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Competitive analysis: Tools to beat your competitors

A-Z guide on how to beat your competitors using a combination of Keyword Research, SEO, PPC and Social Media tools.

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Apr 2016

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What you will learn

Rank over your competitors on Google

Get higher conversion rates in PPC (Adwords, Yahoo Ads, YouTube) using your competitor data

Track everything your competitors are doing online

Find what PPC keywords are providing your competitors with the most revenue.

Improve your strategy & online marketing efforts to increase sales & ROI

Save time & money by understanding what is working for your competitors

Proactively monitor new competitors strategies & adapt to them


After taking this course - you will understand everything your competitors are doing online and what is currently working for them. You will also learn how to use those learnings to beat them in SEO, PPC & Social Media.

This course has been carefully designed and structured to explain all aspects of competitive tools and how you can use those tools to beat your competitors. This includes using the tools, collecting the data & analyzing that data to your advantage.

Why take this course?

  1. Find out what your competitors are doing SEO wise with in-depth analysis on their linking and content strategies.
  2. Get more SEO traffic by ranking over your competitors.
  3. Understand what keywords to target for your PPC campaigns. Use the money your competitors spent testing "their" keywords to start your campaigns with a profit.
  4. Monitor your competitors social media presence and create compelling content to win over their audience
  5. Use free tools to proactively monitor your niche and trends to be on top of the market
  6. Learn about 30+ competitive tools and how you can use them to collect precious data and beat your competition.
  7. Use your competitors hard spent money to start off with the most performing keywords, ads and landing pages.
  8. Find what SEO keywords are providing them with the most traffic.
  9. Save time and money by learning what ads or banners are working for your competitors and create better performing ones for yourself.

A few more reasons why you should take this course!

There are many advantages to learning about what your competitors are doing, especially in this course as it covers EVERY LITTLE aspect of the subject. Here are a few more advantages:

  • Increase your digital efforts on already performing channels and strategies used by your competitors.
  • Explore and use strategies your competitors are not implementing yet.
  • Create better compelling ads & landing pages to gain a higher ROI

Are there any prerequisites?

There are NO prerequisites to taking this course. You don't need to know code,or have any digital marketing experience to take this course. Having a website is definitely a plus, however is not required. The course is designed for all user levels and is structured in the most effective way possible for maximum learning and implementation.

Material & Follow-up

Each and every section contains downloadable material that will help you remember and better expand your knowledge in the subject. The downloadable material is there to assist and confirm what you have learned. Every section contains video, audio and live presentations to help you become an expert in the subject quickly. I have also made sure that all my students will have the ability to interact with me and ask me any questions that they feel are necessary to grow their knowledge. (Just post your questions in the discussion board and they will be answered within 1 day)

This is not your ordinary course! This course is designed from beginning to end with the intention to get you to become an expert in dissecting your competitors and using their data to beat them. Competitive analytics and competitive analysis tools have long been a best kept secret by digital marketers, however in this course they are all explained in detail.

Hope to see in the course! :-)


Competitive analysis: Tools to beat your competitors
Competitive analysis: Tools to beat your competitors
Competitive analysis: Tools to beat your competitors
Competitive analysis: Tools to beat your competitors


Keyword Research

Keyword Research Guidelines

Brand Name Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

SEM/PPC Keyword Research + Cost Analysis

Tools for Competitive Keyword Research

Brand Monitoring

Setting up pro-active alerts to monitor news & press releases

Tools for Quick Brand Monitoring & Spying

Keep an eye out on new trends in your niche!

SEO Monitoring Automation & Analysis

Checking speed and mobile friendliness scores

Part 1 | Check your competitors site health (onsite SEO + Overall health)

Part 2 | Check your competitors site health (onsite SEO + Overall health)

Start tracking your competitors SERP movements & backlinks

SEM/PPC Monitoring & Analysis

Cost Analysis & Estimates

What tracking tools & channels are they using

Landing page competitive analysis

Ads, Messaging, Promotions Monitoring & Manipulation

Finding competitors text ads & generating yours!

Finding competitors banners & display ads

Social Media Monitoring

Social Channel Competitive Analysis

Twitter Research & Competitor Monitoring

Facebook Competitive Analysis

YouTube Research


Ton18 March 2017

Saw little new that i didn't already knew. What i found not good is that several things are really outdated. Topsy and marketing grader don't exist anymore. Also there was no in-dept explanation on how to beat the competitor. Finally most tools are paid tools although there is lot's of stuff for free out there. I was very disappointed because i had high hopes on this course. If you never did any competitive analysis, then all of this will be new for you, but unfortunately i did a lot of research on the topic already. I am sorry but i want to give my fellow students a honest review of the course. Hopefully my feedback is also useful to the teacher.

Tiago28 October 2016

This course is allowing me to better understand the techniques around digital marketing and helping to create better retargeting campaigns for my customers and subscribers. Many thanks!

Arnold6 February 2016

I've been an Digital Marketing Professional for more than a year now but when I saw this video from Zaid, I was blown away! The tools of the trade mentioned in this video will really teach you how industry professionals are doing their job. Before I was doing it manually and GA only, now I have more tools in my armory! I gave this guy a high Five Star!

Timur5 January 2016

A lot of useful information about how to use different tools for competitive analysis! I think even experienced guys can get some new information. Thanks for the course!

Jason22 November 2015

Great course! Covers a lot of topics on how to beat your competitors. I especially liked the fact that all areas of digital marketing are discussed. Highly recommend this to anyone in the digital marketing space. I had over 3 pages of notes.


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