Cold Email Writing: Cold Emailing Cold Email Lead Generation

Cold Email Marketing, Email Writing & Business Development in 2021 | Copywriting, B2B Lead Generation & Email Marketing

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Cold Emails

Cold Email

Cold Emailing

Lead Generation

Email Marketing


Master high-performing cold emails and email marketing!

I’m going to teach you…

  • How I secured a meeting with the CEO and executive team of a $30 million business off just one single automated cold email template

  • How achieve open rates over 50% and boost your clicks and responses

  • How to change people’s minds using certain copywriting words

  • The six big tips for writing effective, persuasive cold emails

  • The BEST copywriting frameworks

  • My personal B2B copywriting framework

  • Various ways to get your hands on a great email list

  • Techniques for automating email sequences and testing results

This course is for people working in sales, business development, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

I’ve done email marketing for over 11 years using various techniques and technologies, seeing what works and what doesn’t. I worked for companies ranging from tiny, bootstrapped startups all the way up to the Fortune 100. I taught college level marketing and published numerous marketing books. I also have an MBA in marketing from Northwestern University.

Let me reveal my methods for effective cold emails! Sign up today.

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"One of the single best email marketing courses out there!"


Cold Email Writing: Cold Emailing Cold Email Lead Generation
Cold Email Writing: Cold Emailing Cold Email Lead Generation
Cold Email Writing: Cold Emailing Cold Email Lead Generation
Cold Email Writing: Cold Emailing Cold Email Lead Generation


Writing Cold Emails (with Examples)

Tip #1

Tip 1

Tip #2

Tip #3

Tip #4

Tip #5

Tip 5

Tip #6

Tip #6 Explained

PAS formula

Levels of Awareness

Case Study

Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Your List

Your List A

Your List B

Your List C

Your List D

Your List E

Your List F

Getting Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator


New Email + Warming It Up

Deliverability Checklist

Start the Bottom of the Funnel?

3-2-1 Strategy Salesforce

3-2-1 Strategy HubSpot

3-2-1 Strategy Mailchimp


Promote Your Offer, Not Your Product

Hard Offer 1

Hard Offer 2

B2B Coypwriting

SPF Formula

Psychology - Reactance

Psychology - Endowment

Psychology - Distance

Psychology - Uncertainty

Psychology - Corroborating Evidence

Funnel 1

Funnel 2

SPF Workbook

Copywriting Mistakes 1

Copywriting Mistakes 2




Ahmed27 July 2021

I gave the course five stars because I thought it was educational. But I'm reducing my rating because, in section 6, the lectures about Stages are missing. What you'll learn from this course? An practical approach to cold email marketing. It's copywriting from a direct response point of view. As a guerilla marketer dependent on growth hacking tactics, I found it such an eye-opener. The part about lead generation and how to structure your offer was the best.

William26 July 2021

I liked the in-depth information about B2B copywriting included in the course. I also enjoyed Dekker Fraser direct and to the point teaching style.

Segun5 May 2021

The course will be useful in strengthening my emailing communication skills with clients and leads generation.


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