AutoCAD 2023 MasterClass: Produce Amazing Site Plans Quickly

Develop a strong foundation in AutoCAD through hands-on experience

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Architectural Design
AutoCAD 2023 MasterClass: Produce Amazing Site Plans Quickly
4.5 hours
Mar 2023
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What you will learn

Create, modify, and publish your own AutoCAD drawings, layouts, and plans

You will be able to take a project from start to finish using every available tool or drawing technique

Learn to draw section views from absolute scratch

Draft your thoughts down on paper

Imagine your dream house and sketch it


This AutoCAD course will give you a head start for your journey towards becoming a seasoned AutoCAD user and development of advanced skills. This course is designed for beginners and will aid you in the learning of AutoCAD directly from the fundamentals.

This complete course is a great way to kick-start your career in AutoCAD design. This course will give you a competitive advantage in your career pursuit, setting you apart from your competitors.

This course is for beginners seeking to learn the fundamentals of AutoCAD and further build advanced skills in designs and drawings. All throughout this AutoCAD MasterClass, you’ll be designing your very own real-life project to prepare for the aftermath of the course.

Beginners to this course will learn first how to set up the software to enable AutoCAD usage. As you progress through, you will also learn basic selection, creation, and modification skills.

What’s the Content of this Course?

This course begins from the basics, serving you with the breakdown of AutoCAD at the elementary level, and gradually progresses you to more advanced topics in a step-wise manner.

This course comprises video tutorials that are made with practical applications of tools and commands.

You will also learn how to work with PDF files, and import and edit the designs of others. You'll also be able to create several drawings from the same model utilizing the viewport method.

You can rest assured that by the end of this course, you will be able to create your own drawings using advanced AutoCAD tools like polylines, and arcs. You will equally be able to fully dimension them following drawing standards.

In summary, by the end of this course and, you will be able to use AutoCAD thoroughly like a pro.

Why partake in this course?

This course promises to furnish you with the needed skills for you to pursue a professional AutoCAD career and not only that, you will be equipped with relevant CAD knowledge that will show your clients or employer that you have acquired dexterity in this field.

While learning the course, you will be guided to building layout from given dimensions.

This MasterClass is designed to help you learn AutoCAD from the scratch and give you the needed support to help hone your skills.

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Introduction to AutoCAD 2D

How to create and verify an account on Autodesk
How to download AutoCAD 2D
How to install AutoCAD 2D on your PC

Learning AutoCAD 2D

Introduction to the AutoCAD Interface
Some necessary settings
Learning some initial Commands
Learning some frequently used commands
Learning remaining commands
Working with Layers & Blocks
Working with Dimensions

Initiating Drafting Ground Floor Plan

Setting Units & Limits
Creating Layers

Drafting Walls

Boundary Walls
Exterior 9-inch Walls
Interior 9-inch Walls: Master Bedroom & Bath
Interior 9-inch Walls: Bedroom, Lobby & Bath
Interior 9-inch Walls: Lounge & Kitchen
Interior 9-inch Walls: Servant Kit, Pantry &Dining Room
Interior 9-inch Walls: Double Height Lobby, Bath & Drawing Room
Interior 9-inch Walls: Entrance Lobby, Porch, Balcony Line & Cantilever Line

Providing Opening for Doors

Servant Space & Pantry
Main Door

Making Stairs

Simple Stairs
Circular Stairs

Making & Fitting Doors

Drafting Door
Making Various Door Blocks
Fitting the Door up to the lounge
Fitting the Door up to Main Door

Making & Adjusting Windows

Making and adjusting a smaller window of 2’x9”
Making and adjusting a medium window of 4’x9”
Making and adjusting a Larger Window and Turned Window
Making a Smaller Turned Window
Making a larger Turned Window
Making & adjusting a Glass Window

Working with Line Command

Providing Lines in Baths, Kitchen & Pantry
Making Patches Block
Making Column & Lawn
Making Lawn and Others Remaining Lines


Making a Path for Hatching
Hatching in Walls
Hatching in Lawn & Patches
Hatching in Boundary Walls

Adjusting Furniture

Adjusting Furniture in Master Bedroom
Adjusting Plumbing Fixtures in the Bathroom
Adjusting Furniture in the Bedroom and Bathroom
Adjusting Furniture in the Kitchen
Adjusting Furniture in the Remaining Rooms
Making & Adjusting the Air Conditioner

Inserting Text & Dimensions

Inserting Text in Bedrooms & Bath
Inserting Text in Kitchen, Baths, Lounge & Dining Room
Inserting Text in Remaining Rooms
Inserting Text in Lawn & Passage
Working with Dimensions


Exporting Drawing as PNG & PDF Formats

Drafting Section View

Why do we need the draft section?
Projection from Floor Plan
Making up Prospective View
Drafting Section Walls
Drafting Boundary & Parapet Walls
Inserting Text
Exporting File


Tips &Tricks


November 2, 2022
The course was great, I learned what I wanted. It could have been better if the instructor would have show me how to download the furniture file from one of the chapters.
October 10, 2022
Déjà ce cours est dispensé en anglais donc j’ai du mal à m’adapter aussi rapide, à part ça j’aime bien,,,


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