Some Concepts

Map reference
Different shapes
How the map is displayed
Map projection issue
Spherical Distance
Quizz 1

Leaflet Architecture

How is the library structured?

Leaflet Basics

Setup the environment
Create a Map
Add Markers
Distance between two Markers
Draw Shapes
Add Layers Control
Change Tiles
What is GeoJSON?
Examples of GeoJSON
Use GeoJSON in Leaflet
Leaflet Basics Test Overview
Leaflet Basics Test Solution
Quizz 2

Power of Plugins

What are leaflet Plugins?
How to use a Plugin?
Should I create my own Plugin?
Practicing Plugins - Draw
Practicing Plugins - SnakeAnim
Practicing Plugins - PruneCluster
Leaflet Plugin Test Overview
Leaflet Plugin Test Solution
Quizz 3

Wrap Up


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