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Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial

Learn the Most popular backend frameworks in the world Laravel ,Django and express JS


18.5 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

Backend Frameworks concepts (MVC, MVT , package manager , ORM )

Buil a school management systeme with mutilple models in Laravel

Laravel from the very basics to advanced

Django framework Basics (the concept of apps,MVT, models ,class forms)

Build a contact app with advanced features in Django (export to CSV /JSON, paginations ,search filter, messanger)

Express js basics ( routes, ejs views ,handle forms using body parser)

Mongodb and mongoose queries

Build an application for cars sales with an administration system


this course allow web developers to learn in practice the most popular backend frameworks used in enterprises ,like Larevel the framework of php ,Express js the framework of node js and django the framework of python ,the course is totally pedagogic ,always the course starts with simple apps to create more complex application in the start of each chapter you have  a full document that contain the concepts of each framework plus the most used commands in that specific framework,the content of this tutorial :

Learn  backend concepts ( package manager, MVC design pattern ,MVT design ,pattern , Models and migrations, ORM)

Learn Laravel from scratch ( routes , controllers , models ,views , authentication , forms using forms collective , base layout)

create a employee manager app   and a school management dashboard with multiple  models and relationships between models

create a rest API  for products management

Learn Django  from scratch ( the concept of apps , views ,templates ,models ,class forms )

create a student Manager applications

create a  Contact application with advanced features  (export to JSON ,export to CSV ,pagination ,Messanger)

Learn Express js basics (routes,display views using  ejs ,handle view using body parser )

learn mongodb and mongoose quires  (create ,find ,update ,delete)

Create a BestCars app for  cars sales and a management systme for cars 


Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial
Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial
Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial
Complete Backend Frameworks Bootcamp Tutorial




Look at the projects that we will create in each framework

Backend Frameworks Concepts

What is a backend framework ?

Package Manager

MVC structure

MVT structure

Laravel The basics

Create Laravel project

MVC structure in Laravel

Routing in Laravel

Conrollers in Laravel

Laravel Template foreach

Laravel template if statement

Laravel handle forms

Laravel migrations

Laravel queires

Laravel the employee manager app

Create the project and set up the database

Implement the bootstrap template

Display employees

create the forms

create an employee

edit an employee part 1

continue the edit and the delete

Laravel the School management application

Download the template

create the project and implement the template

add migrations

set up the data tables and forms

display groupes

create new Group

edit a groupe

delete a group

Manage divisions of a student

display students

create new Student

edit and delete a student

Manage subjects

Manage Teachers

Implement Authentication

Conclusion of the chapter

Laravel create a Rest API

Create new project

create and display products

show , delete and edit product

upload products Images

Django the basics

create a project in a django

the structure of a Django project

Configure the MVT structure

render the templates with data

Django template loops and conditions

Django Student Manager

Django Models and migrations

Display Students

Display a specific student

Create a new Student part 1

Create a new Student part 2

Update a student

use Static files

Django base layout

Django the contact app : the basics

create the project

create the client model

create the client register class form

Implement the template

Implement the bootstrap template part 2

Register a client part 1

Register a client part 2

Login a client part 1

Login a client part 2

Login a client part 3 and the logout

Create the profile page

edit the profile page

Django the conact app : manage the contacts of a client

create the contact model

add new contact

Display the contact of a client

Show and delete a contact

edit a contact

Django the contact app : Advanced features

Search for a contact using mutilple search filter

export contact to JSON

export a contact to CSV

add pagination to the contact page

create the message model and the message class form

send a message to a contact

display messages

Django create a rest API

create the task model

create the Task serialzer and the task viewset

Testing the API using postman

Express js Basics

Express js Routes

render views using ejs

Send data to ejs views

handle forms using body parser

Express js mongodb and mongoose

Mongo db vs Mysql

Mongodb part 1

Mongodb part 2

What is mongoose

Mongoose create a database

Mongoose the create method

monngoose find method

mongoose update method

mongoose delete method

Mongoose practice exercise

Express js CarsSales project :The project setup

Create the template part 1

Create the template part 2

set up the stucture of the project

Create the database

Express js CarsSales project :The customer pages

the index page part 1

the index page part 2

the index page part 3

the index page part 4


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