Collage Style Explainer Videos From Storyboard To Animation

Learn how to animate collage style stop motion explainer videos with motion graphics techniques from scratch.

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3D & Animation
2.5 hours
Feb 2022
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What you will learn

How to make professional collage style explainer video

Animate stunning motion graphics videos on your own

Improve your animation with animation principles and curves

Use hottest professional techniques to improve workflow and be more efficient


Explainer videos are animated video contents that explain a business and also convey the value of a business. There are so many awesome explainer videos created for all kinds of businesses to drive traffic and sales as well as generating awareness for their products and services.

Explainer videos are in high demand. Once you know how to animate explainer videos, it will make you a more marketable animator towards other competitors and be able to take on different kinds of fun projects

In this course, I will take you step by step from receiving a storyboard to rendering out our final explainer video animation. Here are the topics that we will cover in this course:

  • Complete professional explainer workflow from AI to AE

  • How to customize or come up with your storyboards

  • How to setup your illustration for animation

  • How to setup After Effects project for explainer video

  • How to animate each scene in After Effects

  • How to easily animate transitions between scenes

  • A variety of tools inside After Effects

  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts and tips and tricks in After Effects that will speed up your workflow

  • How to work with animation principles-Overshoot and Anticipation

  • How to edit speed graph to bring life to your animation

  • Apply simple wiggle expression in After Effects

The concepts and techniques covered in this course are fundamentals and essential workflows that you will be able to apply to any explainer video that you work on. Some of the basic tools, tips and tricks of After Effects can also be translated into any type of projects.

This is an introductory course and it’s for anyone who wants to learn the professional workflow of animating an explainer video, getting into motion design, adding animation to your graphic design and illustration.

Although it's an introductory course, there are a lot of things that we need to cover in this course, so a basic understanding of design tools from Adobe suites will make this course easier to follow.

If you would like to learn more about motion graphics, you can also check out my other courses.


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Storyboard and Prep

Class Project
Prepare File in Photoshop


Setup File in AE
Animate 1st Scene: Background
Animate 1st Scene: Main Text
Animate 1st Scene: The Rest
Animate 1st Scene: Add Wiggles
Animate Airplane Scene
Airplane to New York Transition
Animate New York Scene
Animate Rome Scene
Transition to Logo
Logo Lockup





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