Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2021 | Cryptolocally

Learn how to start trading and investing on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from beginner to expert

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Oct 2021
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What you will learn

How to trade cryptocurrency from beginner to expert

Fundamentals to Trading and Investing Cryptocurrency

Complete Technical Analysis

Where to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

Risk Calculation

Lot size Calculation

How to be a trader and an Investor


These videos are designed for absolute crypto beginners. By taking these courses, you will learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, crypto trading and margin trading.

+6 hours of video and illustrations to help you better understand the concepts and strategies that will help you become a crypto trader in Africa!

This Course would help you understand perfectly how the cryptocurrency Market works

You would learn how to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies using the various special strategies used by professional traders.

You would learn how to read and forecast chart using several analysis types like candlestick analysis, technical analysis, etc.

Learn how to allocate, forecast, and evaluate financial risk together. Become familiar with procedures that minimizes risks while maximizes your profits when trading crypto.

P2P and centralized exchanges

You will also learn how to securely buy and sell crypto P2P using your local currency; but also, how to margin trade on centralized exchanges.

You will learn how to grow your investment Portfolio much faster using the strategies laid out in this course

You will also get a 30 day money back guarantee, so do not hesitate to give yourself a chance to learn new things by just taking this course now


Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2021 | CryptolocallyComplete Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2021 | CryptolocallyComplete Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2021 | CryptolocallyComplete Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2021 | Cryptolocally


How to buy or sell Cryptocurrency
Signing up on cryptolocally
Create an offer
How to buy
How to sell crypto
Trading and Investment Fundamentals
Trading and investment overview
Trader vs Investor (difference)
Trader vs Investor (Illustration)
Analysis of
Coinmarketcap Features
Technical Analysis
Intro to Technical Analysis
Law of Supply and Demand
Support and Resistance
Candlestick Formation
Wick Basics
Reversal Candlestick Pattern (Part 1)
Reversal Candlestick Pattern (Part 2)
Identifying Reversal Candlestick Patterns
Chart Patterns (Part 1)
Chart Patterns (Part 2)
Time Frames Illustration
Identifying Breakout and Traps (Part 1)
Identifying Breakout and Traps (Part 2)
Tools and Indicators (Part 1)
Tools and Indicators (Part 2)
Tools and Indicators (Part 3)
Tradingview Setup (Part 1)
Tradingview Setup (Part 2)
Margin Trading Fundamentals
Stop loss and Placement
Risk Per Trade and Position Sizing (Part 1)
Risk Per Trade and Position Sizing (Part 2)
Win Rate and Risk Reward Ratio
Binance Workaround (Part 1)
Binance Workaround (Part 2)
Bybit Workaround
Market Structure
Dollar Cost Averaging


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