Complete Cpanel Course: Master Cpanel Step-by-Step 2019-2020

Practical on Hand With Latest Cpanel Version 88

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What you will learn

Setup Business Emails

Creating MyQL Database

Backup Configuration

Site Publisher

Create Sub-domains

PHPini Usage

Website Security Protection (IP Blocker)

Wordpress Installation

Cpanel File Manager (FTP)

Cpanel Preferences

Domain Redirection

DNS Zone Editor


This course will cover all Cpanel features, i will go through step-by-step, and at the end of the course you will be enjoying the skills and knowledge you gained from this course.

Topics of the course:-

* Creating Business Emails

* Creating MysQL Databases

* Creating Sub-domains

* Cpanel File Manager (FTP)

* Cpanel Domain Redirection

* PHPini usage

* HTTPS SSL Redirection

* Installing Wordpress (manually)

*  Website Protection (IP Blocker)

* Modifying Cpanel Style

* Change Cpanel Password

* Email Management

The course will be updated on every Cpanel Feature that is new, Please get the course and buy one i am sure it will help you.

Thank you


Complete Cpanel Course: Master Cpanel Step-by-Step 2019-2020 - Screenshot_01Complete Cpanel Course: Master Cpanel Step-by-Step 2019-2020 - Screenshot_02Complete Cpanel Course: Master Cpanel Step-by-Step 2019-2020 - Screenshot_03Complete Cpanel Course: Master Cpanel Step-by-Step 2019-2020 - Screenshot_04


Introduction to CPanel

What is Cpanel
How you can get Cpanel

Cpanel File Manager

File Manager
Backup Configuration

MySQL Databases

Creating MySQL Database
Wordpress Installation

Domains Section

Creating Sub Domains
Redirect Websites

Cpanel Email Section

Creating Emails Accounts
Email Management

SSL Redirection

Force SSL using htaccess

Cpanel Deeper Dive

Cpanel Protection (IP Blocker)
PHPin Usage
Change Cpanel Style, Password, Language
Cpanel Metric


June 30, 2020
This is not what I was expecting. The first few videos are extremely basic then during the wordpress install, the instructor runs through a series of steps, unzipping, updating and renaming PHP files and doesn't explain the reasons for any of it; he just tells us to follow the steps he's doing. I don't believe this was worth paying for, apart from being able to copy what the instructor does, I still don't understand the concepts I was looking for help with.
February 19, 2020
So far this is good information. I wish I would of watched this sooner, I was struggling with cpanel installation of wordpress. Thank you
December 11, 2019
I wanted to learn about Cpanel as I am thinking of starting a web hosting business, very useful to have it explained like this.
October 18, 2019
Quality knowledge given in the tutorials, but would like to learn in much details, Please sir update the course and include some more important lessons in the course
August 26, 2019
The course is very wonderful for the beginners and it should have more amount of knowledge like changing from http to https using .htaccess. Overall the course was good.
June 11, 2019
Thank you, the course is worth the money quick on point and practical. it was great experience. please keep it up.
June 8, 2019
To start with, some facts: 1. 90% of small hosting users today use shared Linux based hosting services & MUST use cPanel thereby; 2. Simply looking up cPanelTV at YT brings a playlist of the 81 official videos made by the company to help their users; 3. the site at has all the simplified & official info anyone could ever need to help with using it. Having said all that - I seriously do not know whether to laugh or cry after wasting the time to go through this thing. Anyone who has EVER used hosting & done anything at all with it is already well past the beginner level - and the info here is ONLY made for someone who has NEVER set eyes upon cPanel before. Adding to all the above - viewing this was torture because the sound level is so very low that even with the volume as high as it will go, I had to turn off the fan in the next room just to strain at hearing it - TERRIBLE SOUND LEVEL !! This gets a well-earned 1-star review for the severe lacks of quality, misleading description AND terrible sound quality.
June 8, 2019
Those are basic things what people learn in a WordPress course. But I think that's enough for cpanel learning for now.



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