Django A-Z: Build & Deploy Web Project With Python & Django

Learn Django Core By Building Real Web Application With Python, Django, GIT and Deploy on Heroku Server From Basics!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn about Django Apps, Templates, Models & Migrations.

Understanding Django Authentication System, Foreign Key Concept

Learn 4 Important Pillars to Deploy (git, GitHub, Heroku, Heroku CLI)

Writing URLS, Views and Models

Functionality for Registration, Login, and Logout

Hiding Secret Key, DEBUG, Allowed Host, Database Information

Usage of Django Messages and Forms

Integrating Crispy Form to improve Registration Functionality

Learn about MVT (Model, View Template)

Implement CRUD Functionality. (Create, Read, Update and Delete)


Welcome to Django A-Z: Learn Django Framework By Building & Deploying Web Application Project!
One course that will help you to start your Web Development Journey from Scratch Step-by-Step. This course touches each and every important concept for Django beginners with it's the latest LTS Version Django 2.2,

Throughout this course you will learn about:

  • Development Environment Set-up. (Libraries, Extensions, IDE's, Virtualenv)

  • Django Flow & File Structure

  • Django URLs, Views, and Templates

  • Models and SQLite3 Database

  • Set-up Static files and Media files Structure. (CSS, JS, Images)

  • Work with Administration Panel

  • Work with Forms and Fields

  • Writing Function-Based Views

  • Messages and Notification.

  • Django Authentication System

  • Functionality for Registration, Login, and Logout

  • Integrating Crispy Form to improve Registration Functionality

  • Understanding Restrictions - Page, Header

  • Relationship Between Models (Task & User)

  • Understanding Foreign Key Concept - ManyToMany Relationship, OneToOne Relationship

  • Working with Django Security Updates

  • 4 Important Pillars to Deploy (git, GitHub, Heroku, Heroku CLI)

  • Working with GitHub Repository

  • Understanding the working of requirements txt and .gitignore

  • Working with Django Environ (Django Environment Variable)

  • Push project from Local System to GitHub

  • Working with Django Heroku (STATICROOT, WSGI, gunicorn)

  • Working with Heroku CLI

  • Handling WSGI with gunicorn

  • Hiding Secret Key, DEBUG, Allowed Host, Database Information

  • Working with Django Security and Database Updates

After completing this course you will be ready to work on beginner's projects as Intern, Fresher, or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything yourself! Most importantly you will be ready to divide deep for the big available scope with Django in the future.

Enroll now and I will make sure you learn best about Django!


Django A-Z: Build & Deploy Web Project With Python & Django
Django A-Z: Build & Deploy Web Project With Python & Django
Django A-Z: Build & Deploy Web Project With Python & Django
Django A-Z: Build & Deploy Web Project With Python & Django


Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Welcome - Lets Get Started!

Understanding Django

Project Setup

Setting Up Text Editor - VSCode

Setting Up Virtual Environment

Django 2.2 Version Update

Core Django - Starting Our Project

Startapp - Taskmate

Runserver For First Time

Django Flow and Django Structure

Urls and Views




Base Template and Jinja 2

Static Folder and Improving Website Look

Model and Migration (Database Stuff)

Admin Panel


Database Migrations

Fetch Data And Display On Template

Fetch Data From Database

Displaying Data On Templates

Adding Condition On Data

Django Forms

Adding Form and Accepting Input

Django Messages

Adding Messages and Alert Option

Understanding CSS and Bootstrap

Implementing CRUD Functionality

Deleting Queryset Item

Editing Queryset Item - 1

Editing Queryset Item - 2

Editing Queryset Item - 3

Adding Option - Mark Task As Completed

Adding Option - Mark Task As Pending


Pagination Overview

Implementing Pagination - 1

Implementing Pagination - 3

Designing Task Page

Fixing URLs and Links

Fixing Task Page Design - 1

Fixing Task Page Design - 2

Designing Home Page Using Bootstrap

Designing Home Page - 1

Designing Home Page - 2

Accounts & Authentication

Introduction - Django Authentication System

Creating User Section


Registration Form

Register Templates

Register Views [Part I]

Register Views [Part II]

Adding Email Field In Forms

Improving Form Design With Crispy Forms

Adding Grid Layout On Registration Page

Login & Logout

Login - URLs, Views & Template

Login - Functionality Test

Login - Redirect URL


Quick Design Change

Adding Restrictions

Adding Header Restriction [Part I]

