Complete Greek Course: Learn Greek for Beginners

Learn Greek FAST with this non-stop Greek speaking course for BEGINNERS: learning Greek will be easy and fun!

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8 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

200+ most useful vocabulary words

Top most useful phrases you can use in everyday situations

Proper Greek pronunciation

How to put basic sentences together

Read and write in Greek

Easily order foods and drinks

Pronounce words correctly without hearing them first

Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually

The building blocks of Greek grammar


The ultimate Greek beginner course that will teach you Greek faster than you thought possible! Perhaps you’ve dreamed of moving or travelling to Greece and holding your own in real-life situations, being independent and able to communicate with the locals. Perhaps you want to experience the rich culture and sample the delicious local cuisine or do business with local companies. Whatever your reason, this Greek course for beginners is right for you!

During our 35 lessons you will learn:

  • Lots and lots of vocabulary

  • How to read and write in Greek

  • Useful everyday phrases

  • Basic sentence structures

  • Basic grammar rules most beginner courses don’t teach

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually

  • Pronounce words correctly without hearing them first

  • Read a restaurant menu

  • Order food and drinks

  • Structure basic sentences with ease

  • Give and receive directions

  • Describe people’s personalities and physical appearance

  • Tell the time

  • Make requests, describe what you want and what you plan to do

  • Express your feelings, your interests and dislikes

  • Navigate multiple types of everyday situations, like shopping

This course aims to help you master the basics of Greek and give you a strong base onto which you will be able to build your skills as a Greek speaker.

Start your Greek journey with us today!


Complete Greek Course: Learn Greek for Beginners
Complete Greek Course: Learn Greek for Beginners
Complete Greek Course: Learn Greek for Beginners
Complete Greek Course: Learn Greek for Beginners


Getting Started

The Alphabet

Diphthongs, Intonation Marks and Reading




Gender, Number and Case


Declining Nouns in -ος

Present Tense Verbs Pt. 1

Practice and Build


Declining Neutral Nouns in -ο, -ι

Present Tense Verbs Pt. 2

Animals & Verbs

Declining Feminine Nouns in -α, -η

The Preposition “Σε”

Practice & Build

Telling the Time

Last Words


Luciana1 August 2021

Easy explanation and the reference to other words in English in order to be familiar with the pronuntiation

Stephan27 July 2021

I was easy to follow and the explanations were spot on. I know a ligo amount of Ellinika, and the explanation of the Three characters of Sigma cleared up a lot of questions for reading signs.

Mirela18 May 2021

Alexandra is a great teacher,pleasant voice&a high level of pedagogical style.She simply makes U assimilate Greek very quick&easy! Highly recommend her!!! I just wait her to teach here extremely soon intermediate and advanced level!!!

Noémi7 May 2021

Loved it! I love the instructor's voice and how much info she teaches you. I've been practicing the conversations with my Greek boyfriend and he's really impressed with how much I've been able to say thanks to this course.

Alexander4 May 2021

I have greatle enjoyed how material is explained. Very clearly, in detail and step by step. The teacher appears to be very competent and patient, going into all of the nuances, plus she has a super pleasant voice. Overall an excellent course.

Maria4 May 2021

Really loving this course so far! The teacher has such a clear and nice voice and goes over things very well so even I can keep up. Really well-paced and informative! I really hope you add more courses!

Rosita27 January 2021

I am currently living in Cyprus. Learning Greek with this course has helped me a lot! I can communicate in Greek now a bit!❤️?Thank you teacher, Alexandra!

Boris22 January 2021

This was amazing. I've struggled learning Greek from other sources, but the teacher was fantastic at explaining the grammar really clearly.


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