Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter

Learn to model, UV unwrap, and texture a high quality game asset from start to finish.

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Jan 2019
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What you will learn

Create Professional, Realistic, and Efficient Game Models

Learn UV Unwrapping in Blender Using Seams and Other Unwrapping Tools

Learn how to Bake Normal Maps in both Blender and Substance Painter

Paint Textures in Substance Painter and then Export the Texture Maps For Use in Game Engines and Other Software


In this absolutely free step-by-step Blender and Substance Painter training course I'll take you through the entire process of modeling and texturing a combat knife game asset.

This game development course is beginner friendly but you should have some basic knowledge of Blender before watching. This course will teach you a lot of different hard surface modeling techniques and modeling tools including beveling, subsurf modeling, and non-destructive modifier methods. It'll take you from setting up a reference photo in the background to completing a high quality, high resolution, 3d knife model for games.

The course starts off by taking you through creating the high-poly model of the knife that we'll later use for baking normal maps onto a low-poly, game-ready model.

To prepare our model for texturing I'll walk you through taking our low-poly knife model and UV unwrapping it in Blender. You'll learn how to specify how objects are unwrapped by manually adding seams to edges, how to modify and work with UVs, and how to look for UV stretching to make sure your textures will be applied without distortion.

After we're done UV unwrapping, I'll show you how to bake a normal map for the knife using Blender in order to make our efficient low-poly knife look more detailed and high resolution. Whether you want to use this knife inside Blender or export it for a game engine like Unity or Unreal, I'll show you how to make sure your model and its normal map look right in all software.

Then finally we'll pull our knife model into Substance Painter and Texture it. I'll show you how to bake normal maps in Substance Painter too, as they tend to come out a little bit better than in Blender. So then you'll know how baking works in both software. We'll use edge wear generators, smart materials, and other tools in Substance Painter to achieve the final look, and then I'll show you how to render your final knife in Substance Painter. I'll also show you how to export your textures so they can be used in programs like Blender or others.


Modeling the Knife in Blender

Modeling the Handle
Modeling the Handguard and Starting the Blade
Finishing the Entire Knife Model

UV Unwrapping in Blender

UV Unwrapping the Low Poly Knife Model in Blender

Baking Normal Maps in Blender

Baking Normal Maps in Blender

Texturing in Substance Painter

Texturing - Part 1
Texturing - Part 2

Rendering in Blender

Node Setup for Rendering with Cycles


Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter - Screenshot_01Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter - Screenshot_02Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter - Screenshot_03Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter - Screenshot_04


November 4, 2022
Pretty cool and short tutorial. Especially for a free one. A fine introduction to how to create a game-ready asset in Blender & Substance Painter. I followed the course along in Blender 3. It didn't cause any trouble. The baking was a bit trickier, and I couldn't get the same result on the first try as in the video (I got yellow-colored maps. (Face normals were okay, though.). These values worked fine for me in Blender 3. Extrusion: 0.1 Max Ray Distance: 0.3 (Everything else was the same.) Thanks for sharing it for free! :)
August 25, 2022
it was nice to learn more tools and shortcuts. I mean i learn at least 3 more ways to work with tools that i already knew
February 24, 2022
A wonderful course to learn very useful tips and techniques of a whole 3D asset model creation! Learned a lot of concepts both in Blender and Substance Painter! Thank you very much for such an amazing course!
December 24, 2021
Little outdated according to current Blender versioning + it is little boring, but besides that you can still make a cool knife using this tutorial and I believe it is for free
November 19, 2021
This course so useful, all expressions are professionals.I completely understand and I learn a lot of things to I want to learn.
October 20, 2021
Chris' tutorials are flawless. He's a natural teacher, the clarity with which he presents information is unrivaled and as a result what you learn stays with you. I already took his and Lee's Blender Encyclopedia course, then this and already bought a Guitar modeling course. This tutorial also got me excited for Substance Painter's capabilities. Go get whatever has Chris Plush name on it!
August 15, 2021
Awesome. Chris is a fantastic tutor who explains everything really well instead of leaving you in the dark.
July 12, 2021
This was excellent for a free course, I wish the instructor would update the course for blender 2.9+ and would demonstrate texture creation within blender itself, but hey, high quality free stuff.
May 25, 2021
Very very helpful for beginner! Thank you so much for sharing this Gem. Everything is clear and professional.
March 31, 2021
Great course and completely free, I've never touched painter before, but seems working in painter is very intuitive and non-destructive workflow can easily alter the textures.
March 2, 2021
I took this course mostly to see how the instructor was as I wanted the Blender Encyclopaedia, as you can see from the 5 stars I got that too :) Very well structured, perhaps a bit fast for total beginner but still you can drop the playback speed. I have been using Blender now for a while but there are some item I never had to model so I have to say this was interesting for myself too! I did not do the Substance part as I now use MASK TOOL which allows pretty much the same (if you are familiar with nodes) all in Blender. Great course and a very good tutor.
January 20, 2021
Video quality and audio quality are amazing, the explanations were great sometimes a little too fast and you can't get any better than free! but my main issue is that a lot of the tools used are nowhere near the current 2.9, and for someone learning blender and I'm sure when you were learning Blender you had experienced this. When you are a beginner trying to learn with courses and they are out of date it is the most demotivating thing there is. The content is truly quality but in my opinion if the course isn't blender 2.8/2.9 the course shouldn't be up at all even if it is for free.
January 18, 2021
For a free Course! This is a awesome and best one. why cause you learn allot and recieve allot of information like understanding more of substance painter
January 12, 2021
The course tries not to be anything more or less than modelling the mentioned knife, and manages to deliver on this by 100%. It guides through all the steps (requires though to know basics with Blender), from using a reference image, unwrapping, baking, texturing in substaince painter and finally rendering. Understandable, good recording and in a good pace.
December 19, 2020
one of the best tutorials I have ever watched but pleas some one help me with the normal map baking I am having problems



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