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Complete ASP.NET Core MVC 3.1 - Learn by building projects

Learn ASP.NET Core MVC 3 with this hands on course. Develop MVC and REST apps using ASP Core and Entity Framework Core

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9.5 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Learn ASP NET Core MVC completely

Learn how to make MVC websites

Learn how to make REST APis and Clients


The ONLY course you need to learn ASP.NET Core! (in clear HD 1080p videos)

This course will teach you in a practical way all you need to become an ASP.NET Core developer capable of building both regular MVC websites and REST APIs.

Some of the things you will learn in this course:

  • Controllers

  • Models

  • Views

  • Partial Views

  • Razor

  • Dependency Injection

  • Entity Framework Core

  • Areas

  • Tag Helpers and Custom Tag Helpers

  • View Components

  • Custom Validation

  • Identity and Roles

  • Code First and Migrations

  • Sessions

  • File upload

  • REST ( both API and client )

  • Middleware

  • Filters

  • Git in Visual Studio

  • How to use client side libraries

  • Much more as a whole

NOTE: If the current asking price is too much for you, feel free to message me for a discount!


Complete ASP.NET Core MVC 3.1 - Learn by building projects
Complete ASP.NET Core MVC 3.1 - Learn by building projects
Complete ASP.NET Core MVC 3.1 - Learn by building projects
Complete ASP.NET Core MVC 3.1 - Learn by building projects


Introduction and Required Software


Courses Overview

Required software

Project 1: CMS and Shopping Cart

New project

Overview of files and folders

Home controller, MVC and basic routing

Project view files

Database Context

Page model

Initial Migration

Seed Data

Admin area and Pages controller

Admin Pages Index method

Admin Index view

Admin adding main layout abd shared views

How views and models work

Admin Page details

Admin Create Page

Admin POST Create Page

Admin POST Create Page validation

Notification message

CSRF protection and disable home delete

Admin Edit Page

Delete Page

Client side libraries and adding a wysiwig

Sorting pages 1

Sorting pages 2

Admin Categories controller, model and migration

Admin Categories Index

Admin Categories Create

Admin Categories Edit

Admin Categories Delete

Admin Categories Sorting

Admin Products controller, model and migration

Admin Products Index

Admin Products Get Create and view

Admin Products Create preview image

Admin Product category validation

Admin Product custom file validation attribute

Admin Product Post Create

Admin Post Product testing and adding products

Admin Products Pagination 1

Admin Products Pagination 2

Admin Products Pagination 3

Admin Products Details

Admin Products Get Edit

Admin Products Post Edit

Admin Products Delete

Delete Category Cascade

Pages Controller and Page method

Main Menu View Component

Products Controller and Index

Products by category

Products pagination

Categories view component

Cart Controller and SessionExtensions class

CartItem class

Cart Index

Enabling sessions

Cart Add

Cart Index view

Cart Decrease

Cart Remove

Cart Clear

SmallCart view model and component

Ajax Cart Views

Ajax Add to cart

Ajax Add to cart2

Cart Clear revisited and different returns

Checkout 1

Checkout 2

Identity Migration

User class

Identity configuration and Account controller

Get Register and view

Register POST

Password options configuration

Login class

Login GET and view

Login POST

Log out

GET Edit account

POST edit account

Admin users list

Admin Roles controller

Admin Roles Index method and view

Admin Roles GET create and view

Admin Roles POST create

RoleEdit model

Admin GET edit role users

Admin edit role users view

Admin POST edit role users


Admin area lockdown

Admin area menu link, admin logout and lowercase urls

Project 2: REST API and Client

RestAPI create project

RestAPI Pages model and controller and database connection

RestAPI Get Pages

RestAPI Get Page

RestAPI Put Page

RestAPI Post Page

RestAPI Delete Page

RestClient create project

RestClient Pages controller and model

RestClient Pages index and view

RestClient Pages Get edit and view

Bug fix and ckeditor

RestClient POST Page edit

RestClient Add Page

RestClient Delete Page

Standalone Lessons

New Project

Dependency Injection 1

Dependency Injection 2

Environments and fallback href paths

Middleware 1

Middleware 2

Filters 1

Filters 2 - ActionFilter

Filters 3 - ActionFilterAsync

Filters 4 - ResultFilter

Filters 5 - ActionResultFilter

Filters 6 - ExceptionFilter

Custom 404 page

Bonus Material

Bonus Video


David7 October 2020

Definitely suited best for those with some experience with ASP.MVC. That said, I loved this course, very straightforward, no BS approach. Follow along with the course to pick up on all the little gotchas that come with ASP.NET Core.

Michael25 September 2020

I had a great time following this course and updating myself to .Net Core. Excellent well put together course. The project the instructor uses to teach reflects real world design reasonably well. Takeaways: Great confidence booster if you have not used mvc for a while and feel rusty. Great way to experience .Net Core for the first time Great way to experience building E-Commerce Site. Well done to the Instructor.

Kemal9 July 2020

This tutorial is excellent if you know some basic of asp.net core .. I found it very useful with my very basic knowledge of asp.net core

Jerry24 June 2020

Love the course. Could benefit from a summary view in each lesson before diving into the details. For example, the areas/admin content was hurriedly (in my opinion) presented. I followed what was being done but not why it is being done (e.g. the reasons why it is done that way & the expected overall outcome)

Ameet8 May 2020

I like the arrangement of the chapters - small and targeted to one specific task. The narration is very concise. Very good course so far and the instructor is clearly very knowledgeable.

James15 April 2020

Currently migrating from Ruby on Rails to ASP.NET Core. This course provided me with everything I wanted to know and more.

Taylor4 April 2020

The trainer is a bit monotone, but he does a good job explaining Would be very helpful to update to the latest release and include a Mac version as well The dependency for Pagination no longer exists in Nuget or in GitHub. When I brought that up, the trainer did respond in less than a few hours. However. It would be better to have the course updated to the latest.

Ryan2 April 2020

This course is amazing. Everything is very clearly explained and it is great to see how you trouble shoot a problem.

Faizal2 February 2020

Instructor cannot help while I have problem to install. Stuck at early stage of course. He just give a solution to follow his course to settle the installation error.

Gary23 January 2020

Good explanations of project folder hierarchy and what it means as far as the MVC engine is concerned.

Lawrence5 January 2020

This is amazingly the best tutorial for net core 3.1. The explanation is great and everything is clear and concise.

Martin2 January 2020

I dont know who the target group is but if i am supposed to learn how to create the app i think it is important to understand what the code means and not just to be told what to write. I have gotten som good pointers for things i need but some of the basic understanding of the code is still missing

Alexandru27 December 2019

I finished the CMS-Shopping cart project and i can say this course delivers what it promises. It is fast and it explains HOW you do it. I needed to learn ASP.NET MVC for work and this worked for me.

Adnan12 December 2019

Short precise, to the point, and simple! This guy knows his stuff, he is too good! He knows his stuff!

Per20 November 2019

I have been working with a little project with ASP.Net MVC5, Bootstrap 3 and jQuery/JS. At least if you have some experience with these technologies and want to learn .Net Core 3, you will enjoy this course. Speed up to 1.25 or 1.5 and you get a lot out of the time you spend. Complete projects are included in the bonus section.


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