Data Science


Complete Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation With Python

Learn to Preprocess, Wrangle and Visualise Data For Practical Data Science Applications in Python

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Install and Get Started With the Python Data Science Environment- Jupyter/iPython

Read In Data Into The Jupiter/iPython Environment From Different Sources

Carry Out Basic Data Pre-processing & Wrangling In the Jupyter Environment

Learn to IDENTIFY Which Visualisations Should be Used in ANY given Situation

Go From A Basic Level To Performing Some Of The MOST COMMON Data Preprocessing, Data Wrangling & Data Visualization Tasks In Jupyter

How To Use Some Of The MOST IMPORTANT Data Wrangling & Visualisation Packages Such As Matplotlib

Build POWERFUL Visualisations and Graphs from REAL DATA

Apply Data Visualization Concepts For PRACTICAL Data Analysis & Interpretation

Gain PROFICIENCY In Data Preprocessing, Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation In Jupyter By Putting Your Soon-To-Be-Acquired Knowledge Into IMMEDIATE Application


Hello, My name is Minerva Singh and I am an Oxford University MPhil (Geography and Environment) graduate. I recently finished a PhD at Cambridge University (Tropical Ecology and Conservation).

I have several years of experience in analyzing real life data from different sources using statistical modeling and producing publications for international peer reviewed journals. If you find statistics books & manuals too vague, expensive & not practical, then you’re going to love this course!

I created this course to take you by hand and teach you all the concepts, and tackle the most fundamental building block on practical data science- data wrangling and visualisation.



This course is your sure-fire way of acquiring the knowledge and statistical data analysis wrangling and visualisation skills that I acquired from the rigorous training I received at 2 of the best universities in the world, perusal of numerous books and publishing statistically rich papers in renowned international journal like PLOS One.

To be more specific, here’s what the course will do for you:

  (a) It will take you (even if you have no prior statistical modelling/analysis background) from a basic level to performing some of the most common data wrangling tasks in Python.

  (b) It will equip you to use some of the most important Python data wrangling and visualisation packages such as seaborn.

  (c) It will Introduce some of the most important data visualisation concepts to you in a practical manner such that you can apply these concepts for practical data analysis and interpretation.


  (d) You will also be able to decide which wrangling and visualisation techniques are best suited to answer your research questions and applicable to your data and interpret the results.


The course will mostly focus on helping you implement different techniques on real-life data such as Olympic and Nobel Prize winners

After each video you will learn a new concept or technique which you may apply to your own projects immediately! Reinforce your knowledge through practical quizzes and assignments.


TAKE ACTION NOW :) You’ll also have my continuous support when you take this course just to make sure you’re successful with it.  If my GUARANTEE is not enough for you, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase in case you’re not completely satisfied with the course.

TAKE ACTION TODAY! I will personally support you and ensure your experience with this course is a success.


Complete Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation With Python
Complete Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation With Python
Complete Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation With Python
Complete Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation With Python


INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE: The Key Concepts and Software Tools

Welcome to the Course

Data & Script For the Course

Python Data Science Environment

For Mac Users

Introduction to IPython/Jupyter

ipython in Browser

Read in Data From Different Sources With Pandas

What are Pandas?

Read CSV Data

Read Excel Data

Read in HTML Data

Data Cleaning

Remove NA Values

Missing Values in a Real Dataset

Data Imputation

Imputing Qualitative Values

Use k-NN for Data Imputation

Basic Data Wrangling

Basic Principles

Preliminary Data Explorations

Basic Data Handling With Conditional Statements

Drop Column/Row

Change Column Name

Change the Column Type

Explore Date Related Data

Simple Date Related Computations

More Data Wrangling

Data Grouping

Data Subsetting and Indexing

More Data Subsetting

Extract Information From Strings

(Fuzzy) String Matching

Ranking & Sorting


Merging and Joining

Feature Selection and Transformation

Correlation Analysis

Using Correlation to Decide Which Features to Retain

Univariate Feature Selection

Recursive Feature Elimination (RFE)

Theory Behind PCA

Implement PCA

Data Standardisation

Create a New Feature

Theory Behind Data Visualisation

What is Data Visualisation?

Some Theoretical Principles Behind Data Visualisation

Most Common Data Visualizations

Histograms-Visualize the Distribution of Continuous Numerical Variables

Boxplots-Visualize the Distribution of Continuous Numerical Variables

Scatter plot-Relationship Between Two Numerical Variables


Pie Chart

Line Charts

More Line Charts

Some More Plot Types

And Some More

Miscallaneous Information

Using Colabs as an Online Jupyter Notebook


Ama7 August 2020

It was a fascinating subject and a good collection of topics, unfortunately, very poor delivery. - excellent overview to demonstrate what is possible but not a course - errors that come out during lectures were left unexplained poor quality of resources, missing source files or incorrect content inside - most of the times we were showed how to do things without any explanation on why we do it this way

Yuvraj5 August 2020

Found the content very relevant . . note that the curriculum did seem a little rushed since it is a crash course. But overall, found it very useful to build a foundation on.

Lalita5 August 2020

This course is one of the most structured course for anyone who is willing to learn. This is must for all who wants to learn at a fast yet do not want miss important topics.

Chinki3 August 2020

Amazing course, to begin with, teaches all essential basics of data visualization with python required to grasp the essence of programming and above all it teaches some real application which is amazing.

Abhishek23 July 2020

One of the worst tutorial I ever watched. Presentation skill is ZERO, not doing anything practical just reading already typed code. :(

Lisa21 January 2020

The course was informative and really good especially for a beginner with some programming background !

Hia12 January 2020

I just started learning data wrangling and data visualization. The step by step short tutorials are very helpful to understand. All the sections were intuitive and the resources are very much useful! Enjoyed and more confident about my skills now!

Evanka1 January 2020

absolutely fantastic. I feel like I've learn so much during this course and it answered many of my questions regarding Python .

Safat1 January 2020

A very well-explained and practical course of data wrangling and visualization. The whole course was very interesting and knowledgeable for every python beginner like me. Sessions, resources are phenomenal!

Snidha31 December 2019

Good course covering almost all the Data Wrangling & Data Visualization with python.Very good for beginners. A good mix of theory and practical. Overall I am totally satisfied!

Muraj31 December 2019

A great course to learn Data Wrangling & Data Visualization! I love the quick summary of each section. The quality of resources here is amazing.

Maksud30 December 2019

This is one of the best courses I have completed about Data Wrangling & Data Visualization. The lectures were very informative and each steps of code were explained very clearly.A big thumbs up to the instructor!

Ishita30 December 2019

Really helpful course! Very organized sessions and resources. Learned so much from it. Data Wrangling & Data Visualization course wouldn't be so enjoyable without python!

Hentie10 December 2019

Course material needs updating, from the Initial download file anyway. Still its a good intro to data wrangling with python.

Leonardo18 November 2019

The instructor is not clear about what she is teaching, often she does not even complete her sentences. There are a couple of codes along the course that does not work when she introduces it, but she keeps on going as it did. Her explanations are extremely poor on the topic. There is no theoretical explanation for the statistical tools she introduces in this course. VERY POOR COURSE IN EVERY LITTLE ASPECT OF IT!! Not sure about her other courses in this platform, but this one is really bad.


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