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2021 Complete Computer Vision Bootcamp, Zero-Hero in Python™

Build Projects and Learn to solve real life problems by using Computer Vision and Python [Highest Rated Course] .

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5.5 hours


Dec 2020

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What you will learn

You will Learn How to Code in Python and some advance library of Python.

Understand how to do numpy operation and use numpy in images.

Perform Image Manipulation using OpenCV

Learn how to create your own images.

Learn how to Draw on image using mouse.

Real Time Edge Detection Using webcam.

Image Processing Techniques like, Color Mapping, Image Thresholding, Image Blending, Edge Detection

Learn how to apply openCv in you own field.

Learn how to build a resume project.

Learn how to Use Webcam for real time Image Processing.


Welcome to the Complete Computer Vision Bootcamp Course With OpenCv Python 2020.

Highest Rated Course

This Course is will teach you Computer Vision and Image Processing Techniques From Basic to Advance Level.

This Course Provide all high quality content to learn and become Industry level Expert. We worked Really hard to explain the concepts of Computer Vision and Image Processing and the necessary mathematics behind each concept. You will get a Clear Idea about how computer understand and work with images and video Data.

We will Start with a Short Python course where you will learn to code in python and will have clear understanding of python syntax and some advance concepts like python generators along with Object Oriented Programming. So Even if Your are a complete Beginner, you are going to learn everything provided in this course.

After python Crash Course we will start with numpy and images basics, there we will learn how to read images as numpy array and to manipulate images with numpy.

Then we will move on to Image basics with openCV, there you willl learn how to open, create and to draw on the created blank image.

After that you will learn

Image Processing Techniques Using OpenCv like: Color Mapping, Image Blending, Image Thresholding, Morphology, Real Time Edge Detection Using Webcam and OpenCv in Python.

Then We will Make a Project which is in demand and you can directly put it in your resume.

Overall After Completing This Course You will be Expert in Computer Vision and Image Processing.


2021 Complete Computer Vision Bootcamp, Zero-Hero in Python™
2021 Complete Computer Vision Bootcamp, Zero-Hero in Python™
2021 Complete Computer Vision Bootcamp, Zero-Hero in Python™
2021 Complete Computer Vision Bootcamp, Zero-Hero in Python™


Course Content Overview

Course Content

Environment Setup

Anaconda and OpenCV Installation

Python Crash Course

Python Strings

Python Numbers

Python Arithmetic Operations

Booleans And Conditional Statements

While Loop and For Loop In Python

Data Structures (List Tuples Dictionaries

Functions In Python

Lambda Expression (Anonymous Functions)

Python Generator Concept

Object-Oriented Programming In Python

Numpy and Images Basics


Image Introduction

Images with Numpy

Images with OpenCV Basics

Image Basics With OpenCV

Opening Images with OpenCV

Drawing On image

Drawing on Image Using Mouse

Drawing on Image By Dragging Mouse

Image Processing Techniques

Section Introduction

Color Mapping

Image Arithmetic

Image Thresholding

Test Assignment 01 Problem Statement

Test Assignment 01 Solution

Blurring And Smoothing Images

Morphology Part -A

Morphology Part -B

Test Assignment 02 - Problem Statement

Test Assignment 02 - Solution

WebCam Basics With OpenCV

Section Introduction

Histogram Analysis

Edge Detection Part-A

Edge Detection Part-B

Using Webcam By OpenCV

Reading Video Files Using OpenCV

Project - Air Stylus Pen

Section Introduction

Motivation and Features Selection

How will we Draw

Air Stylus Introduction

(Code Along) - Initialization

(Code Along) - User Interface Design

(Code Along) - Backend Part - A

(Code Along) - Backend Part - B



Michael24 February 2021

- 1 star for the awful English - 1 star for the Python crash course If you're already proficient in coding with some knowledge of Python, and you are willing to suffer through the poor English then this may be the course for you.

Rupali17 January 2021

The videos in the course are short and to the point yet provides great understanding in the topics which makes it easy and more comfortable to learn and apply these concepts more easily.

Anikeit16 January 2021

Superb course! Topics explained in quite depth yet crisply not making it lengthy. Both instructors are excellent.

Yuvraj18 November 2020

First time i saw a course like this which explain everything in such a detail but in very less time, and every thing is clearly understandable, I highly recommend this course to every one who want to learn everything from basic to advance about Computer vision and Image Processing, This course really explain every thing in detail in less time, that is the best part i like about this course. And project is really credible and new, other courses are giving very old projects in there course.

Shaurab14 November 2020

Way of teaching is amazing. Very Reliable course, python were explained very well using animations in just one our of crash course and then entire image processing techniques is explained so well. This is definitely one of the best course on computer vision.

Vipul13 November 2020

This is the most comprehensive course on Udemy which will help you to learn Python, Computer Vision and OpenCV. This is the only course which you need to become from Zero to Hero.

Steven13 November 2020

Everything is clearly explained. And The project i learned from this course was very cool and exciting. This is totally industry standard level course. And the Python Crash Course Given in this Course is Aesthetically great. Even the Bootcamp course cannot compare with it.

Josh12 November 2020

This course is so interactive ! , Exactly a kind of course I would love to buy in 2020 full of animations, I was struggling with python and image processing for quite sometime and now finally feel confident ! and not to mention the Air Stylus project was great !

Avinash12 November 2020

Learning Experience was Amazing, I can apply my skills i have learned directly in my own work. One thing i liked the most about this course is the way of explanation. And the Air pen Project build in this course is completely a different idea. Overall it was great experience of learning Computer Vision.


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