Adding Header Restriction [Part II]

Adding Page Restrictions

Relationship Between Task & User

Relationship Between Task & User

Adding Foreign Key

Updating Task Input Fields

Task Of Logged-in User Only

Securing Our Application

Security Problem & Solution [Part I]

Security Problem & Solution [Part II]

Understanding Deployment Process

4 Important Pillars to Deploy

Working with GitHub and Heroku

Registering on Heroku and GitHub

Creating GitHub Repository

Working with requirements.txt and .gitignore

Django Environment Variable

Understanding Django Environ

Working with Environment Variables

Solving .env Errors [Part 1]

Solving .env Errors [Part 2]

Local System to GitHub

Push project from Local System to GitHub


Working with Django Heroku

Working with StaticRoot

Handling WSGI with gunicorn

Empty folder Staticfiles

Configuring Secret Keys

Deploying on Heroku

Setting up Database and adding users

Thank You For Being Here!

Thank You For Being Here!


Bonus - Git & GitHub Crash Course


Hicham21 January 2021

Great course, I needed it for a professional project, all the contents from this course will me help a lot, thanks Shubham

Sarweswaran17 November 2020

It is good and he explains clearly. But sometimes it was faster so I should playback and come again. But its good

Michelly20 October 2020

The best instructor I got so far in Udemy, hands down. Lectures are short (what I loved!!!) not leaving you tired in each part to complete, clearly explained as he says the why of basically everything. Great instructor!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

Daria21 August 2020

This is a great course and I am happy that I found it! I had some basic knowledge of Django before but was struggling with some things and now could finally understand them. There are explanations of different aspects that were very helpful for me: creating a user account, using Crispy forms, CRUD functionality, and I also liked the explanations of how to easily use Bootstrap to make a nice front-end interface. I appreciated how the course is made, the explanations are very clear, the text is perfectly visible on screen, and there are different resources as well. I really enjoyed the course. Thanks a lot!

Naman20 August 2020

It is a very good course if you are a beginner with no previous knowledge of django. I really liked the response time of the instructor towards the asked doubt

Jonathan17 August 2020

I had a short term need to host a personal app, decided to try Django (coming from Node). I have taken many other courses here on Udemy (at least 20 by now) and this is by far the most concise, well explained course I have taken yet. At one point near the end of the course, i was moving along at the lecturers pace with confidence and up to speed in incredibly short amount of time. Highly recommended.

Brendan1 August 2020

Course material was comprehensive and I was able to successfully complete the project. At one point when I got stuck, Shubham was helpful in answering my question in the course Q&A. The course moves very fast, and sometimes it's hard to follow what is going on on the instructor's screen, but I was always able to figure it out by rewatching lectures.

Priyanshu12 July 2020

This is best for me as I was learning django for the first time. This course explain everything perfectly ❤️

Praveen4 June 2020

This is the best beginning to end django concept course where you can learn from start to end production .I loved it .....it worth the cost what i paid

Hari10 May 2020

Nice representation of most used django features. Project is simple and helps in understanding the django capabilities.

Udemy1464839 May 2020

Awesome, step by step procedure is provided, teachers knows all the doubts which student might have in their mind, highly recommended....Thank you for this wonderful course

Truptimayee3 May 2020

Yes, the course is very good. It covers all most all aspects of web development. I do recommend this to all. Thank you Shubham. Now I am looking for django technical stuffs like what are the variables in settings.py etc. Please suggest a course for the same

Sambasiva12 April 2020

Expected more attractive explanation with some animation text and Comparing with asp.net mvc or php etc... is there any video/source code for how to connect Oracle database?

William26 December 2019

This course is good for beginners. It shows you what can be done with Django without going deeper into it. You also get a good impression of including Bootstrap with Django. The Git or Heroku part are only for he/she who needs or wants it. A better choice to include in this lecture would be a deployment on a webserver. Since the example application is more suited for that. Also the use of VSCode isn't an obligation. And it's nice that this is mentioned at the beginning. In the end I enjoyed the course. Even if I did skip the part of Heroku and would like the course go a bit deeper into the Django part itself.

Andrew13 November 2019

One of the best Django course for beginners. Well planned with all topics and project building approach. Learnt a lot!


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