Complete Business Budgeting & Variance Analysis Master Class

Your guide to become a "BUDGET ANALYST". It's time to think ahead, Monitor your Performance & strategize your Business !

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Business Budgeting

Variance Analysis


Have you ever been driving a car without a navigator and you don’t even know the way?

I want you to picture that situation!

In Business, running a company without a Budget is the same as driving a car without a navigator!

And now, after you got a bit of a glimpse about the importance of budgeting, are you ready to move to the next step?

Do you want to take your skills up a notch and distance yourself from the crowd?

Are you interested in showing your managers your real worth and participate in shaping your company’s future?

If the answer is “YES”, congratulations, you are in the right place already.

Rest assured, you are in safe and expert hands!

Wondering how would that course qualify you with in-depth real market-based knowledge?


That course will cover:

· Introduction to Budgeting

· Characteristics and Objectives of Budgeting

· Approaches to Budgeting

· The Budgeting Process and Practical steps

· Types of Budgets

· Behavioral Aspects of Budgeting

· Real Life Case Scenarios

· Comprehensive Variance Analysis

· Market-based Examples

· So Many More Topics

You will have a golden chance to shine and get qualified in a very hot topic. If you review the Finance and Accounting employment & talent acquisitions requirements; you would know that Budgeting and Variance analysis are hot and highly paid.

I can’t wait to help you along that interesting journey!

Please sign up to the course and let’s start the hard work.


Complete Business Budgeting & Variance Analysis Master Class
Complete Business Budgeting & Variance Analysis Master Class
Complete Business Budgeting & Variance Analysis Master Class
Complete Business Budgeting & Variance Analysis Master Class



Table of contents

Course Introduction

What You Expect Out Of This Course

Tutor Introduction

Characteristics & objectives of Budgeting

What Is Budgeting?

Importance Of Budgeting

Characteristics Of Budgeting

Objectives Of Budgeting

Approaches to Budgeting

Top-Down Budget

Bottom-Up Budget

Participatory Budgeting

Non-Participatory Budgeting

Let's Communicate and come together!

The budgeting Process

Budget Committee Meets

Identify The Principal Budget Factor

Prepare The Sales Budget

Prepare The Functional Budgets

Negotiation Process

Review Process

Formal Acceptance Of The Budget

Business Budgeting Ideas!


Build The Right Budgeting Team

Be Aware Of Financial Relationships

Utilize The Right Tools

Share It!

First Course Assessment

Types of budgets

Incremental Budgeting

Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB)

Continuous Budgeting (Rolling' Budgets)

Activity-Based Budgeting (ABB)

Fixed Budgets

Flexible Budgets

Flexible Budgets Example

Behavioral Aspects of Budgeting

Behavioral Aspects Of Budgeting

Promoting Goal Congruence

Dysfunctional Behavior

Participation Of Employees In Negotiating Targets

Full Budgeting Case Scenario

Comprehensive Variance Analysis

An Overview Of The Whole Budgetary Process

What Are Variances?

Standard Costs

Main Parts Of Standard Costs

Elements Of Variance Analysis

Material Variances

Labor Variances

Variable Overhead Variances

Fixed Overhead Variances

Sales Volume Variance

Case Study - Your Turn

Wrapping Up & Conclusion

Wrapping Up And Conclusion

Wrap Up

Conclusion On Budgeting

Extra Lectures!

Business Forecasting


Vincent19 August 2021

So far this course is not a good match. Redundancy and filler dialog seems to dominate the course. Hopefully there is valuable information later in the course.

Ahmed27 September 2020

The course explained the importance of budgeting in an easy way. Strangely enough, not many companies take business budgeting seriously. I will try to apply the rules of that course in my company.

Shaymaa24 September 2020

Excellent course and competent tutor, teaching is based on practical examples. It requires hard working, but it’s worth it!


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