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colored pencils on sanded paper, the basics

working with colored pencils and the Brush and Pencil supplies on sanded paper

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3 hours


Feb 2018

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What you will learn

you will learn the first basic techniques of coloring on sanded paper , using the Brush and Pencil supplies and other tools

you will learn to solve little mistakes or bigger ones in your drawings

you will know easy ways to create a useful linedrawing

you will know how to layer colors to get the most beautiful results

you will know how to use all the supplies


In this course you will learn the first basic techniques of colored pencils on sanded paper with the Brush and Pencil supplies. You will learn how you can use these supplies, you will learn what additional supplies you can use. I'll take you step by step through the first basic techniques, the way to create your own linedrawing, the layering process on sanded paper, the way to create a blurry background and much more!


colored pencils on sanded paper, the basics
colored pencils on sanded paper, the basics
colored pencils on sanded paper, the basics
colored pencils on sanded paper, the basics



The supplies, the basic ones , alternatives and nice to haves

The first techniques , coloring, blending and erasing part 2

Creating your linedrawing

first layer of the blurry background

first layer on the petals

first layer on the petals part 2

first layer on the petals (timelapsed third part)

second layer on the background

timelapse second layer background

second layer on the petals part 1

first petals second layer on the petals part 2 timelapse

petals second layer on the petals part 3 timelapse

petals second layer on the petals part 4 timelapse

the last touch ups on the project


Lisa2 October 2020

This course is more like a time-lapsed youtube video than a teaching course. It goes way too fast to be able to follow properly and after an initial video showing which colours are being used, this information is not shared rendering it useless. There is also no consideration for problems that might be encountered and how these can best be avoided. There is no rationale for decisions so it's difficult to actually learn anything. It's just been an expensive line drawing.

Carmen22 June 2020

Martine's instruction gave me all that I needed to push through and create a drawing well beyond my expectations. I found it useful to slow down the videos at times. And also repeat sections as much as I needed. I also liked that she encouraged students to try their own color choices and not always rely on her exact colors. I learned a lot about how to use Brush & Pencil products on sanded paper, which is why I took the course. I am continuing with Martine's classes, and highly recommend all she has to offer on her online courses in this as well as other platforms.

Margreet30 May 2020

This was a new material for me. Martine gave clear instructions and information easy to follow. I did learn a lot and recognized my mistakes in the exercise. I am very enthusiastic about the sanded paper and color pencil and hope I can make more beautiful art with it.

Sandra26 May 2020

when I started this course I wasn't too sure what would be the finished outcome. I have learnt loads my coloured pencil drawing looked like a masterpiece. was able to tackle blurry backgrounds, and the use of pencil blender which I had brought about a year ago and never used, as | didn't know how to. Martine made everything easy and was there supporting me all the way answering queries etc. Just about to start on another course of hers the black cat.

Fran4 January 2020

Perfect! Just what I've needed to know, thank you! I love watching you work ambidextrously with such forethought and precision! The effects you achieve with blending are new to me -- I appreciate seeing how you work, step by step. And your selection of colors to portray depth and create the 3D effects seem so simple and natural to you! There's so much to emulate here. Thank you so very much for creating this course and inviting me to take it!

Birsel17 November 2018

Kuru kalemleri kullanarak bir bitkiye nasıl doku kazandırıldığını çok iyi öğreten bir kurstu. Çok detaylıydı, her defasında hiç yorulmadan kullandığı kalemleri tekrar tekrar isimleriyle söylemesi de, bu çalışmayı kendi başına yapacaklar için iyi oldu. Çok teşekkürler.

karen2 August 2018

Yes... I have worked with colored pencil for years! But I am needing and wanting something that will make the process go more quickly. So far so good

Karen26 July 2018

Excellent course! Martine is an amazing artist, and I feel lucky she has taken the time to share with us her extensive knowledge in colored pencil art. Martine teaches how to draw with colored pencils on sanded paper and her instructions are very clear and easy to understand. The pace of the course is perfect because you can go at any speed you want by adjusting the video. She gives great tips on working with this surface and explaines how to use the new blending products from Brush and Pencil. Martine's response time is very quick if you have any questions or comments. I really enjoyed this class and I am very happy with my project. This one definitely deserves a frame. I am very excited to join her new course at Udemy. Keep them coming Martine! Karen

Judy12 July 2018

The instructor was very professional and very talented in this medium. She was also kind and very cognizant of the skill levels of potential viewers and offered suggestions and tips as well as encouragement.

Lisa21 April 2018

So happy to have found this tutorial! Thank you so much! I'm learning so much about using colored pencil on sanded paper.

Carmen4 April 2018

I have always admired Martine's work. Her colored pencil paintings are spectacular. Martine does an excellent job of explaining how to use the powder blender with colored pencils. The course is thorough and explains in detail the intricacies of working with this new medium. Thank you.

Gloria14 January 2018

I found the instructor very engaging and her explanations were first rate. It was extremely educational in a very positive way. Im looking forward to more classes from her !

Mariëlle12 January 2018

Wordt duidelijk en rustig uitgelegd, maar ik krijg het niet altijd zo voor elkaar als Martine het wel krijgt... vanaf les 8 is de gesproken tekst 'versneld' en daarna hoor je niets meer. Met moeite kan je dan zien welke kleuren ze gebruikt. Veel op stop zetten en terugspoelen helpt regelmatig. Mooie cursus en nogmaals, de uitleg is erg duidelijk.

Veronica10 January 2018

I can't get the name for the blending tool you are using , apart from that the content is excellent, can't wait to get started


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